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How Apple iOS 13.5 Features Help to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic?

The whole world is facing the pandemic COVID-19 and without a vaccine developed as writing, people are dying and businesses are closed. government agencies doing all their efforts to implement the lockdown, social distancing and quarantine. However, it is best to use technology to curb the pandemic. Apple finally launched its version of IOS 13.5 for user. The main version of the IOS combines the features designed to stop the spread of COVID-19, which is the most important peaks of this update. This update includes fixes, bug fixes, and other changes in how the Face ID works when the user is wearing a face mask, in addition to tracking feature Coronavirus contact. This version will help App Development Company to build a mobile application to help people to combat the pandemic.

What will be offered in IOS 13.5?

We hope this version will adjust and correct some errors, while also finding COVID-19 specific cases. Well, IOS 13.5 accelerating access to field devices have a pass code on Face ID when the user is wearing a face mask. Notice launches Exposure identification of COVID-19 support contact tracing application of public health authorities.

This update also includes the flexibility to control the automatic ridge tile Group video calls. In addition, it will also support the upcoming hardware included headphones over-the-ear or rumored Apple Tags tracking gadget.

Here are all the new features of iOS 13.5 to integrate:

1. Faster Unlocking With Face Masks

People can not unlock a phone with a mask, but with IOS 13.5 is easy to unlock the iPhone with a face mask. This stable version to enable the process to be fast in case the user is wearing a face mask.

In this case, he revealed the passcode interface at a faster rate, thus making the process easy unlock iPhone with a passcode before. This update is useful and important for the development of the growing iPhone App for the health sector. This update just keeps some iPhone Face ID is present.

2. COVID Exposure Notification API

Tim apple put COVID Exposure Notification feature all-new in the latest version of IOS 13.5. This helps in tracking the contact to officials present in the health sector to develop mobile applications and combat the spread Coronavirus.

This provides a great way to remind people you have met in the last 14 days and if you are infected and positive test, also methods to remain cautious in case you meet someone who has been tested positive. You can find this feature in Settings> Privacy> Health> COVID-19 Exposure Logging. If you do not install approved applications from government authorities, you can not use this feature.

3. Customization to Medical ID

Medical ID is a great feature that allows users to record medical information for emergency use. This feature can be customized to suit your needs. You can easily set up your device to share a Medical ID automatically with the appropriate authorities.

In case you reach the authority of locations with enhanced Emergency Data, your data will be shared securely. However, for now, the Medical ID feature is only available in the United States.


4. Modifications to Group FaceTime

Apple also updated the Group FaceTime. Nowadays if you make a group call FaceTime, iOS by default enlarges the face talk. You can switch this feature on the new section ‘Automatic Prominence’ FaceTime part of your gadget settings. You can hire mobile app developers, if in case you are not able to integrate this remarkable feature.

5. Bug Fixes

This latest release of IOS 13.5 also addresses two security issues, including the one that affects the iPhone Mail application. Bug fixed previously have allowed hackers to attack iOS devices remotely by sending large chunks of emails took quite a lot of memory.

In addition, to solve the problem where users find a black screen when they try to stream video from some website. Bug discussed in stock sheets in which the actions and recommendations may not load.

How to update to iOS 13.5?

People always want to know about the latest updates and was informed about the availability of IOS 13.5. If you have turned on Automatic Updates and then it will have been installed automatically. To check, please go to Settings and click General, and finally in the last tap Software Update. All options for installing the IOS 13.5 is displayed. You can get access to the latest features by updating your iPhone to iOS via OTA update comes in the Settings application.


Updating to the latest version is always advised by Mobile app Development Company as it will help the device to block hackers & remain secure. It’s always important to update your iPhone to the latest iOS device on time. Since Apple has integrated a lot of new features to iOS 13.5 to help users during the COVID-19 crisis, users will love to receive this one on urgent basis.

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