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We Have An App For That

Tell us what your problem is and we will tell you we can finish with an application. It was a joke we have been saying here in IWD Technologies, but what if behind this joke there is some truth?

Our task is to solve business problems with the application. There are many mobile applications that are designed to make our lives easier, and we all love easily. We also love the fast, efficient, and profitable. For this reason, we want to discuss here what is the truth behind the quote “We have an app for that”.

Usually, we hear the quote “we / I have an app for that” when one talks about the issue and the use of the application appears as a solution to that problem. From a business perspective, we must reflect on what the most common problems we have faced as a business in order to discover the truth behind this famous quote. According to the Knowledge Center’s Small Business, here are the 10 greatest challenges businesses face today. As a small business ourselves we can not agree with what’s on the list, so what if we can provide a solution for those 10 problems on your palm?

Let’s break out each of these issues and let you know how it can be solved with the mobile app:

  1. Uncertainty about the future: By collecting data and using statistics you can predict the future, which will surely give you more confidence about what is coming and what to do in the short and long term when making your next decision.
  2. Financial Management: Get your financial management system that is integrated into your applications and use it to monitor and regulate the business tour revenues, expenses, and assets with the goal of maximizing profits and ensuring sustainability.
  3. Performance Monitoring: An application can identify, collect, monitor and report on the overall operation of your business processes. Get your KPI set so that you can gather information before making any decision. An application with the ability to monitor the performance can show how well your business is doing today and help you analyze what could be improved in the future.
  4. Regulations and Compliance: The rules and regulations are regularly shifted and require no effort to ensure that you are aware of and take steps to comply with laws, policies, and regulations appropriate to your industry. compliance software more applicable to more efficiently manage compliance data.
  5. Competencies and recruiting the right talent: the best-known job boards and job aggregators can be integrated into your system and you can also create and manage the pre-hire assessment through the application. In addition, candidate relationship management (CRM) software can be managed through the application. CRMs have been the center to attract, attract, and nurture candidates. From job boards and aggregators for human capital management software, this is what an application can do to help you with recruitment today.
  6. Technology: Integrating new technology into your application and make a wise investment in maintenance to not only show you the innovative but also gain a competitive advantage by being able to track and improve productivity.
  7. Exploding Data: If you have a powerful system, burst data is not the problem, it is the solution. Collect it, properly manage it, stay safe and extract insights from an ever-increasing number of application data you produce.
  8. Customer Service: There are a few important things when dealing with customers and you can run and manage it all in a very efficient manner by using an application that can give you the answer you are looking for customers in a timely manner, wherever you are.
  9. Maintaining the reputation: Manage how your customers perceive you and your company online is not an option anymore. From airlines to donuts, everything gets sold online reviews from other users. If you are selling a good product or service you want to be trusted and you want to get a chance to reply as soon as possible when a problem arises. It will be much easier and faster to monitor your online presence and take action when an application track mentions and alert you when a new review comes.
  10. Knowing when to embrace change: Use the data collected to analyze and use the information in your favor. This is an opportunity to get to know their customers and employees better and get a great chance to be successful when making decisions. Change can be scary, but if you are ready and the target, you understand how they will benefit from the changes, you will succeed. Try something new and use all the tools that you already have to find a new perspective and execute your plan.

We have been told that there is an app for pretty much every problem in the world. And, if there isn’t an app yet, we can build it. It’s kinda superpower we have. Wha to learn more about our superpower? Contact IWD Technologies now.

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