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E-commerce Trends 2022 – Prepare your Business Online!

There is no doubt about it this year has been a strange year for all and everyone, and this includes an online business. The internet buying and selling sector is one that has benefited from the unfavorable situation in 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic. Sales through eCommerce have skyrocketed. Have you used this opportunity? The current context has accelerated internet sales, and 2021 promises to be the same, or even better. What will be the e-commerce trends for this year?

Be it because it’s possible, it seems that market changes are here to stay. Do you already have an e-commerce store, or think of taking steps to set up your store, read this post about new E-commerce trends to come, so you can sell more at your online store!

E-commerce Trends: Future e-commerce

Trends before this year are positive and stable. Online buying and selling grow day by day, and more and more dates are marked on the calendar for online shopping, such as 11.11 (Single Day) or Black Friday and a famous Cyber Monday.

However, as we mentioned before, this 2020 the growth has accelerated, and not only because of the pandemic…

  • There are more people with Internet and WiFi in the world.
  • The infrastructures are more developed.
  • The shipping and collection systems (contactless this year and essential) are more agile.
  • There are more tools for the automation of processes.
  • All of this, together with the pandemic, has made it possible to talk about new trends in eCommerce for 2021, a year that is expected to generate very positive changes and very pronounced growth for all online stores.

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E-commerce trends for 2022

What will the eCommerce news next year be?

  1. 5G speed.
  2. Big data.
  3. Augmented reality and virtual reality.
  4. Blockchain.
  5. Virtual Wallets.
  6. Voice commerce.
  7. Artificial intelligence and automatic learning.
  8. ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline).
  9. Chatbots.

Check this infographic for the definition and later we will talk about all of them!

2022 ecommerce trends infographic

5g speed.

We already know (we have mentioned this on many previous occasions) that our website loading speed or e-commerce shop is very important in selling more. The faster our website loads, the better sales we will have. The arrival of 5G is a big advantage for the e-commerce sector, and will (we assure you) translated into a significant increase in sales.

Big data

Big data is not something new, we have lived with this trend for several years; however, because of technological advancements, we can save and process more data. Information that can be obtained from this can help us personalize our e-commerce and greatly enhance the user experience by adding value to offers, selling sensations …Big data doesn’t go out of style!

Augmented reality and virtual reality

Relatively new technology augmented and virtual reality begins to take power with new glasses, helmets and even game consoles.

One of the first brands that utilize this trend is the brand of EyewearRay-Ban. In their online stores, it is possible to try their glasses model using a cellphone or computer camera. Have you tried it?

This technology requires effort and is not tailored to all products and services, but if you think you can use it, try it!


This technology, as well as various currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.), already among us, but this year, with the need to strengthen security in electronic transactions, it is getting stronger.

In the future to 2021, you must be ready for this trend, which represents a positive aspect for the company and the user/customer, because it increases the trust and peace of mind and, as a result, sales.

Virtual Wallets

I’m sure you’ve started to hear a little about virtual wallets, but to be clear, they are a solution that allows users to accumulate money in virtual tools to make purchases on the internet without having to enter their card or account data during the process.

This wallet must be refilled with money, and can only be used on sites that are tailored to this payment method.

With this solution, you increase confidence and security for your customers. What are you waiting for? Virtual wallets are similar to PayPal and are very easy to understand and implement through various tools or plugins in your store.

Voice commerce

I’m sure you have or know someone who has, smart speakers at home. Google Home, Alexa … There are many models and we can ask them to play music, what such the weather is, to notify our news or find information … soon, we will also be able to make a purchase through this sound system … and You must be ready!

It will be as simple as saying … “Ok Google / Alexa, I want to add this headphone, black, to my cart.” It seems a bit far away, but we assure you it’s just around the corner …

Artificial intelligence and automatic learning

Can you imagine entering an e-commerce site and find every angle that is tailored to your taste, interests, and relationships with the brand? It’s getting closer and closer to reality thanks to artificial intelligence …

With chatbots, email marketing, hot mapping tools, and many other artificial intelligence solutions, we will be able to personalize our store, making our users comfortable, and therefore, guide them to make a purchase. In other words, if you succeed in entering this type of technology into your process, you will gain a competitive advantage that will respect your competitors.

ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline)

82% of mobile devices traced the store on them but finally bought in physical stores. This is what is known as Ropo, online search, offline shopping.

I’m sure you have done it yourself. They tell you about a product, or you see it on TV, and you look for it online before you buy it! You want to know what it looks like, what features it, what people have bought before you think …

Just because we talk about e-commerce, it doesn’t mean we have to leave the physical or offline world. These two worlds must end together and feed each other, and thus, multiply our sales and benefits.


Last but not least, we have chatbots, programmed customer service that answers the doubts of customers in the online world.

This tool is, let’s say, the virtual salesperson of your store, and it is essential that it is optimized to the maximum and that it looks as human as possible. Work on it because this 2021, whoever has the perfect chatbot will make the best sales – this is a key element!

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