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Top 7 Web Development Trends 2022 – You Can’t Miss

There are 5 billion daily active users and more than 1.58 billion websites on the Internet. Over time website development is changing rapidly. It is important for businesses to be aware of changing web development trends in 2022. Failing to do so can decrease your website performance and can fall behind in the competition.

Maintaining your website with the latest trends is the best way to stay competitive in our business niche. Look at the top web development trends in 2022.

1. Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

AI chatbots are much smarter than a regular chatbot. It matches the user intent by using machine learning and natural language processing technology to provide a human-like experience. AI chatbots allow businesses to automate tasks like answering questions, taking orders, and more which cut costs for the companies. AI chatbots increase the consumer experience as well.

It is worthy to invest in AI chatbots in the long term. They can quickly solve customer complaints, and provide quick answers. AI chatbots are the future.

AI Chatbots

2. Voice Search Optimization

In recent years voice search is gaining popularity and people starts using it in their day-to-day life through Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri. It is one of the amazing web development trends in 2022.

It is estimated that in 2022, the smart speakers market will grow by 21%. People opt for voice search more than typing because it is a lot easier. Consumers are not conducting voice searches on just smart speakers but also on their smartphones. So companies are optimizing their content and products for voice search in 2022.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Page is the necessary web development trend in 2022. AMP is designed to provide mobile users with a seamless and fast digital experience. The use of AMP is to load web pages faster on various devices. AMP optimized pages rank better as compared to non-AMP pages. Amp pages take about 2 seconds to load while non-AMP pages take up to 22 seconds. It is one of the successful web development strategies for your business.

Optimized websites for mobile and lightweight websites are benefits from this functionality and can rank better on search engines.

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4. Cybersecurity

With the increase in technology, cyber attacks are also increasing. According to Cloudflare, the amount of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks almost increased each quarter in 2020. 

Users are aware of the growing problem, and there is a growing demand for businesses to employ strong security measures to keep their personal information private and secure. Already, there has been a shift toward application-based multi-factor authentication, such as Google Authenticator, patch management, and Security Operation Centers (SOC).

Companies should invest in the cybersecurity of their websites to protect their data.

5. Dark Mode

As technology is improving people are spending more time on the screen which is causing dry and fatigued eyes. But with dark mode, these issues can be reduced. In dark mode, sites use dark colors in the background and light colors for the content making it easier to read.

The recently dark mode is gaining popularity among users. Dark mode allows users to stay longer on-screen without affecting their eyes. Big companies like Facebook and google adopted this trend. Now other companies are adopting dark mode. The dark mode is gaining popularity because it reduces blue light, is energy-efficient, minimizes dryness and eye strain, and can be used in low lighting conditions.

dark mode web development trends6. Motion UI

Now users not only want fast and mobile-friendly websites but also expect a richer and more engaging experience. That’s the one reason motion UI comes into web development trends in 2022. 

Motion UI is a front-end framework for creating completely responsive web designs. The technology enables developers to create motion within the context of a native app. It has a predetermined motion that may be used in any design project. Developers can play around with motion UI and create attractive animations and transitions that draw customers’ attention.

7. Single-Page Applications (SPA)

SPA is the most significant recent trend in web development. SPA refers to the web application that only loads on a single page and the application do not need to be refreshed during use. Only a little content is changed instead of loading the entire page. Javascript API is used for content updates. 

SPA is cost-effective and easy to create and consumes less space on servers. This trend is going to continue in 2022.


Web development is changing rapidly and it is hard to follow all the trends. But by staying on top of the latest web development trends in 2022, you can give your users a seamless experience and improve your website ranking. 

IWD Technologies offers responsive web designing and development services to our clients all over the world. To provide best-in-class services, our skilled teams of web developers stay on top of the latest developments. If you want to know how to incorporate these trends into your website development project, contact our experts immediately.

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