How to Hire iPhone App Developer – The Ultimate Guide 2022

Whether you’re a startup, small, medium, or large business, we offer the best value for money when hiring an iPhone app developer. We’re one of the best iPhone app developers out there.

Every business today needs an online presence to function. When a business aims to stand out among similar products and services and increase customer awareness, this is even more true. Websites are no longer enough for companies to reach their target audiences. Mobile apps are becoming more popular every year. According to Mary Meeker’s latest report, 51 percent of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices, compared to 42 percent for desktops. You’re in a perfect position to start building a custom app right now. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to go into full-time developer hunt mode. Some business owners cannot afford an in-house IT team, and some simply don’t need one. Outsourcing your application development is the best and fastest solution instead. We will go through the entire process of searching for and hiring a mobile app development company in detail.

What to check before hiring an iPhone app developer?

The first piece of advice for building a highly efficient developer team is to learn your project’s needs.

Start by planning your budget, setting deadlines, and defining team roles carefully & analyze your overall idea.

After that, set your business and project goals, then develop a features list and prioritize them.

During the project planning phase, it will become clear if developing an iOS app instead of an android app is profitable. Factors that could influence the decision include:

  • Your target audience’s dominant platform
  • Choose a monetization strategy
  • Budget and deadlines
  • MVP peculiarities

If you’re confident about your platform choice then know the skills you need for iOS development.

What Skills Does an iOS developer need?

iOS developer costs depend on the specialist’s grade, expertise area, and any additional, specific project type experience.
Some hard skills are essential for an iOS developer. Whatever job title you’re hiring for, you can expect the person to be able to handle basic issues and manage the technical process. When hiring an iPhone app programmer, remember these must-have skills:

  • Objective-C and/or Swift iOS native language proficiency.
  • Apple Human Interface Guidelines awareness
  • Xcode IDE experience is a must
  • User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UX) standards
  • Advanced code versioning tools proficiency
  • Practical experience using Core Data framework
  • Knowledge of metal and OpenGL
  • API integration and understanding experience

Among the required soft skill, you may find approachability, critical thinking, a feeling of deadlines and responsibilities, as well as the abilities to work in a team and lead, negotiation and self-promotion skills, persistence, and dedication.

What Hiring Options Are There

There is always some uncertainty when it comes to hiring options for digital production. Outsourcing has been around since long before the invention of the internet. However, it wasn’t until the rise of digital technologies that outsourcing became popular. Using freelancers and remote development teams is less expensive than hiring in-house employees. Outsourcing opens up the possibility to attract the best iOS app developers from the global talent pool, rather than just the local ones.

Why Mobile App Development is Important for Businesses?

1) When to Hire a Freelance iOS Developer

If you’re looking for iOS app developers for hire, check with your partner or check reputable job portals (such as UpWork). If your in-house project managers interact directly with the remote developers, you can hire freelancers to help you out. As a result, developers participate in meetings online while being members of a normal team.


  • Engineers with specific expertise and experience can be hired.
  • The best iOS developer can be found in the global pool of talent without regard to location.
  • In-house employees and outsourced teams are usually more expensive than freelancers and you don’t have to provide actual office space for them.
  • Freelancers get paid per hour. If they aren’t needed for a while, they don’t have to be paid.
  • The HR department isn’t responsible for the vacation, working conditions, and legal documents of freelancers.


  • High risk of not meeting a deadline.
  • There may be a misunderstanding between the in-house staff and freelancers due to a lack of communication.
  • Barriers related to time zones, languages, and cultures.
  • Freelance iPhone developers may or may not be spending their time on your project or serving other clients.
  • Risks associated with the project.

2) When to Form an In-House Development Team?

You can hire an iOS programmer as a part of your in-house team. If so, you’ll have to pay them full-time salaries and provide them with physical office spaces, track their progress, move them from one project to the next, and raise their performance.


  • Developers of iOS apps have time to dive deeper into their products and become experts. They can also offer post-release support for any of their products.
  • Clear communication between employees and departments.
  • Transfer of practical knowledge between seniors and juniors in-house.
  • During their working days, iOS developers work on projects exclusively for you.
  • It’s easy to use and flexible to work with development teams.


  • Even if you don’t have enough work to fill the in-house employees’ schedules, you must pay their salaries.
  • Hiring and retaining employees.
  • Additional expenses – Legal fees, taxes, office rental costs, and hardware.
  • While your developers aren’t working, you should pay them for the time they’re not working.

3) When to Hire an Outsourcing iPhone App Development Company

When a company takes on a project for you, it’s called outsourcing. One of the most commonly encountered issues that could be assigned by an outsourcing company is design and development, tech stack, ongoing maintenance, project management, and tracking. You’ll work with a team of iOS developers and other specialists from the vendor’s pool. Remote team members don’t need to be distributed tasks monitored for efficiency or gathered for meetings. Instead, you submit project tech requi­rements to an outsourcing company, discuss your expectations and goals, set deadlines, and get an end product.


  • Since outsourcing companies usually have a large number of specialists available for new projects, you can easily find a team quickly.
  • You don’t need legal help for each iOS developer; you just need to sign a contract with the one who develops your app.
  • As a result, you don’t have to deal directly with lots of operational issues, which lowers costs.
  • It’ll be easy to replace one iOS developer with another if you don’t like him/her. And the team can be expanded or contracted whenever necessary.
  • By reading client reviews, you can check the high professional standards of a company.


  • It is likely you will face deadline and/or quality issues even if you select a reputable company.
  • Offshore outsourcing iPhone app development affects communication due to time zones, cultures, and languages.
  • Project documentation and development schedules for such collaborations must be clear and comprehensive.

Factors to Consider before hiring Offshore iPhone App Development company:

The need for finding the best company:

Globally, there’s a huge demand for iOS apps. Several companies develop iOS applications to meet this need. It’s important to note that they’ve got developers capable of delivering the outcomes they’re looking for.

For this reason, you should employ people with domain expertise and understanding. Finding a company that delivers the results expected is a difficult task.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are, whether you’re a small business, a start-up, or a corporate enterprise, it doesn’t matter. Leveraging your target customer base means finding the right partners. You can hire the best partner for defining your digital experiences by identifying and hiring the best partner.

We’ve put together a few tips for hiring the best Apple iOS developer. Follow these tips and your business will be on the right path.

Excellent and Great Technical Skills:

It doesn’t matter which mobile app development platform you choose when you’re looking for one. To come up with an app idea that works well, the development team needs skill, experience, and domain knowledge. To develop iOS apps, developers and programmers need to know Swift, Objective- C, Xcode, and Cocoa. They should know their current and trending tools of development.

Your team will go above and outside the expected results of your efforts when you have a great idea and are passionate about what they do. Knowledge is power & it will help you achieve success and provide you with direction for your execution plan. Before you start implementing your plans, you need to choose the right technical team.

A strong reputation in the marketplace:

You should look for a company that has a strong reputation for repeatability when finding a development partner for your projects. What is the current profile of the business? What’s the story behind the business? Where did it come from? If you’re looking for a desirable development partnership, you need to answer these questions. If you do so, you will be capable of putting your ideas into practice and bringing them to life. Before you make a final decision, ask yourself these questions. Before investing in an app development company, ask yourself these questions to determine if they’re popular and credible.

App Development Portfolio

Their portfolio is an opportunity for you to see if the company has the real level of skills, knowledge, and experiences they claim to have. During the interview, you should ask your potential iOS developer to provide details about his/her last three projects’ duties and responsibilities, learn about his/her preferred working style, and share any personal tech achievements.

You may also check apps developed or apps created by the candidate with your iPhone or look up reviews of their work online. Check out our mobile app development portfolio

Build an iOS app in 2022 with IWD Technologies

Communication and other soft skills 

Find iOS developers who have professional work attitudes, and you’re sure of success. This approach will help ensure that you avoid misunderstandings and speed up development.
According to the statistics of 2019, most iPhone app developers for hire were chosen by people who had strong soft skills rather than traditional hard skills.


Are you looking for an iOS developer for hire? The good news is you can now get a professional who fits your needs without having to limit yourself to a local talent pool. Online marketplaces & outsourcing vendors for freelance services are now available for everyone to use.

But before hiring it’s important to get to know the team and managers. Don’t settle for less because it’s your business. Our team at IWD Technologies has extensive experience with iOS-related technologies, functionalities, integrations, and APIs. 

With our iPhone app developers’ proficiency in Swift 5, Objective- C and native iOS, you have several options for choosing the right technology for your product needs. We’re experts at building scalable and secure apps for iOS devices. Whether you want to expand your development team or create your own iOS app, hiring an iPhone app developer model can help you.

IWD Technologies can help you build best-in-class iOS apps. We have the best team of iOS app developers. Contact us at info@iwdtechnologies.com

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