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Instagram Launches Initial Test of NFT Display Options, Which Are Also Coming to Facebook Soon

The air appears to be leaking out of the original NFT bubble, according to at least some recent data, which means that if Meta wants to join in on the tail end of the enthusiasm, it needs to unveil its NFT display features now.

As a result, it’s no surprise that Instagram’s long-in-development NFT display choices have now been released. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said that the company will begin testing its new NFT capabilities with a select group of creators in the United States. Integrations for Ethereum and Polygon will be available soon, with support for Flow and Solana to follow.

NFT owners will be able to authenticate their ownership by connecting their Rainbow, Trust Wallet, and MetaMask accounts.

NFTs will be visible on the main Instagram feed, within Stories, and in Direct Messages. In addition, participating accounts will get a new NFT tab with a tick in a hexagon indicating verified NFTs.
The hexagon tick indication will appear on NFT photos placed within your main post feed, as shown in this image.

Since June of last year, Instagram has been working on the feature, with early samples demonstrating how IG might not only promote your NFTs but also assist NFT sales, integrating into the larger digital products market.

Instagram Update: 90-second Reels live tests expand to more users

In this example, you can see how NFT bidding could be included in the process in the future, offering more full connectivity to the broader NFT economy.

The possibility of NFTs, as well as the enhanced role that digital commodities will play in the impending Metaverse shift, has been discussed by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, with the apparel that you adorn your digital avatars in potentially being minted as NFTs and related to your digital identity.
However, as previously said, NFT trading has been steadily declining since its first hype phase. According to The Wall Street Journal, NFT sales have dropped by 92 percent since September, while active wallets have dropped by 88 percent since November.

Because of the decreased demand, the value of some well-known NFTs has plummeted.

According to the WSJ:

“An NFT of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s first tweet sold for $2.9 million in March 2021 to Sina Estavi, the CEO of Malaysia-based blockchain business Bridge Oracle. Mr. Estavi auctioned off the NFT earlier this year. He didn’t accept any bids that were more than $14,000.”
Although NFT proponents have questioned these data points, claiming that they are cherry-picked examples, the wider trend, based on industry numbers and projects, does show that NFTs are cooling off, at least in their current form.

This is most likely the most crucial point. As Zuckerberg points out, the potential of NFTs goes much beyond the current slew of cartoonish avatar photos, with tens of thousands of ‘artists’ slapping together all kinds of odd images in the hopes of making a quick buck.

Although the popularity of PFP (profile picture) projects appears to be diminishing, there will eventually be ways to exploit the back-end process of NFTs to display ownership of a wide range of digital things.

While NFT, as we know it today, appears to be on its way out, the process it embodies could very well become a critical basis for the next stage.

This is probably why Meta is pressing forward, even though people seem to be sick of them – and with so many rug pulls and rip-offs, as well as so many shoddy ‘projects’ in the area, it’s no surprise that people are turning away.

However, there is still untapped potential, despite the fact that many people are already heavily invested in the existing NFT market.

In addition to today’s announcement, Zuckerberg says that NFT display options and augmented reality NFTs for Instagram Stories will be coming shortly to Facebook.

Will this lead to more widespread adoption of NFTs, or is it simply a way for Meta to cash in on the initial hoopla before it fades?

As NFTs become more extensively available throughout Meta’s apps, we’ll soon find out.

More information on Instagram’s NFT features:


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Instagram Update: 90-second Reels live tests expand to more users

With Instagram expanding its 90-second Reels test to more users, users will have more time to film their Reels videos.

Some users are now seeing the ability to make Reels up to a minute and a half long, as shown in this example submitted by Jonah Manzano (and shared by Matt Navarra), giving you an extra 30 seconds on top of the current 60-second maximum.

Live Testing of 90 Second Reels

Longer Reels were first tested in February, and various users have subsequently seen the option appear in the app. When we asked if this upgrade is being rolled out to all users, Instagram told us that it is currently under testing and that there is no official plan for a wider rollout at this time.

Instagram’s video products are now being re-aligned around the Reels format, with Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri stating back in December that:

“We’re going to focus even more on video and combine all of our video formats under Reels,” says the company.
When Instagram announced the larger unification of its video products in October, it discontinued the IGTV brand, and it makes sense for the platform to make Reels longer as well, in order to better blend its different video offers into a single content stream.

It’s also worth mentioning that, according to Meta’s most recent earnings call, Reels currently accounts for more than 20% of all time spent on Instagram, demonstrating the format’s appeal – despite the fact that it’s a straight duplicate of TikTok.

The next step will be to shorten all video uploads (users may still upload video clips up to an hour-long through the post composer), which will bring everything into better alignment and make the next stage of Instagram’s content shift easier to navigate.

Which will likely be this:

It’s also worth noting that Instagram removed its in-stream video ad placements option earlier this month, which fits in with the company’s broader push to compress video content and convert all of its content into a full-screen, immersive, TikTok-like feed, aligning with emerging habitual behaviors.

Instagram hasn’t revealed anything about the next stage, but it appears to be the obvious conclusion, which will be a significant change for the app, but one that makes sense.
Longer Reels is another step in this direction, and while it is not yet available to everyone, it will be gradually made available to more users over time.

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eCommerce Themes to Improve your Business and Clientele

Want to start your business using the eCommerce theme? Want to choose a theme based on an interesting understanding of design and aesthetics, but the sidelines of the user experience, make it rot somewhere in the corner? Maybe, you back-fired your business, which will spend a very big cost.

One significant feature of every e-commerce god theme is to produce an enhancing effect in such a way that the buyer’s performance is simplified and softened to lead the business. Your priority must be to test the robustness and aesthetics of the theme and not only concentrate on the design aspects. This is a short guide that offers details about how to design eCommerce themes based on the new age content management system.

What is your business personality?

The right theme options are equipped with your business ideas. This is your business personality, which will help you make a theme choice. The choice of mere themes out there and it’s also without the right approach it won’t take you far away. Here, it is also important to understand your business requirements. In the process of achieving something, which is not defeated, you need to connect yourself to the idea to give more to your customers, instead of making monetary profits.

Check the Navigational Analysis

The eCommerce theme without a great navigation system that works in the back-end will be frustrated for clients and customers. Your prospective customer wants the product you have displayed in your store. However, the problem is your product does not appear in organic search. In this way, you only give frustration to your customers and clients. The bad navigation system of your e-commerce theme is a good reason to divert customers to another place. And soon, you will find that your e-commerce store shows a high bouncing rate.

What is the response rate of your e-commerce theme?

It’s great that you have found an extraordinary e-commerce theme to launch your business online. Have you checked the mobility option? Mobile phones are here to compete for one or two centuries. If the store is not optimized to appear in the cellular environment, you lose customers quickly. Make sure you choose a responsive theme on the grounds that you want your business to get a ranking in search engine results.

With the Right Kind of eCommerce Theme, Advantage is on Your Side

With eCommerce themes, there are options to enter customer testimonials, alignment for product images, multi-level menus, Instagram integration for photo display, and more. The eCommerce theme design is liquid, and this can be changed or changed to fit your business concepts and strategies. It is the right time to look for great posts that tell you about the best things that are relevant to the e-commerce theme.


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Instagram now lets you delete comments and block users in bulk, control who tags you in posts

Facebook’s photo and video sharing platform will now let you block multiple users from commenting or delete multiple comments on posts at once, without wasting your precious seconds.

Instagram introduced major changes in its application that will give you more control over who engage with your content. Facebook’s photo and video sharing platform will now let you block multiple users from commenting or delete multiple comments on posts at once, without wasting your precious seconds. It will also let you pin comments on top and stop others from tagging you in posts or comments.

Bulk delete comments
“First, we launched a new feature to help manage some undesirable interactions at once. We know it can feel redundant to manage the rush of negative comments, so we have to test the ability to remove comments in large numbers and block or limit some accounts that post negative comments, “Instagram said in a blog post.

The firm says that early tests have been positive for this feature.

You can enable this on both iOS and Android app versions by following simple steps:

– Tap on a comment in a post.

-Tap on the dotted icon in the top right corner.

– Select Manage Comments.

-Choose the comments you want to delete. You can choose up to 25 comments at once.

– Tap More Options to block or restrict accounts in bulk.

Pin positive comments on top
Although this move is to remove the negative comments, you can now highlight the positive comments in a post as well. The firm added that soon it will start testing pinned comments. “This feature gives people a way to set the tone for their account and engage with their community by pinning a select number of comments to the top of their comments thread.”
Instagram block

Lastly, you can even control who is tagging you in a post or a comment on Instagram. “You can choose whether you want everyone, only people you follow or no one to be able to tag or mention you in a comment, caption, or Story,” says the firm.

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Skype follows Zoom, rolls out custom backgrounds for video calls: How to enable them

The new custom backgrounds on Skype are available as a part of the app update for Mac, Windows, Linux, and the web.
Skype is trying hard to compete with the Zoom video conferencing application is known for introducing a custom background. This has to be one of the reasons that make Zoom popular in the first place. New custom background on Skype is available as part of the renewal application for Mac, Windows, Linux, and the web, and comes in addition to a long Skype support to blur the background of your current video call.

Here’s what the description states on the company’s official support page. “This could be anywhere: Want to look like you’re calling from the beach, or from space? Now you can, with custom backgrounds for your video calls.”

So how do you customize the background for Skype video calls? It’s simple.

Step 1: While in a video call, head to the video button or click the three dots other menus.

Step 2: Click “Choose background effect.”

Step 3: From here you can blur the current background, choose an image you previously added, or add a new one to customize the background effect.

To customize your background for all video calls in Skype:

Step 1: Click on your profile picture.

Step 2: Click the gear-like Settings option.

Step 3: Click “Audio & Video” option.

Step 4: Choose the background effect.

Besides a custom background, you also get the ability to share files directly from your Mac to Skype contacts. You even get easy access to call controls in the chat menu.

Skype has been doing quite a bit in luring users to its platform ever since the Zoom privacy and security controversy. However, Zoom is still witnessing a continuous growth around the globe and has reached 300 million user base already.

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5 Top Instagram Apps for PC (All Are FREE)

Today we will review the FREE 5 Best Applications For Instagram for PC. Almost all social media channels have the same kind of features – whether you use their desktop website or telephone applications. They provide the same experience and you can usually access all the features of the website on both platforms.

Instagram, despite boasting of more than 1 billion users over the span of a month, isn’t one of them.

For some reason, Instagram still hasn’t launched a desktop app. The web version of the platform is missing several features, and there is no way to access them outside of the mobile app.

TIP: You can also use Instagram for PC via chrome browser, Open, Then click press “F12” BUTTON and screen will go to developer mode, then toggle the “device” icon to choose your platform i.e. Mobile.

Since most of the users of Instagram are under the age of 24 years, the company has given precedence to smartphones over mobile apps. So much so that the functionality over a desktop is quite limited – you can only like and comment photos, there is no option to even access direct messaging.

It isn’t a problem to use the phone app when you are on the move, but if you are at home on your laptop, it can be a hassle to switch between your computer and laptop, just for one website, that’s where you need Instagram for PC.

Moreover, it becomes difficult for influencers and marketers to manage their content in this way.

But thankfully, there are several third-party apps available on the internet which you can use for browsing Instagram on your PC. What’s more, they also have many features that the standard web version of the website simply does not support.

Why mobile app development is important?

5 Top Free Apps for Instagram for PC

  • Ramme
  • Gramblr
  • Official Window’s Instagram App
  • IG: DM Instagram Direct Messages on Desktop
  • Later

From a much better functioning search option to tools that make it easy to use multiple hashtags – these apps are going to make the life of every Instagram user much easier:

1. Ramme

Ramme is a lightweight desktop app that provides you with a user interface that is practically identical to the Instagram iOS application. You can download the app from, and it offers an excellent experience for Instagram users who can’t afford to compromise on image quality and app functionality.

It is highly recommended for influencers and brand ambassadors for whom image quality is of utmost importance.

You can access almost all the features of the social media website on this that are otherwise inaccessible to desktop users. You can create stories, upload photos, and even send direct messages, all within the same app.

Moreover, Ramme is very easy to handle. You will be able to get started on this app within minutes. All you need is the primary .exe file from GitHub, and you can begin ‘gramming.

There’s no need to work through any complicated installing process, and the whole service runs without dragging down your PC performance. This makes it easy to store Ramme on a USB stick or download it to use temporarily on a shared computer.

The app is very lightweight and runs smoothly too, and you’ll rarely come across any performance issues. It’s also possible to resize the Ramme window on your desktop and everything on the screen adjusts to fill the window without any hiccups.

Uploading images with this app is a breeze. Simply click the ‘+’ icon at the bottom and then browse through Windows File Explorer to find the photo or video you want to upload.

2. Gramblr

Gramblr is a free Instagram desktop application that provides all the characteristics you may need in order to upload photos and videos to Instagram for PC.

There are a number of reasons why this app is gaining so much popularity. First and foremost is the built-in uploading tools. These tools help you go through a number of steps to touch up your photo before uploading it. This is certainly the best app for Instagram for PC.

Though these filters are quite similar to those we find on the Instagram smartphone app, you also have an additional advantage of selecting from filters that are exclusive to the Gramblr app.

The controls for focus, saturation, lighting, and sharpness that are provided on this app can add a fresh look to an image and bring to life a photo that would otherwise be dull.

After you’ve edited your photo, you can add a caption, a location, include hashtags, and then click post. One of the most interesting features of this app is that you are given the option to add 60 likes from real users immediately to any of your images or video uploads.

Therefore, not only is Gramblr useful to upload new photos and videos, but it’s also a very powerful tool for growing your follower count.

Another unique and interesting feature of this app is that it allows you to arrange automatic scheduling of your posts. Many apps have this option, but the problem people face with other Instagram post schedulers is that these apps push the photo and caption to your phone at a certain point and you’re then forced to manually upload it.

But great arises with some shortcomings. Gramblr too has some issues.

Firstly, there are rarely any updates and the developers are hard to get a hold of.

Secondly, the features that Gramblr uses are technically against Instagram’s terms of service, but because Gramblr goes straight through Instagram’s API, the auto like, post scheduler, and like boost features sit in the grey area.

Thirdly, you run the risk of having restrictions on your account or a complete ban on it owing to the excessive use of marketing tools. Another downside of this app is that you cannot use it to add stories or to message other users.

3. Official Window’s Instagram App

Windows 10 now features an Instagram app that gives you many features that mobile applications give you. It’s free to download and it is very lightweight. You can download it by visiting the Microsoft Store on your PC. Because this app of Instagram for pc is tied into Windows 10, notifications will pop up on your display and will be sent straight to the action center of your computer.

On the surface, the Windows Store app for Instagram looks exactly like the mobile version. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting used to the layout, as the overall interface is parallel to the smartphone version.

The only potential issue with this is that it can sometimes be quite slow. Pages might take longer to load than they would when accessing them on your mobile.

Responsive Web Designing Services

4. IG: DM Instagram Direct Messages on Desktop

As we have already established, accessing Instagram is fairly easy on the mobile, you just have to download the app from the play store. But to access Instagram for pc is a nuisance, especially because you can use most of its features like surfing and liking posts, viewing stories, and sharing, but you cannot access your DMs.

It’s not possible to view or even reply to them. This is where IG: DM comes into play. It allows you to reply to the messages in your inbox on your desktop.

IG: DM is an open-source project and is not affiliated with Instagram in any way. It has a single feature that is to take you to your inbox.

It does not offer any other services like using your timeline, viewing stories, surfing news feed, etc. You can talk to anyone on Instagram and that’s about it.

However, you can view the media sent to you in your DMs or share any media from your system.

If you click on the user name of your friend, it will open their profile on your default browser. Sure, it does not give you everything in one place, but if your primary requirement is accessing your messages and chatting on Instagram, this app gets the job done.

Moreover, since it comes without any ads, the user interface is very neat and fairly simple, and easy to understand.

One of the coolest features of this app is that it shows you people from your follow list who are not following you back. Whether we admit it or not, we do check if the people we are following have also returned the favor.

And it can be a tedious process to switch between the two lists bad figure out who left. Almost all of us have wanted this feature in the actual app for ages, but that may take some time. Until then, there is IG: DM.

This app is also great for people who want to access the whole of their social media messengers in one place.

You can now have Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram messengers all on your laptop without compromising on any of the features. IG: DM has over five million downloads.

If you like this app, you can donate to its developers on its website. It is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

5. Later

Later is the number one marketing platform for Instagram. This app provides you with an opportunity to plan and schedule your Instagram posts for up to a month in a single sitting.

Later, you can upload your favorite moments directly from your desktop or computer. Moreover, it is not limited to a separate account or platform – you can manage all of your profiles on all the social media platforms on the web.

Later, you can invite your entire social media team to help you with uploading your content and planning your posts. The user simply needs to add the team on their account and they are ready to go.

The auto-publishing feature by Later is one hundred percent secure since it is an Instagram Partner and uses Instagram Graph API for publishing. Therefore, safety is the number one priority for this app.

You can rest assured your data is completely safe and your account is never under the threat of being banned when using Later, unlike other third-party apps.

Later also allows seamless syncing of your pictures from your phone, Google Drive, Dropbox, laptop, etc. It creates labels on its own, so you can search through all your photos and videos in a jiffy.

It even helps you gain followers by letting you know is the best time to post. Moreover, the app can track your likes, followers, and clicks using Instagram Analytics and display them on command for analysis.

Later is one of the best Instagram apps for desktop that keeps you organized and helps you grow. It can be downloaded from the official website of Later.


I hope you liked these top 5 Free apps for Instagram for PC, if you have any queries please list them below and we will try to answer all of them. If you want to develop a mobile app for your business then you can hire professional app developers. This helps your business to reach more audiences and stand out from the competition.

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Facebook Messenger launches WHO chatbot for Covid-19

After WhatsApp, Facebook has now launched a COVID-19 chatbot for Messenger in partnership with the World Health Organisation. The WHO chatbot on Messenger will provide updates on COVID-19, and it will debunk myths too. Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 billion monthly active users.

Called the WHO’s Health Alert interactive service, this can be accessed from the WHO’s official page on Facebook. Users can also simply tap on the Messenger icon available on the page. Here, users can tap on the “Send Message” button and the chatbot will open up on Messenger. At present, the WHO COVID-19 chatbot is available in English, Spanish and Arabic. It will be available in more languages soon.


Important Features To Incorporate Into Your Mobile App

Similar to how the work chatbot messages on WhatsApp, users will be presented with a series of options such as the latest number, Mythbusters, travel advice, and much more. Users should reply with the amount allocated to the query and receive updates on the same. The latest WHO chatbot messages are among a group of 19 chatbots COVID launched by government agencies and health. The WHO chatbot messages on WhatsApp has been used by over 12 million people, according to Facebook.

Facebook also launched a community hub coronavirus in Messenger that displays detailed information about COVID-19. It also has tips for users on how to make the most out of Messenger for COVID 19th pandemic. Facebook also said the partnership with government and health care institutions by offering free Messenger tool.

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Snapchat rolls out lenses for Vaisakhi, Rongali Bihu and more

Snapchat has launched a variety of lenses for the different spring and harvest festivals being celebrated in India.

Festivals are being commended in an alternate way this year because of the continuous pandemic. It’s impractical to step out and proceed with the ordinary festivals for various celebrations. Be that as it may, there’s as yet one approach to do it and that is on the web. Remembering the spring and collect season, Snapchat has introduced dedicated lenses for these festivals.

5 Top Instagram Apps for PC (All Are FREE)

Snapchat’s new festive focal points will be accessible for clients dependent on the district where the celebration is occurring. Clients can discover these focal points by looking through the changed focal points at the base on the Snapchat application. Contingent upon which district the celebration is observed, Snapchat will include an AR focal point. Clients can evaluate these focal points and offer them alongside their happy welcome.

Missing workplace during lockdown? Here’s an interactive website to give you those ‘office feels’

Snapchat has rattled off the various celebrations occurring in India beginning today which is Vaisakhi celebrated in North and West India. At that point, there’s Pana Sankranti which is commended in Odisha. The following day on April 14 it’s Puthandu which denotes the main day of the conventional Tamil schedule. Individuals in Kerala will observe Vishu which is a Hindu celebration.

Celebrations towards the East will occur in Assam where individuals will observe Rongali Bihu on April 14. This festival ranges for seven days with every day having an alternate centrality. At that point, there’s Pahela Baishakh which will happen in West Bengal and Tripura.

These Snapchat lenses carry festival greeting like “Happy Vaisakhi” and “Happy Rongali Bihu”. The lenses also have filter effects along with the greeting message.

If you want to develop a mobile app for your business then you can hire professional app developers. This helps your business to reach more audiences and stand out from the competition.

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Facebook adds Quiet Mode to help you take a break from the app

The quiet mode settings can be found within a separate section in the app that will not only allow you to manage your screen time but also get insights about your usage.

Facebook is making it easier for its users to take a break from the app. The company has rolled out a new Quiet Mode feature that allows users to mute the push notifications within a specified time frame.

The newly launched feature essentially allows you to set a time frame within which the app blocks all notifications such that you can have some time off the app. And if you try to open the app when you have enabled the Quiet Mode, the app will remind you that you have set this time aside with an aim of limiting your time within the app. But you will still be able to bypass the mode and check your notifications.

The quiet mode settings can be found within a separate section in the app that will not only allow you to manage your screen time but also get insights about your usage. Additionally, you will also be able to schedule the quiet mode at preset time periods. This feature is similar to Apple’s Screen Time feature and it builds on the company’s digital well-being features that it launched back in 2018.



Facebook apart from introducing a new feature is also making some changes to its user interface. The company has added shortcuts to Notification Settings and News Feed Preferences, which allows you to “make the most of your time on Facebook by controlling the type of posts you see in your News Feed as well as the updates you receive,” the company wrote in a blog post.

In addition to this, the company is also donating $2 million to support crisis helplines around the world. The list includes Vibrant Emotional Health that operates the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in the US, Kids Help Phone in Canada, iCALL Psychosocial Helpline in India, Samaritans in the UK and Centro de Valorização da Vida in Brazil among others.

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WhatsApp Status update: Indian users can’t share videos longer than 15 seconds; here’s why

WhatsApp brings new updates almost every other day. The latest one brings a small update to Status. Here are the details.
WhatsApp has limited the duration of the video that can be uploaded as a Status Indian. A report from WABetaInfo states that this feature will come specifically for India. It is now available on both iPhone and iOS in this country. WhatsApp has begun to launch a feature starting today and should reach all users gradually. We have to accept it.

Previously users can upload up to 30 seconds of video as WhatsApp Status. The Messaging platform now has limited the duration of a video to upload as Status for 15 seconds and 16 seconds as previously reported. With the new feature coming is the Facebook messaging platform belonging to prompt the user to crop video longer than 15 seconds duration and only then be posted as status.

According to reports from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has introduced this feature to reduce the load on its servers that have spiked since people have started to live at home for a pandemic coronavirus. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had previously said that they saw a very high-level call via WhatsApp in countries that face a crisis COVID-19. In a recent blog, the social media giant also noted that the voice and video call usage has doubled in the last month.

WhatsApp can introduce the duration of the video so that the user does not send a video of the duration for the Status and which will help reduce the load on the server. Reports from WABetaInfo states that this feature is limited until the end of the pandemic. After the situation WhatsApp cage will remove the video time limit, the report stated. There is no official word from the same WhatsApp yet.

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