Ultimate Guide To Breadcrumbs In Web Design

The best way to improve the user experience is through clear navigation. Navigation can be improved by adding breadcrumbs to the page.

Breadcrumbs help determine the hierarchy of content for your page and encourage visitors to dig deeper into a site. Whether the site is an e-commerce store or an online blog, it’s always a good thing to get visitors to dig deeper.

Intro To Breadcrumbs

Generally, breadcrumbs are used to indicate the hierarchy in the content. This lets the reader know exactly where they are on the site and how each page fits into the overall structure.

Detailed crumbs always useful because they encourage users to get deeper into the site. an e-commerce store is famous for bread crumbs detail because they often can have 3 or 4 levels of categories (or more!)

Crumbs On Blog Layouts

One favorite is the breadcrumb blog design layout breadcrumb TutsPlus which adds elements to the main page using a dropdown header. Since TutsPlus big for their navigation was difficult to dig into categories. But this breadcrumb link offers one-click access to a category that might attract users based on what they read was.

Ecommerce Breadcrumb Designs

The other popular use for breadcrumbs is with eCommerce shops. These websites typically have a lot going on with many layers of categories to browse through. If visitors want to find related products then breadcrumb links are the perfect solution.

Breadcrumb Web Design Freebies

There are tons of free PSDs online featuring incredible breadcrumbs.

Checkout Process

This checkout breadcrumb is actually a progress step UI. But you can reuse this same interface to create breadcrumbs too. Both progress steps & crumbs look very similar but they’re used for different purposes.

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Traditional Crumbs

Plus with the home link colored differently, it represents the root link in the entire chain. Again the arrows denote a clear hierarchy that is perfect for any breadcrumb design.

Simple Nav

Offering both a dark and light version, this freebie should fit into practically any webpage with ease.

Light Blue Gradients

It’s super easy to create gradients in CSS3 and now you can apply them to your pages with these breadcrumbs.

Swift Crumbs

The team at SwiftPSD released these crumbs offering a simple yet elegant way to add legible breadcrumbs to your page.

Free Breadcrumb Snippets & Plugins

These are some of the best out there for quickly adding crumbs to your page. And if you Google around you can probably find a whole lot more.

Breadcrumb NavXT

Breadcrumb NavXT is completely free and it’s the easiest way to add breadcrumbs onto any page. This plugin uses the code to create SEO-friendly crumbs that Google will pick up and display in your search rankings.

WP Breadcrumb

This doesn’t get as many frequent updates but it’s still a stable plugin that lets you quickly add crumbs to your site. These crumbs mostly work via shortcodes but you can change the settings to run crumbs on any page

jQuery crumbs

The jQuery rCrumbs plugin is one such example to help you build gorgeous breadcrumb navigations powered by jQuery.

Bootsnipp Breadcrumbs

If you’re a fan of Twitter’s Bootstrap library then you’ll love these breadcrumb snippets hosted on Bootsnipp.

CodePen Snippets

This free browser IDE lets developers save their code snippets and share them with the world.

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