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Digital marketing strategies for dentists

Approximately 70% of those who utilize online services look for dental treatments in the digital market. The online market for dental services is now open, and IWD Technologies is the greatest way to sell your services. There are numerous internet marketing tactics for dental services available today. Here’s how to figure out which digital marketing strategy is ideal for you.

Dental digital marketing benefits

There are numerous tactics available, but you must choose the best digital marketing plan to reach the target audience. Digital marketing techniques include search engine optimization, social media marketing, blogging, and email marketing.

When looking for a good digital marketing agency, look for the following characteristics and see whether they can help you achieve your goals.

  • Your services must be visible to the target audience.
  • Your services should appear first in the search results.
  • Budget-friendly

A professional digital marketing agency like IWD Technologies can help you create your own marketing strategy and track your progress. Aside from that, they will introduce new plans in accordance with the needs.

How Digital marketing Services helps Boost Startups Grow Quickly

How does digital marketing affect rankings?

If the marketing agency can customize the engagements and exchanges via the web platform, digital marketing becomes successful. High-quality, SEO-optimized content and appropriate tactics will help you attract more visitors. Customers aren’t only there to make appointments; the majority of the population is looking for solutions and information to their concerns. Increase engagement by including content that covers the majority of dental health issues. As a result, your website must be mobile-friendly and load quickly. The second key technique is to drive traffic to the dentist’s website using authorized links.

Your marketing agency’s digital marketing tools will generate a growth strategy by explicitly describing the measures they intend to take as the process progresses.

Remember to plan your content while creating a growth strategy. Always go after those who are looking for dental services and related information. Remember to add material that encourages users to stay longer on your platform.

Digital marketing and advertising are two distinct criteria; with digital marketing, the audience is actively sought out in order to sustain their ongoing engagement.

Pay-per-click advertising is another effective way to get patients to visit your dentistry website. Posting ads and investing money wisely can significantly improve your dental practice. As a result, hiring an experienced digital marketing agency that can produce the most engaging pay-per-click advertising is the ideal plan.

IWD Technologies is a skilled digital marketing agency that can supply the newest digital marketing techniques and algorithms connected to SEO if you’re looking for the best agency for dental marketing. Wrong digital marketing steps might have a significant impact on your dental business or services. For a successful campaign, it is critical to select the best digital marketing agency, such as IWD Technologies.

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Instagram Update: 90-second Reels live tests expand to more users

With Instagram expanding its 90-second Reels test to more users, users will have more time to film their Reels videos.

Some users are now seeing the ability to make Reels up to a minute and a half long, as shown in this example submitted by Jonah Manzano (and shared by Matt Navarra), giving you an extra 30 seconds on top of the current 60-second maximum.

Live Testing of 90 Second Reels

Longer Reels were first tested in February, and various users have subsequently seen the option appear in the app. When we asked if this upgrade is being rolled out to all users, Instagram told us that it is currently under testing and that there is no official plan for a wider rollout at this time.

Instagram’s video products are now being re-aligned around the Reels format, with Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri stating back in December that:

“We’re going to focus even more on video and combine all of our video formats under Reels,” says the company.
When Instagram announced the larger unification of its video products in October, it discontinued the IGTV brand, and it makes sense for the platform to make Reels longer as well, in order to better blend its different video offers into a single content stream.

It’s also worth mentioning that, according to Meta’s most recent earnings call, Reels currently accounts for more than 20% of all time spent on Instagram, demonstrating the format’s appeal – despite the fact that it’s a straight duplicate of TikTok.

The next step will be to shorten all video uploads (users may still upload video clips up to an hour-long through the post composer), which will bring everything into better alignment and make the next stage of Instagram’s content shift easier to navigate.

Which will likely be this:

It’s also worth noting that Instagram removed its in-stream video ad placements option earlier this month, which fits in with the company’s broader push to compress video content and convert all of its content into a full-screen, immersive, TikTok-like feed, aligning with emerging habitual behaviors.

Instagram hasn’t revealed anything about the next stage, but it appears to be the obvious conclusion, which will be a significant change for the app, but one that makes sense.
Longer Reels is another step in this direction, and while it is not yet available to everyone, it will be gradually made available to more users over time.

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SEO vs. PPC – Which approach is best for your small business?

If you want customers to find your business easily, you have two options: you may invest some time, energy, and money in an organic approach, or you can spend money on a paid approach.
This is authentic whether you’re trying to get noticed on search engines like Google and Yahoo, social media, or maybe via traditional methods. In the former, your main focus is to generate business naturally through ways that do not involve spending money. This method can take time to show up in search results. In the second method, you basically spend money to make money. Paid advertising is used when you are financing a search ad, promoting a post on social media, or paying to sponsor a local football team.
These two methods are identified in the search engine world as SEO or Search Engine Optimization (organic) and PPC, or Pay-per-Click (paid).
In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between SEO and PPC so you can choose wisely for your business.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is about getting traffic on your website through organic methods. In simple words, it means the process of optimizing your site to increase its visibility when people search for services or products related to your business on Google and other search engines.

Top SEO Company in India

SEO Benefits and Drawbacks

• SEO is a long-term game. This is an advantage and disadvantage at the same time for SEO. For one, it is not a correct strategy if you are looking for instant results, like immediately increasing leads for your business. But if you are looking for long-term results, then SEO is the perfect strategy for your business.
• SEO costs less than PPC. SEO doesn’t require any monetary investment. However, this does not imply that it is fully free. To implement SEO properly, you’ll need time, talent, and expertise, – and these things don’t come without a cost.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

• SEO is a lot more technical. Many people ignore the fact that SEO requires not just a good understanding of content and copywriting, but also an understanding of UX signals, mobile-friendliness, page authority, internal linking, HTML components, analytics, accessibility, and voice search, to mention a few. And if it seems too complicated to you, then why not let us take care of your SEO for you?
• Updates released by search engines like Google, such as Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird, can affect your ranking. Because of their algorithm adjustments, all of these enhancements have the potential to eliminate your site from the SERPs. It can be discouraging to realize that all of your efforts have been in vain and that everything must be done from the beginning.

What is PPC?

PPC refers to Pay-Per-Click. PPC is an online marketing method in which advertisers pay a publisher each time one of their ads is clicked. It’s essentially a means of purchasing visitors to your website rather than trying to “earn” them organically.

Digital Marketing ServicesPPC Benefits and Drawbacks

• PPC is extremely fast. SEO takes a long time to produce results. Certain SEO outcomes can take months or even years to appear, whereas a well-run PPC campaign can yield results in days or weeks. This is especially true if you work in an industry where there isn’t much competition in the paid ad market.
• PPC is a fantastic tool for conducting tests. Are you considering launching a new service and want to see how the market reacts? Do you want to examine how a new headline compares to your present one? Are you worried that a keyword is a little too “narrow” for your target audience? Put some money behind them and see what happens. PPC campaign offers answers faster and more definitively than anything else.

Also Read:- How Digital Marketing Services Helps Boost Startups Grow Quickly

• Paid advertisements are extremely targeted. You’re paying for the advertisements, so it’s only fair that you have some control over who sees them, right? This is, without a doubt, one of the huge benefits of PPC over SEO. You may target your audience based on a variety of factors, including their geography and demographics, as well as their habits and interests.
• PPC isn’t as long-term as SEO. As we discussed in the SEO section, PPC only works if you are willing to spend money. Your results drop the moment you stop spending. Furthermore, PPC is very reliant on the market. PPC can be an effective prospecting strategy in times of low competition and high search volume, such as a weak economy. It doesn’t take much, though, for things to shift. As the economy improves, ad expenses rise, and competition levels rise as well. This alone may be enough to make your adverts prohibitively expensive. With that in mind, PPC can be a good way to develop your business during particular seasons, but it may not be the best long-term answer.
• Over time, advertisements lose their effectiveness. When you constantly show the same ad over and over again to people in your market, the chances of them clicking it do not increase, and it may even discourage them from visiting your business. Ad burnout is a genuine phenomenon, and it’s usually caused by failing to keep up with your ad strategy.

Conclusion: SEO vs. PPC

While it’s clear to understand how SEO and PPC might benefit your company, it’s difficult to imagine a fully integrated marketing strategy without one or the other. PPC may be perfect for getting your product or service off to a fast start, but you’ll need to improve your SEO in order to create a consistent and stable foundation for your long-term business. On the other hand, PPC may deliver quick and actionable insights that you can incorporate into your SEO strategy right now—insights that would have taken years to build using SEO alone.
In other words, the question should not be whether to use SEO or PPC, but rather how to combine the two to improve your business. Are you unsure of where to begin? IWD Technologies’s team of digital marketers is ready to assist you in better understanding and implementing a mix of organic and paid marketing techniques to help you expand your business in the most effective way possible. All you have to do is ask.

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How Digital marketing Services helps Boost Startups Grow Quickly

Businesses are communicating with targeted consumers in real-time thanks to the Internet. A company can use digital marketing to specifically target audiences who are interested in their product or related products. Another major factor is the cost-effectiveness of digital marketing in terms of increasing a company’s online presence. Digital marketing services are less expensive than traditional marketing services. Digital marketing allows you to reach out to customers in a variety of ways, including email, video, search engines, and social media.

If you don’t use digital marketing services, even if your business is booming and creating revenue like never before, you’ll be missing out on a lot of clients, leads, and, most importantly, money. Digital marketing is liable for a company’s higher return on investment.

Digital marketing improves a company’s return on investment, helps to raise brand awareness, and focuses on just specific audiences. Digital marketing services are essential for every company, especially a startup.

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Startups

A website alone will not allow your organization to grow; it will not provide you with a competitive advantage over your competitors. To attract customers to your website, you will need competent digital marketing services. 90% of clients/customers use search engines to find the top five websites. How are they going to buy from you if they can’t locate you? The only way to grab the attention of targeted audiences is to use the correct approaches and strategies.

A social media blog post or email marketing campaign can reach a larger number of people for a lower cost than a TV commercial, which is far more expensive than digital marketing services.

The Leading Digital Marketing Services that can help a business grow online are listed below.

1. Search Engine Optimization Services

Organic traffic is extremely important for a business, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is well-known for bringing it to your website. SEO attracts people who are looking for you or related products. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing your content to appear at the top of Google searches, as well as other platforms like Bing and Yahoo. For brands, search is the most important source of organic traffic.
Every day, people conduct billions of searches, which is why Search Engine Optimization Services are not only important for attracting focused quality audiences, but they are also a core aspect of digital marketing.

2. Social Media Marketing Services

Communicating directly with your target consumers is an excellent approach to providing them with high-quality content. You can do so through social media. Directing your message to customers via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is a terrific method to increase product sales and expand your brand’s reach. It will also assist new businesses in establishing brand value. To attract desired audiences, social media marketing is a sort of internet marketing that entails generating and posting business-related content on social media applications.

Social Media Marketing, for example, is one sort of social media marketing service that includes a variety of suggestions and methods for gaining the attention of specific audiences. Sorting through the giants is a difficult and challenging task, but we have qualified people that can help you.

3. Content Marketing Services

Content is the king of the website. The creation and dissemination of high-quality material to raise brand awareness, generate audience interest, and improve search engine optimization is known as content marketing. In order to nurture leads, content marketing services include keyword research and analytics. Small businesses that have high-quality blogs get 126 percent more organic leads than those that don’t. Custom material about a product or service makes a customer feel better about the business.

A good content marketing plan is critical for every company’s success. Content marketing includes things like targeting a specific age group, ranking high in Google searches, and raising brand awareness.

4. Online Reputation Management

You and your company work extremely hard to keep your customers satisfied, yet despite your best efforts, your company’s reputation suffers. An irate customer review can completely transform your company. This is where Online Reputation Management enters the picture. ORM (Online Reputation Management) is a tool that allows you to manage your company’s online interactions. A company can actively monitor mentions of its brand on social media or any other platform with the help of online reputation management. You can calculate your advertisement’s return on investment (ROI) using the method ORM.

You can reduce furious consumer feedback and keep your online presence alive by actively monitoring remarks. As a result, you’ll be able to promote your customer service as the best in the industry.

5. Paid Marketing Services(PPC)

The simplest and most easy way to market your company online. The most powerful pillar of digital marketing is paid marketing services (PPC). A brand can reach out to customers through sponsored marketing via a mobile game, Youtube videos, social media, an application, or even a website. Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and YouTube advertising are just a few examples of paid marketing strategies.

This appears to be straightforward, but it isn’t. Paid marketing is a waste of time, hope, and money without suitable paid marketing methods. To avoid wasting time, it is highly recommended that you use digital marketing services. Paid marketing is a challenging subject that no beginner should attempt.


Digital marketing is the most cost-effective strategy to expand your company’s reach. A business can immediately reach out to specific audiences with digital marketing. With the unexpected increase in internet users, now is the greatest moment to begin marketing your company online. You may learn what your target consumers are seeking or desire by directly connecting with them. You can also learn about the newest trends, your brand’s reputation, and more.

As search engines and other algorithms have opted to become a part of digital marketing, this necessity will always exist. It will become increasingly vital for a business in the next years, and using digital marketing services now is the best decision to make. We (IWD Technologies, an Indian digital marketing agency, are here to help you and your company achieve your goals. IWD Technologies are a group of specialists who are not only highly qualified and also have innovative brains to contribute to your company’s success. A glorified digital marketing firm is working for you with a team of specialists and creative ideas to ensure that your organic and paid initiatives achieve the success they deserve.

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Are you a Healthcare Startup? Set Your Healthcare Startup Apart From Your Competitors

Success is never easy for healthcare startups because there are already established players in the market with a big following.

However, since the advent of digital marketing, healthcare entrepreneurs have been able to turn the tables.
It has given them the confidence to take on the established companies, effectively promote their goods, connect with the correct target audience, and, most importantly, carve a niche for themselves in a competitive industry.

Is yours a healthcare business aiming to make a name for itself in a crowded field?

If that’s the case, IWD Technologies can give a hand with result-driven healthcare digital marketing solutions that can guide it down the proper route and help it establish a strong online presence.

What can IWD Technologies do for you?

IWD Technologies can assist your new healthcare company in a variety of ways by leveraging its vast digital marketing know-how and skills.

Among the most common methods are:

Strategy for Digital Marketing

Without a solid digital marketing plan, no healthcare startup can hope to succeed.
What makes it so important is that it may help you efficiently reach out to more individuals, who are now almost always online.

This is where IWD Technologies can assist you with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that will propel your healthcare startup forward. IWD Technologies offers a team of digital marketing strategists and analysts who can help you develop a digital marketing plan that will help your healthcare startup reach its full potential.
Its growing vibrations will be released, and its brand image will be established.

Partnering with IWD Technologies will assist healthcare entrepreneurs in efficiently completing their marketing objectives and ramping up.

SEO Techniques

An excellent SEO approach will assist startup healthcare in not only properly optimizing the website but also in achieving higher positions in search engine results pages (SERPs).
This will make it easier for individuals that matter to find your website.

IWD Technologies can help build an SEO strategy that considers relevant keywords and search terms that customers use to identify your type of healthcare startup and what it offers, thanks to its significant SEO expertise.

IWD technologies SEO approach will guarantee that your website is properly optimized and that optimized landing pages for each product/service listing are created, complete with high-quality image and video content and a strong call-to-action.

The emphasis will not only be on obtaining organic traffic, but also on making it simple for potential clients to learn more about your healthcare startup.
Similarly, your startup healthcare can gain audience trust and better understand their demands.

Email Marketing

Because everyone checks their email every day to see what messages they have received, it will be an excellent way to sell your products or services.
IWD Technologies understands the importance of email marketing and can write highly engaging email copy to keep your healthcare startup at the top of your prospects’ minds.

IWD Technologies email marketers are experts at creating and sending a series of highly engaging email campaigns to your prospects.
This will assist your healthcare company in guiding potential consumers through the sales funnel and influencing them to make a favorable purchasing choice, till they make a purchase and become paying customers.
You will be able to generate revenue swiftly while also conserving time and money.

Social Media Marketing

With more than 97 percent of digital customers utilizing social media, your healthcare firm needs to have a strong social media presence.
Furthermore, without a social media strategy, no digital marketing campaign can succeed nowadays.

Your healthcare startup will also be able to communicate directly with the proper audience thanks to social media marketing.
To be effective, the response to the audience’s questions should be prompt, or a social media contest could be held that engages the target audience and encourages them to participate and share it with their contacts.

IWD Technologies has demonstrated expertise in developing a solid social media marketing strategy and campaign, and we understand how each social media channel works and how they should be combined to drive website traffic, induce conversions, raise greater awareness about your healthcare startup, and ultimately expand its reach.

IWD Technologies can also assist you to figure out which social media platform is best for your healthcare startup, how to make social posts/ads, and how to maintain them.

Videos, photos, infographics, and other media can be used to promote your products or services.
This will not only establish a strong social media presence but will also produce online buzz, resulting in lively discussions that will help your startup become more well-known.

Content Marketing

Powerful content can give your healthcare startup a distinct voice and set it apart from others in its field.

IWD Technologies, a leading digital marketing agency for healthcare startups, is skilled at developing content marketing campaigns that extend beyond websites and blog posts to include social media campaigns, infographics, mini-sites, and more.

IWD Technologies has a team of content creators who understand what your target audience and search engines like and can create a content campaign that will appeal to both audiences and search engines.
This will put your healthcare startup in front of the right people, at the right time, through the appropriate channels.

IWD Technologies will handle the entire process from start to end, with creative execution and outreach that ensures it reaches your target demographic effectively enough to create a campaign that will be remembered for years to come.

Digital marketing technologies are more advanced than ever before.

Healthcare startups may use IWD Technologies to not only leverage it effectively but also to establish a strong basis for their digital marketing activities.

IWD Technologies has assisted a number of healthcare startups and established healthcare organizations in harnessing the potential of digital marketing while allowing them to focus on their primary business.
It can do the same for your healthcare startup, assisting it in developing a strong online profile, effectively reaching out to the proper target audience, and creating a brand with values that persist and survive the test of time.

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Google Launching November 2021 Broad Core Algorithm Update

Google is releasing a broad core algorithm update on November 17, 2021.

Google is giving everyone advance notice that a broad core algorithm update will be released later today.

Typically these updates take days or weeks to complete. Although it will start to roll out today, it likely will not be fully rolled out by the end of the day.

Google’s guidance regarding broad core algorithm update is as follows:

  • Expect widely noticeable effects, such as spikes or drops in search rankings.
  • Core updates are “broad” in the sense that they don’t target anything specific. Rather, they’re designed to improve Google’s systems overall.
  • Pages that drop in rankings aren’t being penalized; they’re being reassessed against other web content that has been published since the last update.
  • Focusing on providing the best possible content is the top recommended way to deal with the impact of a core algorithm update.
  • Broad core updates happen every few months. Sites might not recover from one update until the next one rolls out.
  • Improvements do not guarantee recovery. However, choosing not to implement any improvements will virtually guarantee no recovery.
  • More details will be revealed later today when the November 2021 broad core algorithm update begins officially rolling out.

SOURCE: Searchenginejournal

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Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Marketing has evolved dramatically in recent decades. Businesses are spent on marketing activities in traditional and digital media to encourage their messages to the target audience. If you are new to the business and will start a marketing strategy, it’s important to know the pros and cons of these two marketing channels. Let’s find out about traditional marketing and digital marketing in detail.

Traditional marketing

Each ad in the mainstream media includes TV, newspapers, magazines, postcards, and advertising boards that fall under traditional marketing. This is a medium where you can convey your brand messages loud and clear. In short, traditional marketing is an outgoing strategy.

Advantages of traditional marketing

In traditional marketing, hard copies of ads can be maintained. We can reach more people in a short time. For example, if you have a full-page ad in a leading newspaper, you reach all their customers, the next morning. Another advantage of traditional marketing is that the message is clear and easy to understand by the audience.

Disadvantages of traditional marketing

Although traditional marketing has long been in the industry, this methodology does not allow prospects to interact because of their feedback. Marketing campaigns, especially expensive TV ads to run. Ironically, it is difficult to measure the results, such as how many really buy products based on advertising campaigns.

You might have a great idea about traditional marketing, its advantages, and disadvantages. Now, let’s discuss digital marketing.

Digital marketing.

Now, digital marketing is an inbound strategy where the target audience reaches through the internet. The level of involvement here is multifold because the prospect can assess your product and also provide feedback that can be read by everyone and decide.

How to Find The Best Healthcare Application Developer for Hospitals

Digital marketing advantages

Cost-effective digital marketing. When compared with traditional marketing, Google ads and other digital advertising campaigns will not cost a lot to run periodically. Second, the audience can directly interact with your ad in the digital space. It can collect prospect contact information. Next, there are web tools that can accurately measure how effective digital marketing campaigns.

Disadvantages of digital marketing

Real-time feedback can be a challenge especially when there are so many online users and search for additional information or services. Second, digital advertising may not reach all target audiences. Ad blockers and other tools can block advertisements so they are not displayed in the browser. Email campaigns can end in the spam folder. Many might ignore a digital campaign at all.

Considering high-speed smartphone and cellular internet penetration, the next decade is likely to be dominated by digital marketing, and safe to say that, for effective brand reach, it is wise to invest more in traditional media. Here are some reasons that support digital marketing.

Where are digital and traditional marketing join?

The transition from traditional marketing to definite digital marketing. Technology such as QR codes helps to link newspaper advertisements with cellular applications bridge the gap between physical and digital media. With the introduction of augmented reality, users can be more personalized.

SEO vs. PPC – Which approach is best for your small business?

How does digital marketing win over traditional marketing?

Digital marketing has tools that can be measured that allow us to know the effectiveness and scope of changing strategies during unfavorable circumstances. Second, digital marketing costs are far less than traditional marketing costs.

The subscription model in a digital campaign helps to focus on a much better target audience that increases the conversion rate. Real-time analysis of marketing efforts helps improvise strategies while traveling. In addition, interactive digital marketing helps retrieve customer data and target marketing campaigns directly.


At present, we are at the stage where digital marketing seems to be following traditional marketing in cost-effectiveness and measurable results. While every marketing strategy has pros & cons itself, to effectively reach out to the target audience, we need to choose the right strategy. For old and traditional audiences, traditional marketing can exercise. But if you target youth, especially, millennials, be sure to allocate more budgets for digital marketing.

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Use Attributes To Enhance Your Google My Business Listing

While circumstances might make us work from home and holidays may have us in spirit, another way to spend time or keep enthusiasm than reading about Google My Business attributes and a cup of hot tea.

Superlative. I hope you are ready. Google My Business Attributes is the key to success for all businesses of all sizes, independent or large. This helps consumers today by understanding what is actually expected from your business. They show things like payment options, facilities, accessibility, and highlights. Does the business have wheelchair parking? Is there Wi-Fi? Do they accept Apple payments, google salaries, or wallets without contact? Why yes, yes they do. This is all stated in the knowledge panel under the attributes.

This and many other facts about business can be displayed to customers and are as important, for Google. They are used in combination with other aspects of the online presence to help Google rank list. Google Attributes My business is important for consumers and they are important for Google to ensure the right results are shown to a search. This is a fast and effective way for the owner to communicate what might be important for customers. Some of these attributes are optional and others are more subjective and cannot be edited. All important attributes communicate with Google and good customers who you are and what is available.

Now, let’s take deeper into Google’s attributes of my business.

When did the GMB attribute begin?

Back in May 2016, Google is working on the GMB attribute debut. This site certainly has limited abilities and is only used by industrial choices such as food or business related to services. Amount and choice for limited attributes in this launch. It was immediately expanded at the end of the year in September and continued to grow into what we now have at this time.
Just like all the cars are fine, let’s look under the hood of this beast.

What can we do with the GMB attribute?

Depending on your business, Google will give you a list of attributes that can help your business with the full ability. Let’s say you are an independent tea house in Downtown Phoenix, AZ, and has made an account through Google my business. Let’s navigate to access my business attributes. Don’t worry, just like the owner’s manual, I will add a screenshot to help.

  • Login to and navigate to info.
  • Scroll down to Attributes.
  • After in attributes, you will see similar suggestions for your business.


Now, these attributes are broken down into what form your business. Do you have free Wi-Fi? Is there live music? Is there a small plate? This area allows you to display your business to any customer, both new and existing. Here’s a little Easter egg in the GMB attribute. They break into two categories: objective (factual) and subjective.

What is your objective business showcase attribute?

Objective attributes are still subject to updates from Google and from users, but this can be mitigated through Google My Business Dashboard. This is all factual information. Does your business receive a debit card? Is your location wheelchair accessible? This information will allow you to showcase attributes that may often be asked by customers. When using objective or subjective, you can also say if your business has no attributes.


As shown above, if you don’t have a fireplace, you can use a prohibited sign, and maybe you have a live show, add the checkmark. Select the attribute that only describes your business in fact. Never abuse factual information because it can cause an annoying response from customers or critics.

What is your subjective business showcase attribute?

It’s always good for showing off what your business can do; however, we can also display what your business is known by your customers. This is the attribute given to a business by Google through a number of sources including user-generated responses. . For example: is your business known as sports? Does your business known for big tea? This spotlight is only transmitted from the Google database. This attribute cannot be affected directly by registering the list through the dashboard in the same way the objective attribute is managed. So, unfortunately, you can’t control this. This is a reflection of what your business can do. You can find out what your business is known by using the insight column.


One way you can improve this highlight is to read your customer reviews and remember your current highlights that you are known for. It will not only allow them to feel valued, but also allow you to know what you can do and improve.

How attributes are displayed in your GMB list

Attributes can be used in search and both attribute types can be seen in the knowledge panel from any list from desktop and from cellphones:

When Google results become more personalized, we can expect this feature to be more important. Google will strive to provide searchers with more customized results, based on this attribute when searches are used. A good example of this is when the long-tail keyword is sought after, ”where is a pizza restaurant that has a kids menu and parking”. Google will be able to quickly index requests and based on what is provided by business owners and customers.


With all the hard work you spend to build your business, it is certainly worthy of displaying. Using attributes will help build your customer’s confidence in your business. Even though it can be confusing, it is certainly useful for use for your monthly business purposes.

Let our local SEO specialist help you with your attributes and achieve the monthly goals you want to do on Google my business.

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Instagram Adds ‘Recently Deleted’ Folder For Removed Content

Instagram will now send content removed from user profiles to a ‘Recently Deleted’ folder where it can be reviewed and restored.

Instagram added the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder that gives users the opportunity to review the deleted content before removing it permanently.

Now, when the user removes the content from their account, it is immediately sent to the newly removed.

From there content can be permanently deleted. Or, if the user changes their mind and wants to restore content on their profile, they can recover it from the Recently removed folder.

The folder will include content like:

  • Photos and videos from your Profile
  • Photos and videos from your Instagram story
  • Instagram stories from highlights and your story archive
  • Reels
  • Direct Messages

Everything sent to the Recently Deleted folder will be automatically removed after 30 days, except for stories which will stay in the folder for up to 24 hours from when they were published.
If at any point within those 30 days users wish to review what they deleted they can access the folder by going to Settings > Account > Recently Deleted.

Make sure your Instagram app is updated to the latest version before relying on the Recently Deleted folder to save your content.

Top Business Directories to List Your Business in 2021

Another Use Case For ‘Recently Deleted’

This folder is sure to be helpful when users change their mind about deleting content, but Instagram points out another use for it.

Instagram notes how newly removed folders can protect user content if their account is hacked.

Sometimes hackers will delete content, leave the user without a way to get it back if it is not stored on their cellphone.

In addition to introducing a newly removed folder, Instagram introduced protection against content that removes permanently.

Users will be asked to prove that they are account owners before removing or restoring content from the newly removed folder.

Instagram Archive vs Recently Deleted

Instagram said the newly removed folder was a feature that was regularly requested by the user.

It is interesting because the Instagram application always has something similar in the form of an account archive.

Previously, if the user wants to delete the content from their profile but does not delete it forever, they can archive it.

Archived content can be recovered and/or permanently deleted anytime. From my understanding, there is no limit on how many content can be archived by one account, there is also no limit on how long the content can be archived.

User theory can archive any content they want to delete and have the option to recover it for days, months, or even years later. When content is archived, it cannot be accessed by anyone other than the users who publish it.

In many ways, Instagram archives are better than the folder that has just been removed when it comes to storing user content. That is, if the user remembers to manually archive their content.

An advantage of Recently Deleted is it’s automatic. There’s no need to remember to use it because it’s done for you. If you accidentally delete a piece of content instead of restoring it, it can be saved.

The Instagram archive isn’t going anywhere though, which means it can be used as a backup option. If you find the 30 days provided by the Recently Deleted folder isn’t enough, you can always send content to the archive instead.

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Top Business Directories to List Your Business in 2021

Visibility is one of the most important factors in running a business. However, this can cause an unfortunate dilemma; Can be expensive to advertise a business but you also need to spend money to make money. This is where this list is included. We have collected the best free places to advertise your business. Many sites listed below also include paid ad options, but first of all, you must see their free offers.

What you might not know is that there are many sharing business listings throughout the web, and it can even start with a website that you have never heard. Don’t worry! We have done a difficult part, filtering hundreds of places that allow on the web to list your business, and identify ten of the most valuable places to get visibility for your business for free.

Here is the list of High DA Business Listing WebSites


1. Manta:

Domain Authority Score : 84
Page Authority : 87
Domain Age : 13 Years
Alexa Rank : 3,527
Listing : Free
Manta is one of the most trusted local business listing websites. It boasts millions of visitors who are searching for comprehensive database for individual businesses every month.

Adding business to Manta is very easy. You will find an “Add Business” button on the right top of the screen. All that you have to do is to click on the same and add details of your business. After filling the form completely, you will receive a verification link on the registered email. Click on that link and get verified to complete the submission. Here is a small video for more help.

2. Hotfrog:

Domain Authority Score : 67
Page Authority : 72
Domain Age : 13.9 Years
Alexa Rank : 57,883
Listing : Both Free and Paid
Hotfrog is a place to get your business noticed for what you are specialized in. The huge amount of the traffic received by the website ensures your business a grand exposure.

By simply clicking to the “Add your business” button that is both on the right top and on the middle of the screen, you can add your business to one of the most searchable lists. Here’s the video to help you go through the process.

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3. Brownbook :

Domain Authority Score : 62
Page Authority : 68
Domain Age : 9.6 Years
Alexa Rank : 77,838
Listing : Free
Brownbook is an easy and free local citation website. You can submit your business website by clicking on “Add a business” button at the right top. A form will appear on your screen that you need to fill and at last click on the submit button. A link is sent to the registered email address that you need to verify for completing the listing.

4. MerchantCircle:

Domain Authority Score : 82
Page Authority : 85
Domain Age : 12.4 Years
Alexa Rank : 45,171
Listing : Free and Paid
Merchantcircle makes it easy for worldwide users to search a database of a business. It helps in managing reputation, online presence and getting higher ranking in search engines. The submission is both free and paid.

For submitting your business, you need to click on”Join now” button at the right top. After that, fill the details including your business name then click on the submit button. For better results, you can go with the paid version.

5. Superpages:

Domain Authority Score : 79
Page Authority : 60
Domain Age : 6 Years
Alexa Rank : 21,433
Listing : Free
Superpages is one of the top online resources that helps users to find a business nearby. It helps millions of customers monthly.

Listing business on Superpages is very easy. Click on to “Free Advertising” at bottom of the web screen. Then add your business contact number. After that enter click on to “find my business” button to process further. After completing the form, you will get an account activation link on your professional email that you need to verify to complete business listing process.

6. Ezlocal:

Domain Authority Score : 50
Page Authority : 52
Domain Age : 12.10 Years
Alexa Rank : 1,22,465
Listing : Free
ezlocal is also a free business listing website for adding organizations, shops, institutions and other local businesses. The website will help you in generating high-quality leads.

First go to “Claim my business” section and then click on “new listing” (Though I find it weird, why the site doesn’t provide the “create new listing” option right at front) and then submit all the information about your business then click the continue button to get the live link.

7. Citysquares:

Domain Authority Score : 56
Page Authority : 63
Domain Age : 11.5 Years
Alexa Rank : 1,49,037
Listing : Both Free and Paid
Citysquares provides an opportunity for businesses to reach out local customers through a profile on the densely trafficked website. They can run a marketing campaign, display videos, advertise business and a lot more.

For adding your business to citysquare, got to “Add your business” section that is at bottom of the webpage. Click on the button and you will find a form. Complete it with all the required information that is must for business listing.

8. eLocal:

Domain Authority Score : 55
Page Authority : 38
Domain Age : 19.3 Years
Alexa Rank : 1,95,595
Listing : Free
One can easily find from a plumber to a lawyer at eLocal. The website is classified into multiple categories making it easy to find and add your business to the place it best suits.

The process is same as the previous ones. You can find “Add free listing” button at the right top of the website. After clicking on the button, you have to go through three different steps to complete your business listing.

9. eBusinesspages:

Domain Authority Score : 47
Page Authority : 42
Domain Age : 16.2 Years
Alexa Rank : 2,32,919
Listing : Free
eBusinesspages is a place where one can submit his business for free and can drive a huge amount of quality leads. After adding your business page, you will get a live link. By clicking on this link you can edit and descriptions and categories to your business.

10. FindUs Local:

Domain Authority Score : 37
Page Authority : 47
Domain Age : 6.11 Years
Alexa Rank : 2,93,270
Listing : Both Free and Paid
FindUs Local is considered one of the best business listing websites for the USA. One can find desirable business info by just knowing the phone number. You can also find reviews and comments about the business here.

11. California Business Directory:

Domain Authority Score : 27
Page Authority : 1
Domain Age : 5.8 Years
Alexa Rank : 16,47,575
Listing : Free
Finding a business using this directory is very simple. The businesses are beautifully classified into many categories and sections. This makes it easy for a user to find a local business nearby. You can also add videos and images on this directory to get more user attention.

12 . Jayde:

Domain Authority Score : 55
Page Authority : 62
Domain Age : 20.4 Years
Alexa Rank : 1,32,078
Listing : Free
Founded in 1996, Jayde is one of the largest B2B search engine and of course, one of the oldest citation website. With around 277,660 distinct categories, Jayde makes sure your business gets listed at the right place among the right audience.


13. RadarFrog:

Domain Authority Score : 69
Page Authority : 57
Domain Age : 12.9 Years
Alexa Rank : 3,25,916
Listing : Free
This is another high authority business listing website for your local business. Adding your business to this citation website is quite easy. All that is required is to fill up the form with all the details of your business and you are good to go. Below is the short video to help you out :

14. Cylex:

Domain Authority Score : 48
Page Authority : 36
Domain Age : 8.11 Years
Alexa Rank : 1,11,365
Listing : Free and Paid
The online business directory Cylex, helps you connect with your customers. Listing to the website is free, but the website also provides premium entry feature to promote businesses for better exposure. Here’s the quick video on how you can also submit your business here.

15. Lacartes:

Domain Authority Score : 45
Page Authority : 55
Domain Age : 11.5 Years
Alexa Rank : 1,30,504
Listing : Free
This high authority citation website brings together various tools for businesses to add their listing and sell their products. Listing to the site is absolutely free and requires you to sign up to create your business profile. For more details, check out this video.

16. Directorym:

Domain Authority Score : 49
Page Authority : 34
Domain Age : 14.5 Years
Alexa Rank : 16,05,775
Listing : Free
Submission to Directorym, helps businesses find potential customers to gain more exposure. The citation site is a platform to convert local needs into local databases. Below is the quick guide on how can you list down your business at Directorym.

17. Infignos:

Domain Authority Score : 38
Page Authority : 44
Domain Age : 15 Years
Alexa Rank : 5,96,217
Listing : Free
From apparel to professional business services, no matter which of the niche do you belong to, Infignos is the right place to get your business listed. With around 2000 categories provided by this citation site, you can be sure that your business reaches to the right audience. To get help with how you can submit your business here, check out this short video.

18. Tuugo:

Domain Authority Score : 33
Page Authority : 42
Domain Age : 6.10 Years
Alexa Rank : 2,18,536
Listing : Free
Tuugo is a high authority citation website of USA that aims to build a huge community of businesses and customers. Adding your business to this site is free and requires you to sign up to go further. Here is the quick video that can help you out.

19. Citiservi:

Domain Authority Score : 33
Page Authority : 34
Domain Age : 9.5 Years
Alexa Rank : 7,65,425
Listing : Free and Paid
Citiservi is a huge business listing website in USA. Adding your business to this citation website is free and hassle free. To get the complete step by step guide to register your business here, check out this short video.

20. Cityfos:

Domain Authority Score: 30
Page Authority: 33
Domain Age: 5.9 Years
Alexa Rank : 1,99,880
Listing: Free and Paid
Witnessing 1.2 million visitors every month, Cityfos is no doubt a great website to list down your business. The leading local service directory, Cityfos allows you to add your business to the relevant category without spending a single penny. The website also provides additional features to the premium users.


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