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Hire Skilled Developers for Offshore Web Development Services

Your hunt for a dedicated offshore best talent comes to an end here, and your journey to success begins!

Do you find yourself falling behind on your project timeline? Or a team of web development experts that can meet the client’s needs? Whatever the obstacles to your achievement, IWD Technologies is here to help you overcome them by working as an extension of your team to improve your web development capabilities and efficiency. Engaging with our offshore web development professionals is a solution you will be delighted with from the start. With their speed and precision, our crew never fails to impress!

As a professional offshore web development company in India, we recognize your risks and the importance of completing projects on time.  We never fail to provide you with a qualified dev team with the appropriate skills sets to accomplish the job.

It’s no chance that prominent firms from the United States, Australia, the Uk, the Middle East, Europe, Thailand, Canada, and…. need we say more? have selected us to design websites and mobile apps. We’ve served satisfied customers all over the world, and the fact that we generate repeat business speaks volumes about our professionalism and credibility.

Web Development Services Driven by Experts

Delivering visually stunning websites. | Robust custom web application development. | Agile solutions, including CMS Like WordPress CMS development & Frameworks CodeIgniter| Ecommerce Website Development – Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento. | iOS and Android App Development.

Unless our customer prefers a specific project management method, we primarily use the Agile Methodology for project development(Well versed with Basecamp, Trello, JIRA. Experienced working in a team environment GIT/ Bitbucket for code versioning).

Offshore Web Development CompanyHire Dedicated Offshore Web Development Company

IWD Technologies, an Indian-based offshore web development firm, helps businesses of all sizes and verticals achieve their market goals by providing highly competent IT developers, engineers, designers, and specialists. As more businesses go online in the twenty-first century, website creation services are in high demand. The most suitable and cost-effective approach to this issue is to build your website with an offshore web development firm.

A professional web developer would construct websites that are adaptive due to their responsive nature on all potential screen resolutions, including mobile devices on Android and IOS, tablets and Ipads, and touch screen laptops, in this digital era. Many organizations design stereotype block-based brochure-type websites when it comes to web creation, but to create a current appearing, user interactive, and selling website, one must go beyond the box.

IWD Technologies has a long-term engagement with offshore clients and consistently meets its business objectives. With our exceptional offshore development, you can concentrate on growing your business while our developers take care of your project.

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Latest Mobile App Design Trends That You Must Know In 2022

Since the beginning of 2019, the revenue generated from mobile applications has grown by 50% and has been recorded at $ 808.7 billion. The numbers show that the potential of the mobile market is growing rapidly and is expected to continue to grow in the future. That means that mobile is a must for every growing business. This article describes the process of designing mobile applications, their importance, as well as some of the most popular mobile application trends to watch in 2022.

What is Mobile applications design?

Mobile application design is the job of mobile application development. Although Mobile applications can have many different uses, it is required for the highest level of usability and accessibility, involvement, and overall user experience.

User interface (UI): The user interface concentrates on the display and display of mobile applications. When developing a cellular application, try to make the user-friendly design they appreciate with fun for the eyes and user-friendly.

User experience (UX): User experience (UX) is as the name suggests terms, the user experience is focused on how cellular applications interact with users. When developing a cellular application, be sure to consider the clarity of application users, speed when performing the task, and ease of use.

With so many applications that are launched to a large number of users, your application is easily ignored in noise. That means your application needs to be distinguished. Users will only stay with the application if they enjoy the application or use it regularly and will not consider deciding to delete or leave negative reviews that can affect the success of your mobile application.

Here is the latest 2022 mobile application design trend.

Abstract Geometry

The minimalist concept used to be considered an effective strategy to increase user interest. However, with several ideas for endless design concepts to consider when developing applications for cellular, easy to cut minimalist to give users everything they need.

The main visual is an important aspect of mobile application design because they help make a brand identity for applications. The main visual well designed can immediately give you more than 1,000 downloads. Utilizing abstract geometric shapes as important images can allow you to create original and distinctive applications.


The addition of animation to icons or illustrations can be an excellent choice to be integrated into the mobile application and provide feedback about user actions. However, it is important to be aware of excessive animation.

When utilized wisely when used strategically, animation can improve user experience in many ways, such as:

In the beginning the desired mood

  • Generating certain emotions
  • Tell the user that the procedure has been completed
  • Attract the attention of users to an area on the screen

3D graphics.

3D has been increasingly important several times because it is included in each part of the organizational style and brand identity. It seems that 3D is on its way to replacing a simple and conventional design trend that has been used over the past decade. 3D graphics gain popularity with application developers because they allow them to create amazing animated effects and animations.

Users are more likely to be drawn to applications that have interesting layouts and 3D animation features that help them to be able to understand navigation better. It is also much simpler to make 3D images with modern technology. However, companies must make their application synchronous with old devices using this technology to offer users a more enjoyable experience.
Dark mode.
Dark mode can be described as a mode feature used by a mobile application that allows users to view content with a little brightness while reducing mobile device power consumption. Content like text and icons will look attractive using attractive contrast colors. In dark settings, it is usually used to reduce eye fatigue, but the majority of users can appreciate the taste of the class provided in the mobile application display.


Asymmetry is a plan standard in design that has establishes in the Roman time frame. This helps create a balance in the application layout to make it richer and more visually attractive. The asymmetrical design utilizes a new method to free yourself from a flat line that characterizes traditional applications.

When creating a mobile application, it is important to use various sizes, shapes and fonts, colors, and shapes to make a distinctive look and ensure that your application is different from the others. This drift is expected to gain hipe in the coming years. This means the trend that every company and developer must be considered.

If you are looking for the best offshore mobile application development services you are in the right place. IWD Technologies is the best deal for you as we offer offshore app development services to our customers, according to their needs and keep clients’ satisfaction on priority. With years of experience in Android, iOS, and hybrid applications development we provide you a guarantee of excellent quality, that serves the specific needs of our clients in the various industries we are competent in.

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Why Mobile App Development is Important for Businesses?

In today’s world, mobile app development plays a very vital role for online businesses. It provides customers with ease of access to business-related information and allows customers to keep in touch with their favorite brands.
With growing numbers of internet users via smartphones and tablets, the usage of mobile apps is also increasing.

As the stats say: –


As from the stats, mobile app downloads are increasing worldwide. In 2016 there were 140.68 billion downloads and in 2020 it grows to 218 billion downloads, which is a 55% jump between 2016 and 2020. Growth in mobile app downloads is increasing each year. These numbers show why mobile app development is important in today’s world.
In today’s digital world every business, whether it is a start-up or a well-reputed brand needs a mobile app.

Benefits of Mobile Apps Development for Businesses

Builds Loyalty

Building brand loyalty among consumers and clients is very important in a long run. In this digital era, it is important to run brand loyalty programs like digital discount coupons for loyal customers.

Mobile apps notify brands about the interest of users over specific products and services, which helps brands to run a loyalty program and offers for the users.

Promotes Brand Recognition

Brand awareness is essential when you have to stay ahead of the competition. With mobile app development brands can easily provide quality services to their clients.

Increase Customer Engagement

With the help of mobile apps, brands can develop a direct marketing channel between them and their customers, which provides direct communication. Brands can push in-app notifications and offer to customers, increasing engagement and encouraging them to become loyal to your brand.

Latest Mobile App Design Trends That You Must Know In 2022

Reach More Audience

With an increase in mobile internet users, brands have an opportunity to reach more audiences through mobile apps. Mobile apps help businesses to create a better brand image in the minds of consumers.

Increase Accessibility

With the help of mobile apps brand products and services are easily accessible to consumers. It makes consumers’ life very easy as products and services are just one click away.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

A business can stand out from the crowd with a mobile app. A business without mobile apps leads to a significant loss of potential clients. Hire an app developer to develop a mobile app for your business.

Quick Client’s Feedback

Mobile apps allow clients to offer feedback about the business’s products and services. With the help of feedback, a business can improve its product and services which develops an engaging relationship with clients.

Social Media Integration

Integrating your social media channels into your app, so that consumers can easily share their valuable feedback about your products and services over various social media platforms. By sharing their positive feedback, they are ultimately promoting your business. It is an effective marketing tool for businesses.

Cost of Mobile App Development

The cost of creating a mobile app depends upon many factors like complexity of the project, features of the app, Target platform iOS or Android or hybrid, Hour of development  & hourly rate. Usually, mobile app development costs around $8000 to $15000.

Conclusion – Importance of Mobile App Development for Businesses

We hope this post provides you with the valuable information which you need. Now you have understood the benefits of developing a mobile app.

If you want to develop a mobile app for your business then you can hire professional iOS & android app developers. This helps your business to reach more audiences and stand out from the competition.

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How to Find The Best Healthcare Application Developer for Hospitals

Half of the health service providers are not satisfied with their healthcare application and want to change it for a better one. Since the advent of cellular health care applications, many good things have been launched to provide better services and shorten long tasks. On the other hand, innovation in health care occurs rapidly than those who realize most people. Some people who are determined to establish medical institutions are able to raise $ 9.5 billion in 2018. In short ranges, we will see massive adoption of health technology throughout the world!

Building a complete health application is a complex task; Many things, such as appointments, hospitals, timely updates, insurance companies, governments, supervisory bodies, etc. must be considered. However, the actual challenge is to overcome the point of consumer pain and provide superior solutions.

Top Healthcare Apps

The top healthcare apps that are in demand are listed below:

  • Apps for doctors
  • Health apps for patients
  • Mental health mobile apps
  • Doctor on-demand apps
  • Medical diagnosis apps

Choose the Best Healthcare Application Developer!

The team will involve a lot of research and investigations before going out with health, designing, and building health care ideas. Details and data collected through research help increase trust and help find new opportunities.

For Digital Healthcare health application developers, it is important to examine existing solutions, highlight their advantages and disadvantages, and are accustomed to the opinions expressed by experts and thought leaders in the field. Getting a 360-degree display of the domain you want to develop must be fully attractive.

Building a next-generation healthcare product – Understand the industry influencers:

Learn who the top healthcare influencers are:

  • Care providers
  • Patients
  • Doctors
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacists

Validating your Healthcare solution idea

Even if you know all the advantages and disadvantages of your domain, it is challenging to develop new ideas. Think of working with the same-minded people who share the same interests and want to make online products that can make affordable and patient health care.

Final Thoughts

Each health application is intended to provide exceptional services and soften the flow of processes, but, inward, it also aims to build a good reputation and foster trust between users.

In IWD Technologies, our health solution meets all legal requirements to avoid data violations and failures that can make your company financially responsible. Before developing a health care application, make sure you recognize how to provide a safe environment for users and keep your business legal.

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What You Need To Know About Sports App Development

So, you are a sports admirer, maybe watching every match or fight to approach pizza and drinks. Years ago, you must rely on your television to see a glimpse of the match, headlines, tips, or whatever. Then come the internet and computer, and you suddenly have access to YouTube videos and blogs for news, results, and sports coaching. However, with the technology at the work of everything in the world today, it is not surprising that you can access everything related to sports on your mobile.

If you are a business or personal business that wants to get your sports application development or the development of fantasy sports applications that are managed and do not know where to start and what to expect from sports app development companies, this article is for you.

Types Of Technologies Used For Sports App Development

Most sports app development companies tend to incorporate the following technologies:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Internet of Things (Iot)
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)
  • Blockchain

What can you expect from a sports application development company?

Here are some of the most common types of sports applications developed by the Sports application development company:

Sports Training App

As you might know at this time, there are applications for almost all things under the sun, including sports training applications. With widespread digitization and pandemic, it is not surprising that people use the application to connect with the largest valuable coach network in this country for customized and specific sports instructions.

With the right sports training application, athletes can turn on their routines with personalized development and exercises for various sports. Users can enjoy the following features with this application:

  • Connect with coach
  • List of individual or group training sessions
  • Manage Training Schedule
  • Accept Personalized Feedback and Guides
  • Extensive training resource access

Latest Mobile App Design Trends That You Must Know In 2022

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports applications are very popular in strange sports. There are applications such as ESPN Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Football Manager, among many others, which allow you to create and manage teams, make transfers and trade, and so on.

Most fantasy sports applications include two set features, features for users and for admin. Users generally have the following features:

  • User Profile
  • Player info
  • For league
  • Live scoreboard
  • Latest updates and news
  • Push notifications.

Admin has the following features:

  • See income
  • Role-based dash
  • User management
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)
  • Reward point management
    …and much more.

Team Management Application

This type of application can help coaches, trainers, or instructors to manage their team, decide their training time, and keep their performance records during different matches. You can also add messengers in the application so that trainers can connect and communicate with members of the sports team.


Streaming application is very popular nowadays. There are applications for almost every sport and the top application includes all popular sports that you can think of. Android, iOS and Windows users must have no problems using streaming applications and enjoy the following features:

  • Update and highlight games
  • Seamless streaming
  • Warning for your favorite team

Keep in mind that features vary with each sports streaming application.

General features Sports Application

Here are some of the overall features that you can expect from a sports application:

–Tracking score & scoreboard

Able to check the score in real-time is one of the main reasons for looking for sports applications. A good sports application equipped with tracking real-time scores and scoreboard showing the latest score. This score is constantly updated.

–Communication tool

Because this application attracts many users, it makes sense to make it as interactive as possible. Sports applications are commensurate with salt they allow sports fans to interact with each other during fantasy matches taking place or during betting sessions. In other words, there is a community network.

–Social Media Integration

Features like this are mandatory for any application. Every application you will find integrates social media platforms, allowing you to post your score, fitness statistics, routines, and other information about platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and so on. You can also copy the link to your dashboard and send it to anyone you want.

–Push notification.
Push notifications are other important features that every application should have. This is especially true for sports. Consider how fast things can occur in the world of sports, it is very important to make users update about things that happen, making sure they don’t miss anything.

This is where push notifications. However, you need to use it correctly. If you use too much, you run the risk of their spamming and finally cause them to delete the application installation. You also need to send them the right information. In short, push notification is for a timely warning, not the result.

–Live Streaming
As mentioned, streaming is a popular thing now. Sports fans like watching sports from their homes, on the way to and from work, and in other situations, making streaming directly into vital features to be included.

The GPS function allows users to continue to get information about sporting events that occur around them. They can also use this feature to find sports coaches.


There you have it – what can you expect from a sports application development company. To recap, the most common feature is the tracking score and scoreboard, communication tools, social media integration, push notifications, direct streaming, and GPS.

As a leading mobile application development company, IWD Technologies can help you develop sports applications tailored to your needs. Connect with our experts to determine the process of developing sports applications and how many costs.

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Top 10 NodeJS Apps of 2021

Okay okay, we know you have been blown up with articles about Nodejs, how beautiful JavaScript is, and how JavaScript literally takes over the world of web development. There is a good reason for this, with the largest technology company and internet application adopting NodeJS in their technology stack, big time. This is why we wanted to list the most popular NodeJS of 2020, but first, what is NodeJS again?

What is NodeJS again?

To avoid dragging items, long story short – NodeJS is an open-source server-source side runtime environment built on the Google Chrome JavaScript V8 machine, made to build fast and scalable internet applications. In other words, it is only a runtime JavaScript, providing a developer with a lightweight, fast and modern way to execute code in their local environment.

With that out of the way, without further ado, here come the 10 most popular NodeJS apps out there…

1. Paypal & NodeJS

In a recent article about how PayPal was developed, we explained how PayPal switched from online payment services that were mostly built in Java to the payment platform powered by Nodejs. This platform allows users to transact with each other online quickly and easily in more than 100 currencies in more than 200 markets. In 2015, this service has more than 184 million active users, using nodejs for the other side of the web application:

Jeff Harrel, Senior Director of Payments Products and Engineering at PayPal elaborates:

“NodeJS helps us solve this (the boundary between the browser and server) by enabling both the browser and server applications to be written in JavaScript. It unifies our engineering specialties into one team which allows us to understand and react to our users’ needs at any level in the technology stack”.

2. Netflix & Nodejs

Netflix is ​​the world’s largest streaming provider in the world including film and series, available in more than 190 countries. In April 2016, Netflix reported more than 81 million customers worldwide, with more than 46 million in the U.S itself.

As explained in how Netflix was developed, the entire user interface on was built with a node. The engineers decided to use node.js to provide fast, modular, and lightweight applications. Thus, the loading time of the Netflix web application has been reduced by 70%. Node.js has proven to be an effective solution, so the company decided to move the entire layer of data access to the node.

3. LinkedIn & NodeJS

LinkedIn is a social network that mainly focuses on professional networks and career development. LinkedIn has more than 675 million members in 200 countries and regions around the world and is currently available in 24 languages. And guess what? NodeJS Linkedin mobile application server.

The new mobile application is better performance, consuming lower memory, and 20 times faster than Ruby on a rail-based version. Furthermore, the utilization of resources is greatly improved, reducing the number of servers needed to run a cellular application with a factor of 10x!

4. Uber & NodeJS

Uber is a well-known transportation network company because of the ride-hailing taxi app. Apply a different business model, the company changes transportation forever. Today, Uber is available in 85 countries and more than 900 cities around the world, completed more than 14 million trips every day.

Uber is one of the first companies to adopt node.js into full production because it builds a large matching system on node.js. Therefore, the Uber application drastically improves performance, information processed quickly, increases the operational speed of applications and errors can be dealt with immediately without requiring restarting, all because of technology choices using Node.

5. eBay & NodeJS

eBay is an American online shopping website, famous for its auctions, consumers to consumers, and business to consumer sales. The total number of e-commerce giants has increased dramatically, and in 2019 exceeded 183 million users

6. Yahoo & NodeJS

Yahoo is an American web service including services such as search engines, letters, news, and finance. The company uses node.js to complete its one-page content and application sites.

7. Mozilla & NodeJS

Mozilla is the Open-Source software community founded in 1998, offering products such as Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird E-mail Client, and the Firefox OS cellular operating system.

Mozilla uses nodes as the main language for various web projects. One of the most popular web browsers in the world, Mozilla Firefox is a great example of the Node.js application.

8. GoDaddy & NodeJS

GoDaddy is an Internet domain registrar traded publicly and a web hosting company. In 2019, GoDaddy has 19 million customers and more than 9,000 employees worldwide. In fact, the entire backend of the company is based on the infrastructure node.js.
Thanks to the node, GoDaddy enjoys 10 times fewer servers, organizes customer websites, writes units and integration tests easily, and immediately spread new features. Next, the time for the first byte (TTFB) of ~ 60 ms to around ~ 12ms.

9. Medium & NodeJS

Launched in August 2012, the medium is an online publishing platform that utilizes NodeJS for its web server. Medium has between 85 and 100 million monthly active users and thousands of articles appear every week.

10. Groupon & NodeJS

Groupon is an American global e-commerce market that connects customers with local traders by offering a variety of offers every day for local goods and services such as restaurants, theaters, and retail stores. In 2019, this business has 43.6 million active users.

There are many large companies that use node.js on their application backend because of its advantages such as high performance, easy scalability, very broad efficiency, and better.

If you also consider building a node.js and you are looking for a specialist to do your future project, don’t hesitate to contact us, and let’s change the idea to be a solid product.

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Customized Mobile App Improve Your Business

There are many reasons to offer you a customized mobile app for your business growth. On average, each user has installed 26 applications on their end device. With your application, you offer customers significant added value and increase their customer benefits. Many companies are already focusing on mobile enterprise technology. Last year there was an increase of 20%. With the mobile app, you do not just use your own company, but they also solve problems and reach their potential customers quickly and conveniently at any time. Most companies also have an application in-house to keep their employees up to date. Even when you are planning to hire a top mobile application developer, you might get a few options, so choose the best technology company that understands your business and build according to your ideas.

67% of the company has set itself the goal of developing a mobile app in 2020. About our survey, we found that mobile applications not only increase sales for your company but also significantly contributes to excellent customer service and consequently substantially improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. In addition, the customized mobile application attempts to hold the client’s change of state of the lead. This is the explanation B2B and B2C using personal mobile applications with the scope to influence their business highlights straightforwardly.

Reasons to hire a top mobile app developer for custom applications.

Customized as per needs:

As we know, every business is unique and target audience as well. To meet their specific needs, our company should prefer customized and created mobile applications. With the help of a personal mobile application development company, you can save a lot of time for customers. Also, give them the option to refine your selection to fit their needs and budget-friendly best price.

Saves Time and Money

You can measure your success when businesses save time and money, which provide benefits. Instead of paying for all the features that are not necessary, “Pay for what you want” with the custom mobile applications. Developing a mobile application you can have a full grip on it and not have to rely on others for anything, which means saving developers the cost of setting too. Thus, it can save money, reduce human resources, and increase profits, so it is a very good way for the growth of your business. This can happen when the organization hired on mobile application developers to get a personalized custom application.

Securing internal data

The main advantage of custom mobile application development to have control over the security of data in the internal team and not by a third party vendor, which is not possible for the application template. For template applications, there are more opportunities for the threat of hackers because they would not have increased the security program such as customized applications. This can cause your business to risk throwing. Also, the custom application, you can decide and provide access to a different level based on user needs.

Enhance brand reputation

Instead of using other mobile apps for your brand, why do not you choose your brand for your business growth? The mobile app is a great canvas for innovative ideas and implementation for user-friendly, stylish, and highly productive. Including Uber, Zomato, Amazon, etc., has become a brand for each platform simply because of its appearance with the concept of extraordinary and unique that audiences accept them with full ripe. When a customer is to increase engagement with custom applications, this technique of advertising known as sufficient frequency.

Improve mobility

Expanded mobility and the opportunity to clarify why both your employees and clients to leverage mobile applications were like it! It is interesting to note that the explosion of mobile applications use has not been generally declining individual time spent on the computer – have, for the most part, extending the total time spent on the internet. You can build custom mobile applications to contact everyone in the place they happen to roam.

Customer satisfaction

When a client is not satisfied with your work, all your business growth and application development can go in vain. Adopting a customized mobile application will meet the needs of clients and expanding client satisfaction by nearly 30%. This implies that all of your clients will be 27% more fulfilled, which means that at each of the four clients, you’ll get another one. customized mobile applications provide options for sending the product or service updates to existing customers in real-time and encourage them to get customer details and feedback. This feedback will improve your business as a client’s requests or needs.


According to a recent survey, almost 76% of businesses have stepped forward in developing custom mobile applications to stand out in the crowd. So, when you plan to create custom applications for your business, hiring a top mobile application developer that reaches your expectations. types of use provide a significant return on investment and grow your business needs. If you need cost-effective and technical expertise to develop customized mobile applications, hiring application developers from India will be the right choice.

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How Apple iOS 13.5 Features Help to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic?

The whole world is facing the pandemic COVID-19 and without a vaccine developed as writing, people are dying and businesses are closed. government agencies doing all their efforts to implement the lockdown, social distancing and quarantine. However, it is best to use technology to curb the pandemic. Apple finally launched its version of IOS 13.5 for user. The main version of the IOS combines the features designed to stop the spread of COVID-19, which is the most important peaks of this update. This update includes fixes, bug fixes, and other changes in how the Face ID works when the user is wearing a face mask, in addition to tracking feature Coronavirus contact. This version will help App Development Company to build a mobile application to help people to combat the pandemic.

What will be offered in IOS 13.5?

We hope this version will adjust and correct some errors, while also finding COVID-19 specific cases. Well, IOS 13.5 accelerating access to field devices have a pass code on Face ID when the user is wearing a face mask. Notice launches Exposure identification of COVID-19 support contact tracing application of public health authorities.

This update also includes the flexibility to control the automatic ridge tile Group video calls. In addition, it will also support the upcoming hardware included headphones over-the-ear or rumored Apple Tags tracking gadget.

Here are all the new features of iOS 13.5 to integrate:

1. Faster Unlocking With Face Masks

People can not unlock a phone with a mask, but with IOS 13.5 is easy to unlock the iPhone with a face mask. This stable version to enable the process to be fast in case the user is wearing a face mask.

In this case, he revealed the passcode interface at a faster rate, thus making the process easy unlock iPhone with a passcode before. This update is useful and important for the development of the growing iPhone App for the health sector. This update just keeps some iPhone Face ID is present.

2. COVID Exposure Notification API

Tim apple put COVID Exposure Notification feature all-new in the latest version of IOS 13.5. This helps in tracking the contact to officials present in the health sector to develop mobile applications and combat the spread Coronavirus.

This provides a great way to remind people you have met in the last 14 days and if you are infected and positive test, also methods to remain cautious in case you meet someone who has been tested positive. You can find this feature in Settings> Privacy> Health> COVID-19 Exposure Logging. If you do not install approved applications from government authorities, you can not use this feature.

3. Customization to Medical ID

Medical ID is a great feature that allows users to record medical information for emergency use. This feature can be customized to suit your needs. You can easily set up your device to share a Medical ID automatically with the appropriate authorities.

In case you reach the authority of locations with enhanced Emergency Data, your data will be shared securely. However, for now, the Medical ID feature is only available in the United States.


4. Modifications to Group FaceTime

Apple also updated the Group FaceTime. Nowadays if you make a group call FaceTime, iOS by default enlarges the face talk. You can switch this feature on the new section ‘Automatic Prominence’ FaceTime part of your gadget settings. You can hire mobile app developers, if in case you are not able to integrate this remarkable feature.

5. Bug Fixes

This latest release of IOS 13.5 also addresses two security issues, including the one that affects the iPhone Mail application. Bug fixed previously have allowed hackers to attack iOS devices remotely by sending large chunks of emails took quite a lot of memory.

In addition, to solve the problem where users find a black screen when they try to stream video from some website. Bug discussed in stock sheets in which the actions and recommendations may not load.

How to update to iOS 13.5?

People always want to know about the latest updates and was informed about the availability of IOS 13.5. If you have turned on Automatic Updates and then it will have been installed automatically. To check, please go to Settings and click General, and finally in the last tap Software Update. All options for installing the IOS 13.5 is displayed. You can get access to the latest features by updating your iPhone to iOS via OTA update comes in the Settings application.


Updating to the latest version is always advised by Mobile app Development Company as it will help the device to block hackers & remain secure. It’s always important to update your iPhone to the latest iOS device on time. Since Apple has integrated a lot of new features to iOS 13.5 to help users during the COVID-19 crisis, users will love to receive this one on urgent basis.

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WhatsApp testing feature that adds contacts via QR codes

This is available in beta for iOS and Android. WhatsApp is testing a new feature that lets you add contacts by scanning their QR code, reported WABetaInfo. Currently only available in beta on both iOS and Android, this feature can be found in the application’s settings menu.

WhatsApp has the settings menu of your own choice to display the QR code and also the option to scan the other. A QR code can also be revoked if sharing with someone you do not want to have your number.

This feature is not a massive one, but it does take away the tedious process of having to manually add a contact. Right now, to message someone on WhatsApp, you will have to add that person to the phone’s address book first. It’s an extra step and it’s annoying when you just want to message someone on WhatsApp and from no other platform.

QR codes make it much easier for you to add a contact when you are with them in person, however, it’s not something very useful if you are using the web version of the app.

This feature is only available in beta right now and there is no knowing then it will see a wider rollout. If you really want to test this, you need to sign up for the beta program for Android here. The iOS beta us reportedly closed.
Not sure how, or need help from an online marketing expert? We, at IWD Technologies, will help you facilitate to online marketing for your business, with no loss of physical and/or monetary resources.

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How Mobile Application can Boost Your Business after COVID-19 Lockdown

What’s on your mind today? What’s on TV today? What’s in your conversation today? Well, the answer is the same for each question, which Covid-19. It has turned the whole world upside down. Nothing is the same as before, not revenue, not cost, is not a business and brand, and more importantly, people have changed. The question here is after the pandemic is at bay, will everything returned to normal as before? It’s not that simple, is not it? This has changed and even after all this is gone, there are many obstacles, especially for businesses. Business people are able to manage during the crisis was due to the Android or iPhone app development.

Because the digital locks have turned over and hooked to mobile applications. They use applications to meet their needs, spend time in their homes, stay connected to loved ones, and many more things. Now, the trend of high mobile applications as a fever of 100 degrees. pandemic has made several applications to improve very high and while some of their doom. But one thing remains common, the business needs of mobile applications before, during, and even after the completion of the COVID-19 crisis.

Let me give you some of the top reasons to show mobile apps can boost your business post lockdown.

1) Travel will Resume

At present travel, the application is not in a very good position. From the top ranked application category with the most, they have seen a big drop. Travel planning applications, applications hotel reservations, flight / train / taxi booking apps all are not used today. Companies are finding it difficult to survive without the traffic and visitors.

People may not be planning a vacation so quickly. But, after the lock is open they will want to go back to work. People have either stopped working or start at home. their home may not be in the same city and most of them have moved back to their homes. To go back to their jobs, people have to travel. To facilitate that, airlines, trains, and buses will start running as before. To book tickets, they will want to use the mobile application development iPhone or Android them. This will increase the traffic and the use of travel applications. By working back, people will eventually use the taxi booking application to commute to work on a regular basis.

Even vacation planning may begin. People are bored with staying in the house. They are patiently waiting for the chance to become the next Columbus. There will be people who will be ready to maintain rule out the threat of getting an infection and want to go for a vacation. So, you never know emergence could travel applications such as spring, more in terms of pressing, and the higher it rises.

2) Sports App will Surge

No new sports game or event because of the lockdown. This reduces the revenue in the sports industry. Once the lock is completed, the game will continue and sports fans will make every effort possible to watch the game. This provides an opportunity for the sport to make intelligent applications. There is a high scope of application revenue from this category.

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3) Grocery Delivery will be Gears Up

After this sitting for months in the house, people will want to go out later. But, will they want to go out to buy groceries? Well, it seems unlikely. All this month’s one thing they feel blessed about is getting their needs delivered at the front door. Every local shop owners must have application to deliver the item to the front door of their loyal customers. Since this is something that people will continue. In fact, I could see increased competition in this sector. The general store is also doing good business. But, to improvise their business opportunities, have an Android phone application development is a good idea.

4) Health Apps in Hype

Nothing different ways to this fact. Just because Corona hopefully be slowed or lost does not mean people will stop falling ill. Health will always be a priority and the biggest concern of people. So, the health of the application provides services such as online consultations, online prescriptions, drug delivery, maintaining health records online, booking appointments will either remain the same or a tidal wave lockdown. If your business is related to the healthcare industry, has an application note.

5) Business Apps Boom

Culture of working from home is becoming quite popular not by choice, but by force. You never know whether culture can create a space for itself in the world after the lockdown. For remote subsided who work there a lot of business applications used by the company and its employees. Companies that have business abroad may avoid traveling and continue using the application after the completion of the lock business.

6) Fitness Apps aren’t Falling

People are becoming more conscious about their fitness. Sitting at home certainly has given most of them a couple of extra weight. So, definitely, once resume a normal life, people will take a very serious fitness applications. These days they do keep track of their calorie increase, however, could not really hit the gym to burn them. After the locks open and things get back as before, people will focus on their fitness. Obviously, they will use fitness apps to check the calories obtained, calories burned, steps to walk, climb stairs, to follow a diet plan, consult a fitness expert, and more. fitness application development is one of the categories that might develop. Fitness is not just a hobby, it’s a necessity, habit (good though), and addicted to some that do not go away easily.

7) Cab Booking Apps will Cure

Do not lie but taxi booking application does not work at this time. Uber is laying off 3,700 employees during an outbreak. Booking a cab so out of business today. But, they will not equal the post-pandemic. Not everyone has their own vehicle to commute and not all of them want to use public transport. They may want to avoid public transportation for a while to avoid coming in contact with too many people. Even after all this is over, fear will prevail for a longer period of time. This will provide new opportunities taxi booking application to increase the popularity and give a comeback.

8) Salon App Will Shoot Up

The girls can not resist prolonged care. Lockdown has kept them away for so long. After getting back to normal business, the salon will be super busy. Salon applications would be useful to examine the open salon nearby, check ratings and reviews of applications, book appointments, check your favorite stylist working hours, and more. Those who want to avoid going to crowded places may want to call the expert salon services at home and get the care they need. In each of these cases, the application will shoot Salon.

Things to do Post Lockdown

Now, we have learned how mobile apps to help rebuild after the pandemic to get more work. Now, the competition will also increase after the recession. You have to be extra creative about how to proceed with your business the right way. There is a lot of stress and pressure on how to do it the right way. Here are some things that a business owner must do to get their business back on track and going well.

1) Communication with Your Loyal Customers

The best way to communicate with your customers is via push notification. Let them know you are back in business. A push notification will inform each user that you are open, what products or services you have in the stores, and other things they need to know. It’s important to let them know you are back on their services.

2) Plan Home Delivery

Even if the lock expires you must continue to provide home delivery services. People have acquainted the habit of ordering things and not going out. If you stop the extra features in your application after the lockdown ended, it may lose some regular users. At the time some other competitors trying extra hard to get more users with additional benefits in Android and iPhone application development, you do not have to stand back.

3) Roll out an Update

I know it may seem an expensive option to hire a / enterprise mobile application development Android iPhone with a plan and roll updates. But, the money carries an interesting result is worth spending. So, make your business applications better than ever by adding new features, fixing several bugs, improves the function of the current, or the like that may add value to existing applications.

4) Remote Work in Progress

Some businesses observed a better work efficiency in output for working from home. If that happens, even after the completion of the lockout, certain organizations may continue to follow the trend for the better. It can continue to use business applications, communications applications, time tracking application, and several other applications that are used for remote working.

5) Sale to Sell

People will spend their money very wisely. A few months lockdown has been put holes in the savings and everyone will spend only when absolutely necessary. Some of them may also stop spending on luxuries. So, if you want your business to survive and sell products and services, giving them discounts that they can not deny is the right thing to do. greater advantage should not be on the agenda, just keep the work going and get back loyal customers back is the basic purpose after the completion of the lockdown.

Wrapping Up

See what will happen next and prepare your business for it. You have time to make a proper plan and execute business strategies in the right way when you are at home. Developing iPhone or android mobile application development if you do not have any. If you already have an application, roll out the update, maintain, and make it ready for the free world is not limited.

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