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Use Attributes To Enhance Your Google My Business Listing

While circumstances might make us work from home and holidays may have us in spirit, another way to spend time or keep enthusiasm than reading about Google My Business attributes and a cup of hot tea.

Superlative. I hope you are ready. Google My Business Attributes is the key to success for all businesses of all sizes, independent or large. This helps consumers today by understanding what is actually expected from your business. They show things like payment options, facilities, accessibility, and highlights. Does the business have wheelchair parking? Is there Wi-Fi? Do they accept Apple payments, google salaries, or wallets without contact? Why yes, yes they do. This is all stated in the knowledge panel under the attributes.

This and many other facts about business can be displayed to customers and are as important, for Google. They are used in combination with other aspects of the online presence to help Google rank list. Google Attributes My business is important for consumers and they are important for Google to ensure the right results are shown to a search. This is a fast and effective way for the owner to communicate what might be important for customers. Some of these attributes are optional and others are more subjective and cannot be edited. All important attributes communicate with Google and good customers who you are and what is available.

Now, let’s take deeper into Google’s attributes of my business.

When did the GMB attribute begin?

Back in May 2016, Google is working on the GMB attribute debut. This site certainly has limited abilities and is only used by industrial choices such as food or business related to services. Amount and choice for limited attributes in this launch. It was immediately expanded at the end of the year in September and continued to grow into what we now have at this time.
Just like all the cars are fine, let’s look under the hood of this beast.

What can we do with the GMB attribute?

Depending on your business, Google will give you a list of attributes that can help your business with the full ability. Let’s say you are an independent tea house in Downtown Phoenix, AZ, and has made an account through Google my business. Let’s navigate to access my business attributes. Don’t worry, just like the owner’s manual, I will add a screenshot to help.

  • Login to and navigate to info.
  • Scroll down to Attributes.
  • After in attributes, you will see similar suggestions for your business.


Now, these attributes are broken down into what form your business. Do you have free Wi-Fi? Is there live music? Is there a small plate? This area allows you to display your business to any customer, both new and existing. Here’s a little Easter egg in the GMB attribute. They break into two categories: objective (factual) and subjective.

What is your objective business showcase attribute?

Objective attributes are still subject to updates from Google and from users, but this can be mitigated through Google My Business Dashboard. This is all factual information. Does your business receive a debit card? Is your location wheelchair accessible? This information will allow you to showcase attributes that may often be asked by customers. When using objective or subjective, you can also say if your business has no attributes.


As shown above, if you don’t have a fireplace, you can use a prohibited sign, and maybe you have a live show, add the checkmark. Select the attribute that only describes your business in fact. Never abuse factual information because it can cause an annoying response from customers or critics.

What is your subjective business showcase attribute?

It’s always good for showing off what your business can do; however, we can also display what your business is known by your customers. This is the attribute given to a business by Google through a number of sources including user-generated responses. . For example: is your business known as sports? Does your business known for big tea? This spotlight is only transmitted from the Google database. This attribute cannot be affected directly by registering the list through the dashboard in the same way the objective attribute is managed. So, unfortunately, you can’t control this. This is a reflection of what your business can do. You can find out what your business is known by using the insight column.


One way you can improve this highlight is to read your customer reviews and remember your current highlights that you are known for. It will not only allow them to feel valued, but also allow you to know what you can do and improve.

How attributes are displayed in your GMB list

Attributes can be used in search and both attribute types can be seen in the knowledge panel from any list from desktop and from cellphones:

When Google results become more personalized, we can expect this feature to be more important. Google will strive to provide searchers with more customized results, based on this attribute when searches are used. A good example of this is when the long-tail keyword is sought after, ”where is a pizza restaurant that has a kids menu and parking”. Google will be able to quickly index requests and based on what is provided by business owners and customers.


With all the hard work you spend to build your business, it is certainly worthy of displaying. Using attributes will help build your customer’s confidence in your business. Even though it can be confusing, it is certainly useful for use for your monthly business purposes.

Let our local SEO specialist help you with your attributes and achieve the monthly goals you want to do on Google my business.

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