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How Web Development helps Businesses Grow

Do I need a website for my business? In simple words, YES! Your business needs a website whether it’s small or large. If your business is missing on a website then you are losing so many customers.

The research found that 46% of small firms do not have a website. On the contrary, 97% of individuals use the internet to discover a local business. so, if your company does not have a website, then 97% of people are unable to find you on the internet and won’t know about your business.

Technology is changing how the consumer interacts with business and if you can’t keep up then you are losing a huge part of revenue. Nobody will know about your small business that sells unique products until you shout it out to them! And having a website can do that.

So in this blog, we’ll discuss why your business needs a website and how website development can profit your business.

Importance of Web Development for Businesses


1. Your Business is on Global Level

Every small business can benefit from an online presence because there are 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide – 59.5% of the global population and increasing at a rapid rate. Going international can boost your brand value and earnings by exposing you to new markets, increasing profits, and exposing your company to diverse beliefs and cultures. But without a website, all of this is a pipe dream.

2. Web Development Builds Brand Image

Custom website development allows you to create a website that meets the needs of your customers. You may create a brand that caters to the needs of your customers. It aids in the development and protection of the brand’s identity. It assures consistency across all of your digital & physical media. From your website to your shop, it provides a seamless experience and smooth continuity in the consumer journey.

Remember that your website represents your company and serves as the first and last impression of your brand, assisting customers in deciding whether or not to buy a product. Custom website development allows you to leave a lasting impression on your customers, which can then be converted into a purchase, a non-profit donation, or any other company goal you specify. As a result, it helps you create your brand and engage with your clients on your website. As a result, your company will be recognized all over the world. If you want professional web development services then IWD Technologies is here for you.

3. Digital Marketing Strategy

If you want to leverage a digital marketing strategy to bring customers to your stores then you need a website.

Digital marketing helps you to reach your target market easily without wasting money on advertising to the wrong people. It allows you to reach a lot more people with less cost than traditional marketing. The best digital marketing drive organic traffic to your website.

Without a website, your digital marketing strategy is less effective and people are less likely to trust a business without a website.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

4. Build Connections with Customers

If you want your business to keep growing then you have to make strong connections with your loyal customers. A person who feels a connection with a company is more likely to buy from them and keep buying from them.

A website helps you to build trust and deep connections with your customers. A person who trusts business is more likely to buy from them and feel comfortable buying again.

A website is not only to build connections but also a good performing one. A website that is more user-friendly will help customers to respond positively to your business. The more positive customer feels, the stronger the connection they have with your business.

5. Make Customer Service Easier

Without a website customers have to call you for basic business information like hours of operation, service offered, product details, etc. But if you have a website then it is a lot easier for your customers to get basic business information and it makes them satisfied. 

6. Web Development Generates More Leads

The quantity of sales made determines the profit of any business. Creating a website and marketing a business can help a company attract more clients and increase sales. eCommerce operations surged by 21.3 percent last year, according to the research. This clearly demonstrates that users prefer to purchase things during internet sales. Nowadays businesses are offering online transactions. This is because they’ve discovered a fantastic way to profit from online sales. The increase in sales is proportional to the increase in the number of clients.

Top 7 Web Development Trends in 2022 – You Can’t Miss

You might also include promos in your strategy to attract more leads and enhance sales. You can generate much-needed fuzziness among users here. This results in an increase in leads and sales. Furthermore, this gives users the idea that your organization sells reasonably priced goods. As a result, whatever you do on the website can offer value to the company in some way.


To summarise, it’s evident that website creation is important for effective business promotion. It would be extremely difficult to compete and scale on a global level without it. So, make your life easier! Begin adapting, build a website, and prepare to reap the benefits of your success. As a result, investing in high-quality web development services might launch you to new heights in the corporate world.

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Hire Skilled Developers for Offshore Web Development Services

Your hunt for a dedicated offshore best talent comes to an end here, and your journey to success begins!

Do you find yourself falling behind on your project timeline? Or a team of web development experts that can meet the client’s needs? Whatever the obstacles to your achievement, IWD Technologies is here to help you overcome them by working as an extension of your team to improve your web development capabilities and efficiency. Engaging with our offshore web development professionals is a solution you will be delighted with from the start. With their speed and precision, our crew never fails to impress!

As a professional offshore web development company in India, we recognize your risks and the importance of completing projects on time.  We never fail to provide you with a qualified dev team with the appropriate skills sets to accomplish the job.

It’s no chance that prominent firms from the United States, Australia, the Uk, the Middle East, Europe, Thailand, Canada, and…. need we say more? have selected us to design websites and mobile apps. We’ve served satisfied customers all over the world, and the fact that we generate repeat business speaks volumes about our professionalism and credibility.

Web Development Services Driven by Experts

Delivering visually stunning websites. | Robust custom web application development. | Agile solutions, including CMS Like WordPress CMS development & Frameworks CodeIgniter| Ecommerce Website Development – Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento. | iOS and Android App Development.

Unless our customer prefers a specific project management method, we primarily use the Agile Methodology for project development(Well versed with Basecamp, Trello, JIRA. Experienced working in a team environment GIT/ Bitbucket for code versioning).

Offshore Web Development CompanyHire Dedicated Offshore Web Development Company

IWD Technologies, an Indian-based offshore web development firm, helps businesses of all sizes and verticals achieve their market goals by providing highly competent IT developers, engineers, designers, and specialists. As more businesses go online in the twenty-first century, website creation services are in high demand. The most suitable and cost-effective approach to this issue is to build your website with an offshore web development firm.

A professional web developer would construct websites that are adaptive due to their responsive nature on all potential screen resolutions, including mobile devices on Android and IOS, tablets and Ipads, and touch screen laptops, in this digital era. Many organizations design stereotype block-based brochure-type websites when it comes to web creation, but to create a current appearing, user interactive, and selling website, one must go beyond the box.

IWD Technologies has a long-term engagement with offshore clients and consistently meets its business objectives. With our exceptional offshore development, you can concentrate on growing your business while our developers take care of your project.

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Why Do You Need A Dedicated Shopify Expert?

There has been an increase in demand for e-commerce platforms due to technological advances. At present, people are more interested in shopping online because of the convenience and comfort provided by the online platform. This in turn has created pressure on the retailer to build their own online store.

It is a fact that building online stores is easier to say than done. You can’t do everything alone. The first thing to appear on your mind when planning to develop an e-commerce website is – platform.

You can build an online store by utilizing the Shopify platform. There are various other platforms that help build e-commerce stores, then why just Shopify?

Well, Shopify is considered one of the leading e-commerce platforms. There are around more than 60,000 online stores that utilize the Shopify platform. It has several extraordinary default features such as a simple setting process and 24/7 telephone, chat, and email support that makes it the most profitable choice when it comes to building online stores. In addition, Shopify helps traders who want to sell all types of products (physical items, digital downloads, drop products sent) and services.

So, do you think there are other platforms that can provide better features than Shopify when it comes to developing e-commerce websites? I do not think so!

You need a Shopify Expert team that can support you to achieve your website goals. According to experts, it is said that if you want to drive your business or online store, you will need dedicated and excited people with your side. In simple words, you need a dedicated developer team. The developers who are experts in Shopify will help you design dynamic and full websites with advanced features.

The first and foremost things you have to understand, are about developers who are experts in Shopify.

What do you mean by Shopify expert?

Shopify experts refer to a highly skilled and qualified developer team who have knowledge and experience in designing websites with the Shopify platform. Shopify developers are known to provide high-quality services that provide support in the development of business websites by utilizing the right resources and features. Shopify experts have the skills and potential to adjust the theme of the website to make it more personalized by using their web development knowledge and skills. They are professional in designing websites specifically designed to meet your brand concepts and requirements.

So now you know who Shopify expert, let’s understand why businesses need it.

Shopify experts provide high-quality Work:

Shopify developers are not only simple developers. They have special skills that help them work by developing website development. In addition, they have the right understanding of Shopify features and functionality. With this knowledge, they will ensure that each assignment assigned will provide the desired results, and focus on developing a website that maximizes the number of satisfied customers. Shopify experts can help you with everything you would expect when it comes to making your online store customized. They ensure that all development work is controlled from head to toe.

Shopify experts are known to provide better functionality to e-commerce websites:
The Shopify developer team has the potential to improve the overall functionality of the Shopify Template and form it according to your needs. With the help of this additional functionality, you can take your business to the next level.

How Web Development helps Businesses Grow

Increase Your Reach On Your Online Store With Dedicated Shopify Expert:

Shopify experts or developers consider the importance of email marketing and assistance in linking your email marketing platform such as MailChimp to eCommerce websites where you can expand the range of target audiences. Besides being connected to MailChimp, there are many other features and applications that you can use according to business needs.

A Dedicated Shopify Expert Help In Saving Time:

Your business requires different experts who can find out various tasks given in various time frames. If you have a dedicated Shopify developer, it will make it easier to handle your e-commerce website. Dedicated developers will take care of the entire Shopify project and you can devote your time to other business activities. Therefore, you can focus on developing your business.

Dedicated Shopify experts focus on building e-commerce stores that will help in improving customer experience:

Shopify developers or dedicated Shopify experts who are dedicated to designing websites that will attract visitors, and make them stay involved. They have a good understanding of online market trends and they will use this knowledge to design online stores by remembering the most important aspects – customer experience.

As an entrepreneur, you only need to convey your requirements to Shopify developers. Your request or business requirements will be implemented by Shopify developers who will not only enhance website user experience but also direct traffic to your website.

Shopify design experts and optimize websites according to Search Engines:

Currently building a website that is optimized in accordance with search engines is very important. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a strategic method of composing online content and getting a good rating on Google SERP (search engine results page). When websites rank high, traffic that comes to the website also increases and this, in turn, can grow your business sales.

Final Words

If you are an entrepreneur and want to develop an e-commerce store using the Shopify platform then you must know about the dedicated Shopify experts. Hiring Shopify experts is dedicated to designing and developing a very functional online store into a new trend. The dedicated Shopify experts have the skills, qualifications, experience, and knowledge of developing an eCommerce store in Shopify.


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E-commerce Trends 2021 – Prepare your Business Online!

There is no doubt about it this year has been a strange year for all and everyone, and this includes an online business. The internet buying and selling sector is one that has benefited from the unfavorable situation in 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic. Sales through eCommerce have skyrocketed. Have you used this opportunity? The current context has accelerated internet sales, and 2021 promises to be the same, or even better. What will be the e-commerce trends for this year?

Be it because it’s possible, it seems that market changes are here to stay. Do you already have an e-commerce store, or think of taking steps to set up your store, read this post about new E-commerce trends to come, so you can sell more at your online store!

E-commerce Trends: Future e-commerce

Trends before this year are positive and stable. Online buying and selling grow day by day, and more and more dates are marked on the calendar for online shopping, such as 11.11 (Single Day) or Black Friday and a famous Cyber Monday.

However, as we mentioned before, this 2020 the growth has accelerated, and not only because of the pandemic…

  • There are more people with Internet and WiFi in the world.
  • The infrastructures are more developed.
  • The shipping and collection systems (contactless this year and essential) are more agile.
  • There are more tools for the automation of processes.
  • All of this, together with the pandemic, has made it possible to talk about new trends in eCommerce for 2021, a year that is expected to generate very positive changes and very pronounced growth for all online stores.

Instagram Adds ‘Recently Deleted’ Folder For Removed Content

E-commerce trends for 2021

What will the eCommerce news next year be?

  1. 5G speed.
  2. Big data.
  3. Augmented reality and virtual reality.
  4. Blockchain.
  5. Virtual Wallets.
  6. Voice commerce.
  7. Artificial intelligence and automatic learning.
  8. ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline).
  9. Chatbots.

Check this infographic for the definition and later we will talk about all of them!

2021 ecommerce trends infographic

5g speed.

We already know (we have mentioned this on many previous occasions) that our website loading speed or e-commerce shop is very important in selling more. The faster our website loads, the better sales we will have. The arrival of 5G is a big advantage for the e-commerce sector, and will (we assure you) translated into a significant increase in sales.

Big data

Big data is not something new, we have lived with this trend for several years; however, because of technological advancements, we can save and process more data. Information that can be obtained from this can help us personalize our e-commerce and greatly enhance the user experience by adding value to offers, selling sensations …Big data doesn’t go out of style!

Augmented reality and virtual reality

Relatively new technology augmented and virtual reality begins to take power with new glasses, helmets and even game consoles.

One of the first brands that utilize this trend is the brand of EyewearRay-Ban. In their online stores, it is possible to try their glasses model using a cellphone or computer camera. Have you tried it?

This technology requires effort and is not tailored to all products and services, but if you think you can use it, try it!


This technology, as well as various currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.), already among us, but this year, with the need to strengthen security in electronic transactions, it is getting stronger.

In the future to 2021, you must be ready for this trend, which represents a positive aspect for the company and the user/customer, because it increases the trust and peace of mind and, as a result, sales.

Virtual Wallets

I’m sure you’ve started to hear a little about virtual wallets, but to be clear, they are a solution that allows users to accumulate money in virtual tools to make purchases on the internet without having to enter their card or account data during the process.

This wallet must be refilled with money, and can only be used on sites that are tailored to this payment method.

With this solution, you increase confidence and security for your customers. What are you waiting for? Virtual wallets are similar to PayPal and are very easy to understand and implement through various tools or plugins in your store.

Voice commerce

I’m sure you have or know someone who has, smart speakers at home. Google Home, Alexa … There are many models and we can ask them to play music, what such the weather is, to notify our news or find information … soon, we will also be able to make a purchase through this sound system … and You must be ready!

It will be as simple as saying … “Ok Google / Alexa, I want to add this headphone, black, to my cart.” It seems a bit far away, but we assure you it’s just around the corner …

Artificial intelligence and automatic learning

Can you imagine entering an e-commerce site and find every angle that is tailored to your taste, interests, and relationships with the brand? It’s getting closer and closer to reality thanks to artificial intelligence …

With chatbots, email marketing, hot mapping tools, and many other artificial intelligence solutions, we will be able to personalize our store, making our users comfortable, and therefore, guide them to make a purchase. In other words, if you succeed in entering this type of technology into your process, you will gain a competitive advantage that will respect your competitors.

ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline)

82% of mobile devices traced the store on them but finally bought in physical stores. This is what is known as Ropo, online search, offline shopping.

I’m sure you have done it yourself. They tell you about a product, or you see it on TV, and you look for it online before you buy it! You want to know what it looks like, what features it, what people have bought before you think …

Just because we talk about e-commerce, it doesn’t mean we have to leave the physical or offline world. These two worlds must end together and feed each other, and thus, multiply our sales and benefits.


Last but not least, we have chatbots, programmed customer service that answers the doubts of customers in the online world.

This tool is, let’s say, the virtual salesperson of your store, and it is essential that it is optimized to the maximum and that it looks as human as possible. Work on it because this 2021, whoever has the perfect chatbot will make the best sales – this is a key element!

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Should You Hire A Shopify Expert

Need Shopify Expert – Have you started business e-commerce for the first time? Not sure which platform is right for you or how to best design your online store? Fortunately, the Shopify Plus solution.

Many companies and individuals have mastered the art of Shopify and become Shopify Experts. The platform has examined these experts to ensure they are the cream of the crop, and you can hire them to assist with Shopify services.

Experts can assist you with a number of tasks. They can help with migrating your store from another platform or creating a new e-commerce site from scratch.

Shopify Plus Partner program provides e-commerce experts with the opportunity to share their knowledge with traders up-and-coming. As a seller, you will receive ongoing support and guidance from the best Shopify developers and experts. They can also provide guidance and white papers for you to follow.

Put simply: you will avoid making many common business mistakes while you’re busy getting your online store from the ground.

Hiring Shopify Experts can definitely take your business to the next level. However, recruiting other people into your team create another burden for your small business. You need to ask whether the cost is worth it. If you hire experts to help build your online store or go alone?

Reasons To Hire A Shopify Expert

Although Shopify is a user-friendly platform, there are several reasons why you might want to hire an expert to help build your store. These include:

Better branding

When it comes to branding, this is undoubtedly true. A Partner with Shopify developer credentials could take your branding to the next level. With the help of an Expert, you won’t just end up with a stunning, consistently branded site. You will also get the tools to develop and maintain your store on your own terms.

Search engine optimization

Don’t know a thing about SEO? No problem, so long as you’re willing to bring in an Expert. Whatever you think about SEO, you can’t deny its power. Search engines have specific preferences that you need to know if you want your store to remain visible.

Don’t risk a low ranking and miss out on thousands of potential customers. The initial investment will pay off when you get more targeted traffic to your site.

Ongoing advice

Shopify Experts need to have a minimum of five successful stores. They have achieved and maintained that status thanks to their wealth of knowledge on the subject of e-commerce. Their advice is like gold dust. Shopify Expert Partners are committed to knowing and help you choose the right eCommerce platform inside and out, as well as staying up to date with Shopify updates. Therefore, they know best about how to optimize your online store.

Outsourcing makes sense

As a business owner, you probably outsource other tasks such as accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll. So why spend hours learning about e-commerce when you could enlist the help of an Expert? Chances are, you don’t have endless free time to spend on your store. That’s where trusted Shopify Experts come in.

How To Hire A Shopify Expert

Before you hire an Expert, you need to decide on the problem you’re looking to solve. Are you looking for advice on choosing a theme, or do you need help with site migration? If there are multiple issues you need help with, make a list.

Then it’s time to navigate to the Shopify Experts page. You will find Experts listed by location, but you don’t need to choose one working nearby, as you will communicate remotely. Our Agency has over 188+ clients’ reviews assuring you that we do deliver!

Shopify divides Experts into five categories:

  • Store design
  • Setup
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Photography

IWD Technologies, Develops, Setup and help you Market your new store: check us out.

There is another section dedicated to smaller Expert tasks, such as traffic conversion or adding products to your store. When you browse the list of Experts, you can click on their profiles to find out more. You should see:

Links to their portfolio: An Expert should have a portfolio of five or more Shopify stores.
Services offered: Different Experts will provide different services. You can choose one according to what your store needs most.
Project budgets: Some Experts will specify pricing on their websites, others you will have to contact directly. Most Experts have minimum price thresholds you’ll have to meet. It’s always worth emailing an Expert to check their policy on this.
Testimonials: Be sure to check there are customer reviews to back up an Expert’s claims. Even though Shopify vets all Experts, you still want to make sure you’re partnering with the right person or organization for your business.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can post a job advert on Shopify, and they will help you Hire Shopify Expert that is best suited to your needs and requirement.

Furthermore, if you have any questions please drop them in the comments below.

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