Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Marketing has evolved dramatically in recent decades. Businesses are spent on marketing activities in traditional and digital media to encourage their messages to the target audience. If you are new to the business and will start a marketing strategy, it’s important to know the pros and cons of these two marketing channels. Let’s find out about traditional marketing and digital marketing in detail.

Traditional marketing

Each ad in the mainstream media includes TV, newspapers, magazines, postcards, and advertising boards that fall under traditional marketing. This is a medium where you can convey your brand messages loud and clear. In short, traditional marketing is an outgoing strategy.

Advantages of traditional marketing

In traditional marketing, hard copies of ads can be maintained. We can reach more people in a short time. For example, if you have a full-page ad in a leading newspaper, you reach all their customers, the next morning. Another advantage of traditional marketing is that the message is clear and easy to understand by the audience.

Disadvantages of traditional marketing

Although traditional marketing has long been in the industry, this methodology does not allow prospects to interact because of their feedback. Marketing campaigns, especially expensive TV ads to run. Ironically, it is difficult to measure the results, such as how many really buy products based on advertising campaigns.

You might have a great idea about traditional marketing, its advantages, and disadvantages. Now, let’s discuss digital marketing.

Digital marketing.

Now, digital marketing is an inbound strategy where the target audience reaches through the internet. The level of involvement here is multifold because the prospect can assess your product and also provide feedback that can be read by everyone and decide.

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Digital marketing advantages

Cost-effective digital marketing. When compared with traditional marketing, Google ads and other digital advertising campaigns will not cost a lot to run periodically. Second, the audience can directly interact with your ad in the digital space. It can collect prospect contact information. Next, there are web tools that can accurately measure how effective digital marketing campaigns.

Disadvantages of digital marketing

Real-time feedback can be a challenge especially when there are so many online users and search for additional information or services. Second, digital advertising may not reach all target audiences. Ad blockers and other tools can block advertisements so they are not displayed in the browser. Email campaigns can end in the spam folder. Many might ignore a digital campaign at all.

Considering high-speed smartphone and cellular internet penetration, the next decade is likely to be dominated by digital marketing, and safe to say that, for effective brand reach, it is wise to invest more in traditional media. Here are some reasons that support digital marketing.

Where are digital and traditional marketing join?

The transition from traditional marketing to definite digital marketing. Technology such as QR codes helps to link newspaper advertisements with cellular applications bridge the gap between physical and digital media. With the introduction of augmented reality, users can be more personalized.

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How does digital marketing win over traditional marketing?

Digital marketing has tools that can be measured that allow us to know the effectiveness and scope of changing strategies during unfavorable circumstances. Second, digital marketing costs are far less than traditional marketing costs.

The subscription model in a digital campaign helps to focus on a much better target audience that increases the conversion rate. Real-time analysis of marketing efforts helps improvise strategies while traveling. In addition, interactive digital marketing helps retrieve customer data and target marketing campaigns directly.


At present, we are at the stage where digital marketing seems to be following traditional marketing in cost-effectiveness and measurable results. While every marketing strategy has pros & cons itself, to effectively reach out to the target audience, we need to choose the right strategy. For old and traditional audiences, traditional marketing can exercise. But if you target youth, especially, millennials, be sure to allocate more budgets for digital marketing.

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