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Hire Skilled Developers for Offshore Web Development Services

Your hunt for a dedicated offshore best talent comes to an end here, and your journey to success begins!

Do you find yourself falling behind on your project timeline? Or a team of web development experts that can meet the client’s needs? Whatever the obstacles to your achievement, IWD Technologies is here to help you overcome them by working as an extension of your team to improve your web development capabilities and efficiency. Engaging with our offshore web development professionals is a solution you will be delighted with from the start. With their speed and precision, our crew never fails to impress!

As a professional offshore web development company in India, we recognize your risks and the importance of completing projects on time.  We never fail to provide you with a qualified dev team with the appropriate skills sets to accomplish the job.

It’s no chance that prominent firms from the United States, Australia, the Uk, the Middle East, Europe, Thailand, Canada, and…. need we say more? have selected us to design websites and mobile apps. We’ve served satisfied customers all over the world, and the fact that we generate repeat business speaks volumes about our professionalism and credibility.

Web Development Services Driven by Experts

Delivering visually stunning websites. | Robust custom web application development. | Agile solutions, including CMS Like WordPress CMS development & Frameworks CodeIgniter| Ecommerce Website Development – Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento. | iOS and Android App Development.

Unless our customer prefers a specific project management method, we primarily use the Agile Methodology for project development(Well versed with Basecamp, Trello, JIRA. Experienced working in a team environment GIT/ Bitbucket for code versioning).

Offshore Web Development CompanyHire Dedicated Offshore Web Development Company

IWD Technologies, an Indian-based offshore web development firm, helps businesses of all sizes and verticals achieve their market goals by providing highly competent IT developers, engineers, designers, and specialists. As more businesses go online in the twenty-first century, website creation services are in high demand. The most suitable and cost-effective approach to this issue is to build your website with an offshore web development firm.

A professional web developer would construct websites that are adaptive due to their responsive nature on all potential screen resolutions, including mobile devices on Android and IOS, tablets and Ipads, and touch screen laptops, in this digital era. Many organizations design stereotype block-based brochure-type websites when it comes to web creation, but to create a current appearing, user interactive, and selling website, one must go beyond the box.

IWD Technologies has a long-term engagement with offshore clients and consistently meets its business objectives. With our exceptional offshore development, you can concentrate on growing your business while our developers take care of your project.

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Latest Mobile App Design Trends That You Must Know In 2022

Since the beginning of 2019, the revenue generated from mobile applications has grown by 50% and has been recorded at $ 808.7 billion. The numbers show that the potential of the mobile market is growing rapidly and is expected to continue to grow in the future. That means that mobile is a must for every growing business. This article describes the process of designing mobile applications, their importance, as well as some of the most popular mobile application trends to watch in 2022.

What is Mobile applications design?

Mobile application design is the job of mobile application development. Although Mobile applications can have many different uses, it is required for the highest level of usability and accessibility, involvement, and overall user experience.

User interface (UI): The user interface concentrates on the display and display of mobile applications. When developing a cellular application, try to make the user-friendly design they appreciate with fun for the eyes and user-friendly.

User experience (UX): User experience (UX) is as the name suggests terms, the user experience is focused on how cellular applications interact with users. When developing a cellular application, be sure to consider the clarity of application users, speed when performing the task, and ease of use.

With so many applications that are launched to a large number of users, your application is easily ignored in noise. That means your application needs to be distinguished. Users will only stay with the application if they enjoy the application or use it regularly and will not consider deciding to delete or leave negative reviews that can affect the success of your mobile application.

Here is the latest 2022 mobile application design trend.

Abstract Geometry

The minimalist concept used to be considered an effective strategy to increase user interest. However, with several ideas for endless design concepts to consider when developing applications for cellular, easy to cut minimalist to give users everything they need.

The main visual is an important aspect of mobile application design because they help make a brand identity for applications. The main visual well designed can immediately give you more than 1,000 downloads. Utilizing abstract geometric shapes as important images can allow you to create original and distinctive applications.


The addition of animation to icons or illustrations can be an excellent choice to be integrated into the mobile application and provide feedback about user actions. However, it is important to be aware of excessive animation.

When utilized wisely when used strategically, animation can improve user experience in many ways, such as:

In the beginning the desired mood

  • Generating certain emotions
  • Tell the user that the procedure has been completed
  • Attract the attention of users to an area on the screen

3D graphics.

3D has been increasingly important several times because it is included in each part of the organizational style and brand identity. It seems that 3D is on its way to replacing a simple and conventional design trend that has been used over the past decade. 3D graphics gain popularity with application developers because they allow them to create amazing animated effects and animations.

Users are more likely to be drawn to applications that have interesting layouts and 3D animation features that help them to be able to understand navigation better. It is also much simpler to make 3D images with modern technology. However, companies must make their application synchronous with old devices using this technology to offer users a more enjoyable experience.
Dark mode.
Dark mode can be described as a mode feature used by a mobile application that allows users to view content with a little brightness while reducing mobile device power consumption. Content like text and icons will look attractive using attractive contrast colors. In dark settings, it is usually used to reduce eye fatigue, but the majority of users can appreciate the taste of the class provided in the mobile application display.


Asymmetry is a plan standard in design that has establishes in the Roman time frame. This helps create a balance in the application layout to make it richer and more visually attractive. The asymmetrical design utilizes a new method to free yourself from a flat line that characterizes traditional applications.

When creating a mobile application, it is important to use various sizes, shapes and fonts, colors, and shapes to make a distinctive look and ensure that your application is different from the others. This drift is expected to gain hipe in the coming years. This means the trend that every company and developer must be considered.

If you are looking for the best offshore mobile application development services you are in the right place. IWD Technologies is the best deal for you as we offer offshore app development services to our customers, according to their needs and keep clients’ satisfaction on priority. With years of experience in Android, iOS, and hybrid applications development we provide you a guarantee of excellent quality, that serves the specific needs of our clients in the various industries we are competent in.

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Why Mobile App Development is Important for Businesses?

In today’s world, mobile app development plays a very vital role for online businesses. It provides customers with ease of access to business-related information and allows customers to keep in touch with their favorite brands.
With growing numbers of internet users via smartphones and tablets, the usage of mobile apps is also increasing.

As the stats say: –


As from the stats, mobile app downloads are increasing worldwide. In 2016 there were 140.68 billion downloads and in 2020 it grows to 218 billion downloads, which is a 55% jump between 2016 and 2020. Growth in mobile app downloads is increasing each year. These numbers show why mobile app development is important in today’s world.
In today’s digital world every business, whether it is a start-up or a well-reputed brand needs a mobile app.

Benefits of Mobile Apps Development for Businesses

Builds Loyalty

Building brand loyalty among consumers and clients is very important in a long run. In this digital era, it is important to run brand loyalty programs like digital discount coupons for loyal customers.

Mobile apps notify brands about the interest of users over specific products and services, which helps brands to run a loyalty program and offers for the users.

Promotes Brand Recognition

Brand awareness is essential when you have to stay ahead of the competition. With mobile app development brands can easily provide quality services to their clients.

Increase Customer Engagement

With the help of mobile apps, brands can develop a direct marketing channel between them and their customers, which provides direct communication. Brands can push in-app notifications and offer to customers, increasing engagement and encouraging them to become loyal to your brand.

Latest Mobile App Design Trends That You Must Know In 2022

Reach More Audience

With an increase in mobile internet users, brands have an opportunity to reach more audiences through mobile apps. Mobile apps help businesses to create a better brand image in the minds of consumers.

Increase Accessibility

With the help of mobile apps brand products and services are easily accessible to consumers. It makes consumers’ life very easy as products and services are just one click away.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

A business can stand out from the crowd with a mobile app. A business without mobile apps leads to a significant loss of potential clients. Hire an app developer to develop a mobile app for your business.

Quick Client’s Feedback

Mobile apps allow clients to offer feedback about the business’s products and services. With the help of feedback, a business can improve its product and services which develops an engaging relationship with clients.

Social Media Integration

Integrating your social media channels into your app, so that consumers can easily share their valuable feedback about your products and services over various social media platforms. By sharing their positive feedback, they are ultimately promoting your business. It is an effective marketing tool for businesses.

Cost of Mobile App Development

The cost of creating a mobile app depends upon many factors like complexity of the project, features of the app, Target platform iOS or Android or hybrid, Hour of development  & hourly rate. Usually, mobile app development costs around $8000 to $15000.

Conclusion – Importance of Mobile App Development for Businesses

We hope this post provides you with the valuable information which you need. Now you have understood the benefits of developing a mobile app.

If you want to develop a mobile app for your business then you can hire professional iOS & android app developers. This helps your business to reach more audiences and stand out from the competition.

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