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How Web Development helps Businesses Grow

Do I need a website for my business? In simple words, YES! Your business needs a website whether it’s small or large. If your business is missing on a website then you are losing so many customers.

The research found that 46% of small firms do not have a website. On the contrary, 97% of individuals use the internet to discover a local business. so, if your company does not have a website, then 97% of people are unable to find you on the internet and won’t know about your business.

Technology is changing how the consumer interacts with business and if you can’t keep up then you are losing a huge part of revenue. Nobody will know about your small business that sells unique products until you shout it out to them! And having a website can do that.

So in this blog, we’ll discuss why your business needs a website and how website development can profit your business.

Importance of Web Development for Businesses


1. Your Business is on Global Level

Every small business can benefit from an online presence because there are 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide – 59.5% of the global population and increasing at a rapid rate. Going international can boost your brand value and earnings by exposing you to new markets, increasing profits, and exposing your company to diverse beliefs and cultures. But without a website, all of this is a pipe dream.

2. Web Development Builds Brand Image

Custom website development allows you to create a website that meets the needs of your customers. You may create a brand that caters to the needs of your customers. It aids in the development and protection of the brand’s identity. It assures consistency across all of your digital & physical media. From your website to your shop, it provides a seamless experience and smooth continuity in the consumer journey.

Remember that your website represents your company and serves as the first and last impression of your brand, assisting customers in deciding whether or not to buy a product. Custom website development allows you to leave a lasting impression on your customers, which can then be converted into a purchase, a non-profit donation, or any other company goal you specify. As a result, it helps you create your brand and engage with your clients on your website. As a result, your company will be recognized all over the world. If you want professional web development services then IWD Technologies is here for you.

3. Digital Marketing Strategy

If you want to leverage a digital marketing strategy to bring customers to your stores then you need a website.

Digital marketing helps you to reach your target market easily without wasting money on advertising to the wrong people. It allows you to reach a lot more people with less cost than traditional marketing. The best digital marketing drive organic traffic to your website.

Without a website, your digital marketing strategy is less effective and people are less likely to trust a business without a website.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

4. Build Connections with Customers

If you want your business to keep growing then you have to make strong connections with your loyal customers. A person who feels a connection with a company is more likely to buy from them and keep buying from them.

A website helps you to build trust and deep connections with your customers. A person who trusts business is more likely to buy from them and feel comfortable buying again.

A website is not only to build connections but also a good performing one. A website that is more user-friendly will help customers to respond positively to your business. The more positive customer feels, the stronger the connection they have with your business.

5. Make Customer Service Easier

Without a website customers have to call you for basic business information like hours of operation, service offered, product details, etc. But if you have a website then it is a lot easier for your customers to get basic business information and it makes them satisfied. 

6. Web Development Generates More Leads

The quantity of sales made determines the profit of any business. Creating a website and marketing a business can help a company attract more clients and increase sales. eCommerce operations surged by 21.3 percent last year, according to the research. This clearly demonstrates that users prefer to purchase things during internet sales. Nowadays businesses are offering online transactions. This is because they’ve discovered a fantastic way to profit from online sales. The increase in sales is proportional to the increase in the number of clients.

Top 7 Web Development Trends in 2022 – You Can’t Miss

You might also include promos in your strategy to attract more leads and enhance sales. You can generate much-needed fuzziness among users here. This results in an increase in leads and sales. Furthermore, this gives users the idea that your organization sells reasonably priced goods. As a result, whatever you do on the website can offer value to the company in some way.


To summarise, it’s evident that website creation is important for effective business promotion. It would be extremely difficult to compete and scale on a global level without it. So, make your life easier! Begin adapting, build a website, and prepare to reap the benefits of your success. As a result, investing in high-quality web development services might launch you to new heights in the corporate world.

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Hire Skilled Developers for Offshore Web Development Services

Your hunt for a dedicated offshore best talent comes to an end here, and your journey to success begins!

Do you find yourself falling behind on your project timeline? Or a team of web development experts that can meet the client’s needs? Whatever the obstacles to your achievement, IWD Technologies is here to help you overcome them by working as an extension of your team to improve your web development capabilities and efficiency. Engaging with our offshore web development professionals is a solution you will be delighted with from the start. With their speed and precision, our crew never fails to impress!

As a professional offshore web development company in India, we recognize your risks and the importance of completing projects on time.  We never fail to provide you with a qualified dev team with the appropriate skills sets to accomplish the job.

It’s no chance that prominent firms from the United States, Australia, the Uk, the Middle East, Europe, Thailand, Canada, and…. need we say more? have selected us to design websites and mobile apps. We’ve served satisfied customers all over the world, and the fact that we generate repeat business speaks volumes about our professionalism and credibility.

Web Development Services Driven by Experts

Delivering visually stunning websites. | Robust custom web application development. | Agile solutions, including CMS Like WordPress CMS development & Frameworks CodeIgniter| Ecommerce Website Development – Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento. | iOS and Android App Development.

Unless our customer prefers a specific project management method, we primarily use the Agile Methodology for project development(Well versed with Basecamp, Trello, JIRA. Experienced working in a team environment GIT/ Bitbucket for code versioning).

Offshore Web Development CompanyHire Dedicated Offshore Web Development Company

IWD Technologies, an Indian-based offshore web development firm, helps businesses of all sizes and verticals achieve their market goals by providing highly competent IT developers, engineers, designers, and specialists. As more businesses go online in the twenty-first century, website creation services are in high demand. The most suitable and cost-effective approach to this issue is to build your website with an offshore web development firm.

A professional web developer would construct websites that are adaptive due to their responsive nature on all potential screen resolutions, including mobile devices on Android and IOS, tablets and Ipads, and touch screen laptops, in this digital era. Many organizations design stereotype block-based brochure-type websites when it comes to web creation, but to create a current appearing, user interactive, and selling website, one must go beyond the box.

IWD Technologies has a long-term engagement with offshore clients and consistently meets its business objectives. With our exceptional offshore development, you can concentrate on growing your business while our developers take care of your project.

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Why Do You Need A Dedicated Shopify Expert?

There has been an increase in demand for e-commerce platforms due to technological advances. At present, people are more interested in shopping online because of the convenience and comfort provided by the online platform. This in turn has created pressure on the retailer to build their own online store.

It is a fact that building online stores is easier to say than done. You can’t do everything alone. The first thing to appear on your mind when planning to develop an e-commerce website is – platform.

You can build an online store by utilizing the Shopify platform. There are various other platforms that help build e-commerce stores, then why just Shopify?

Well, Shopify is considered one of the leading e-commerce platforms. There are around more than 60,000 online stores that utilize the Shopify platform. It has several extraordinary default features such as a simple setting process and 24/7 telephone, chat, and email support that makes it the most profitable choice when it comes to building online stores. In addition, Shopify helps traders who want to sell all types of products (physical items, digital downloads, drop products sent) and services.

So, do you think there are other platforms that can provide better features than Shopify when it comes to developing e-commerce websites? I do not think so!

You need a Shopify Expert team that can support you to achieve your website goals. According to experts, it is said that if you want to drive your business or online store, you will need dedicated and excited people with your side. In simple words, you need a dedicated developer team. The developers who are experts in Shopify will help you design dynamic and full websites with advanced features.

The first and foremost things you have to understand, are about developers who are experts in Shopify.

What do you mean by Shopify expert?

Shopify experts refer to a highly skilled and qualified developer team who have knowledge and experience in designing websites with the Shopify platform. Shopify developers are known to provide high-quality services that provide support in the development of business websites by utilizing the right resources and features. Shopify experts have the skills and potential to adjust the theme of the website to make it more personalized by using their web development knowledge and skills. They are professional in designing websites specifically designed to meet your brand concepts and requirements.

So now you know who Shopify expert, let’s understand why businesses need it.

Shopify experts provide high-quality Work:

Shopify developers are not only simple developers. They have special skills that help them work by developing website development. In addition, they have the right understanding of Shopify features and functionality. With this knowledge, they will ensure that each assignment assigned will provide the desired results, and focus on developing a website that maximizes the number of satisfied customers. Shopify experts can help you with everything you would expect when it comes to making your online store customized. They ensure that all development work is controlled from head to toe.

Shopify experts are known to provide better functionality to e-commerce websites:
The Shopify developer team has the potential to improve the overall functionality of the Shopify Template and form it according to your needs. With the help of this additional functionality, you can take your business to the next level.

How Web Development helps Businesses Grow

Increase Your Reach On Your Online Store With Dedicated Shopify Expert:

Shopify experts or developers consider the importance of email marketing and assistance in linking your email marketing platform such as MailChimp to eCommerce websites where you can expand the range of target audiences. Besides being connected to MailChimp, there are many other features and applications that you can use according to business needs.

A Dedicated Shopify Expert Help In Saving Time:

Your business requires different experts who can find out various tasks given in various time frames. If you have a dedicated Shopify developer, it will make it easier to handle your e-commerce website. Dedicated developers will take care of the entire Shopify project and you can devote your time to other business activities. Therefore, you can focus on developing your business.

Dedicated Shopify experts focus on building e-commerce stores that will help in improving customer experience:

Shopify developers or dedicated Shopify experts who are dedicated to designing websites that will attract visitors, and make them stay involved. They have a good understanding of online market trends and they will use this knowledge to design online stores by remembering the most important aspects – customer experience.

As an entrepreneur, you only need to convey your requirements to Shopify developers. Your request or business requirements will be implemented by Shopify developers who will not only enhance website user experience but also direct traffic to your website.

Shopify design experts and optimize websites according to Search Engines:

Currently building a website that is optimized in accordance with search engines is very important. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a strategic method of composing online content and getting a good rating on Google SERP (search engine results page). When websites rank high, traffic that comes to the website also increases and this, in turn, can grow your business sales.

Final Words

If you are an entrepreneur and want to develop an e-commerce store using the Shopify platform then you must know about the dedicated Shopify experts. Hiring Shopify experts is dedicated to designing and developing a very functional online store into a new trend. The dedicated Shopify experts have the skills, qualifications, experience, and knowledge of developing an eCommerce store in Shopify.


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5 Key areas to expand in your eCommerce business

If your business has seen the same increase as many eCommerce businesses in 2020, you will be ready to develop. There are more than just renting a larger warehouse and hiring more staff. There are many more things to consider, including what should be number one on the list and how you finance the expansion.

Even though your business might enjoy unprecedented success, which of course doesn’t happen to other sectors in retail. Many high street businesses struggle or fail, and these are very many images seen by conventional lenders. This has made them very reject risk, and that means you have to look for a specialist e-commerce loan for your business.

After funding has been secured, the question arises of the best place to spend it. Of course, there are bigger places and more staff to think about, but there are five other fields that you might also want to consider as a priority.

#1 Image and graphic design

They say a picture of a thousand-word paint, and there is nothing more true than in retail online. When a customer cannot get a product on a product to check it out, the image is all they have to do, so they must have the best quality … and there needs to be many of them.

This might go beyond whatever resources you are currently, so you can pay to get some professional shooting done from your stock. However, your competitors might do it.

# 2 Website design

Even though you might do a lot of your business through Amazon or eBay, enough amount will enter through your website. Now is the time to invest in the design and increase UI and UX of your site. The bar for this is often regulated by Amazon, so your site must be easy to use if you want customers to return.

How Digital Marketing Services helps Boost Startups Grow Quickly

# 3 SEO.

Getting organic traffic for your site is Holy Grail in retail online. In a world dominated by two large players, making people to your site without paying every time you can make a big difference to your bottom line. Involving companies to move your ranking is definitely part of a long game but has been shown to produce results from time to time.

# 4 Hosting

With progress in the business and plans to increase traffic from SEO, the last thing you want is for website crashes because they cannot handle it. Many small online retailers have a type of hosting package that is exactly the same as your daily bloggers. If the e-commerce sales volume increases again, these packages will not be suitable for their purposes. So, you have to look for updating your package or ask your hosting company for a bespoke solution.

# 5 Advertising.

Short term solution but one with, if done correctly, near-instant results. It must bring the entry of sudden traffic that must bring sales and test the effectiveness of other changes that have been made.

In conclusion, this is not about things you can see immediately that you need to consider when expanding the business but see each part that shapes your business and see what can be upgraded with new funds.

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What’s the Difference? Brand vs. Brand Identity vs. Logo

When it comes to rebranding, terminology can be very confusing and make you feel frustrated. Where did you start? Should you make a new logo first? We think that understanding these terms will explain the value and rebranding process.


The brand is a consumer’s emotional response to the company. This is also the way consumers communicate about companies. It feels like you get when you interact with service. Good or bad. (Like how you feel about Apple, Starbucks, or DMV …) Your brand is established by clear and consistent interactions with customers, the public, other businesses, etc. Outside visual, this includes a brand name, voice, and messaging among others. In the end, your brand is not what you think – this is about what other people say when you are not in the room.


E-commerce Trends 2021 – Prepare your Business Online!

Brand identity is a real element united by designers or businesses intended to influence the perception of a brand. It can include logos, fonts, colors, photography styles, icons, and other supporting assets to help communicate brand messages. Everything from a business card to signage all must be very consistent using this guide.


brand diagram


And in the brand, and his identity is the foundation of the visual design element: logo. Usually the first interaction with your brand. Many weights and significance are placed on the logo, and not without reason. The simplest thing for the general public to show as a brand refining, and we really like to design it, but it’s still only one of the many elements.

So, you just want a logo huh?

Focusing on only logos, although important, can be very limiting when you want to build something that takes place. People rarely remember companies with their logo. What they will remember is the experience or collection of experiences they have from time to time. That’s why you have to build consistent awareness of brands that will have a much wider impact.

The whole process of building awareness and thinking about a greater picture is what we, as designers and creatives are here to help. We are strategic troubleshooters who are experienced in determining and developing logos, typography, image styles, graphic elements, messaging, and anything that can shape your consumer’s experience with your brand. This ensures consistency on various platforms, which is the key to building the brand memory and culture that surrounded it.

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How to start a grocery delivery business with an on-demand app- everything you need to know!

Running a grocery business can be competitive or profitable depending on how you operate your business. Nowadays, people prefer shopping online instead of going himself and pick up the items desired. Grocery delivery business requires less capital investment and result in higher profits in return. You can start this business if you have a vehicle through which you can drive and deliver the items to various destinations, or you can hire a few drivers and coordinate with some other shipping wholesale stores. Before actually launching your business, you should do detailed research of the local market that analyzes the current situation of the market.

Let us have a look at the challenges people face while starting a new grocery delivery application:

Competitors: As the market experienced competitors already established as Grofers and Bigbasket, your business may not reach the heights in the very beginning, but in the long run, it will provide a higher profit. You can use their application and actually see what you can give to your customers to shine among your competitors.

Inventory management: Updating the inventory every day also is one of the challenges faced by new entrepreneurs. One must have complete stock before launching your business and implement marketing strategies.

Legal formalities: Stating a new grocery delivery business is no easy task. There are few legal formalities attached to it. You have to register your company and take government approval before starting your business.

Digital Presence: Every business has its own application that is important to reach out to new people easily. So, you should hire a team of developers who can create fully customized applications for your business. Once the application is made, then you can implement marketing strategies.

Target customers: The most difficult challenges one faces when starting a new business is how to reach people and advertise their business. One should start with small areas that have dense populations and try to create a strong customer base. A thorough study of the market can help to identify specific areas, to begin with.

The revenue model of a grocery delivery business:

Commission: When you start an online business and you have to coordinate with the nearest vendor to deliver a product, you will get a commission on the products sold. It is the best and the old methods of revenue generation.

Steps to follow while Creating a Mobile App

Shipping costs: This amount is charged by the customer on each shipment. When a customer selects a product from an online store, the shipping costs are calculated there and then and will be paid along with the bill.

Membership fee: This fee is also charged to customers but is not mandatory. If someone opts for membership, he/she will only have to pay a one-time fee and successful heavy discounts. This is the kind of marketing strategy implemented by the owners to reach more customers.

Importance of starting a grocery delivery business in the current situation

As we all know that the current situation of the world is worsening due to the virus outbreak and billions of people are locked down in their houses. No one knows, how much time it will take to control the situations. Starting a grocery delivery business at this time of the pandemic can be helpful to many people because they are not able to go out of their homes to buy necessary items. So, if you want to start a grocery delivery business and help people to fight against this disease, you need to start it now. You just need to build an application and try to deliver as many essential items to various houses as you can.

When you are building an application, you will get four different panels:

• Customer app
• Delivery agent app
• Admin panel

Now, let us have a quick look at what all features are in all the panels

For customer app:

• Easy sign-up and login
• Browse and select
• Add to cart
• Multiple payment options
• Order tracking
• Schedule delivery
• Offers and discounts

For delivery agent:

• Easy sign-up and login
• Real-time tracker
• Order notification
• Update availability
• Customer address
• Rate and review customers

Admin panel:

• Stores management
• Orders and product management
• Reports and analytics
• Add or remove vendors
• Transaction history
• Content management

These are some of the features which a grocery delivery application should possess. If you want to add any more features, or you have your own technology stack, you can discuss it with the development team who took up your project. The above-mentioned features are some basic and primary ones, without which, an application can’t work.

Reach us by filling the form for cost estimation of Grocery Delivery App

Summing up:

Overall, starting a grocery delivery business is beneficial nowadays when the whole world is facing a crisis. If you are sure to start a new business, you first need to study the whole market thoroughly and identify the area where people need commodities and adopt marketing strategies to run your business. You just need a feature-enriched application and a plan to create a strong base of customers. Overcome all the challenges one by one and no one can defeat you in any way.

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Skype follows Zoom, rolls out custom backgrounds for video calls: How to enable them

The new custom backgrounds on Skype are available as a part of the app update for Mac, Windows, Linux, and the web.
Skype is trying hard to compete with the Zoom video conferencing application is known for introducing a custom background. This has to be one of the reasons that make Zoom popular in the first place. New custom background on Skype is available as part of the renewal application for Mac, Windows, Linux, and the web, and comes in addition to a long Skype support to blur the background of your current video call.

Here’s what the description states on the company’s official support page. “This could be anywhere: Want to look like you’re calling from the beach, or from space? Now you can, with custom backgrounds for your video calls.”

So how do you customize the background for Skype video calls? It’s simple.

Step 1: While in a video call, head to the video button or click the three dots other menus.

Step 2: Click “Choose background effect.”

Step 3: From here you can blur the current background, choose an image you previously added, or add a new one to customize the background effect.

To customize your background for all video calls in Skype:

Step 1: Click on your profile picture.

Step 2: Click the gear-like Settings option.

Step 3: Click “Audio & Video” option.

Step 4: Choose the background effect.

Besides a custom background, you also get the ability to share files directly from your Mac to Skype contacts. You even get easy access to call controls in the chat menu.

Skype has been doing quite a bit in luring users to its platform ever since the Zoom privacy and security controversy. However, Zoom is still witnessing a continuous growth around the globe and has reached 300 million user base already.

Contact now to know more about Services. 

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Coronavirus Shows That It’s Time to Move Your Business Online

With COVID 19th outbreak, businesses have been forced to offer products and services online as a solution to the problems that arise with this unfortunate event. Despite the current situation, business owners can still see the light at the end of the tunnel because people are always looking for easy ways to get what they need.

Clearly, the business feels the demand in the market. Those with strategic insight and willingness to invest will be able to define the market by moving them online. However, business’s that do not address the needs of today could be in for pain. If you are not ready for the shift online, here is a great opportunity to step forward and make it happen.


Companies that have already built out its technology infrastructure will probably see the prospects that offer online services for free or at a reduced price as a strategy to build a database to work in the next few months.

For companies that already planning to move online, before the outbreak, there is still time to do so because of the high demand for products and services that can be offered online. In addition, the well-known advantages of moving online and will benefit the company in the long term as well. It is no question about whether the company will move online, but when? Obviously, the answer to this question right now. No business is too small to build an online presence and facilitate access to products and services. According to Internet tracking studies CIRA, the average people spent 55 hours online per month, more than any other nation and almost twice the global average.

Going online to offer learning tools and support to customers has become a direct measure during an outbreak. Some of the most affected sectors are education, fitness, and health. Over time, businesses will find a more refined selection becomes more interesting in the wake of coronavirus-induced moving online. Now, the technical aspects perhaps the biggest question about how much of this online migration will be an opportunity and how much it will be a risk. mobile devices have become our primary computer as a convenience, low cost, and the public’s insatiable need more information to make things like billions of wireless sensor seems plausible, if not economically indispensable.

To the businesses that can see this outbreak as an opportunity and are looking to step forward and take action, IWD Technologies is here to help. Thankfully, as a Top Rated web development company, we can operate from an office or remotely which allows our team to continue working effectively. IWD Technologies is currently taking new projects and continuing to support our clients’ business. Tell us your story and let’s find out how we can support you during this difficult time.

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Top Benefits of using Shopify for eCommerce

Are you an entrepreneur who is not tech-savvy and does not want to sell online? Do you want to open your online store but did not understand web design and other technical details? If your answer is yes, Shopify could be a perfect alternative for you.

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform that lets you create online stores with minimum technical configuration. It helps you to organize, customize and manage your online store where you can sell your products in places such as through websites, social media, mobile, etc. Shopify is a popular choice of both startups and established businesses. Also, Shopify is the third top e-commerce platform with a market share of 20% and thus, find a website design company that offers a solution Shopify eCommerce is not a big problem.

Apart from the simple and easy setup, Shopify notable for offering many other benefits. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Fast and Easy to use:

Through Shopify, you can set the interface of your online shop without any knowledge of web development and deployment. It takes care of your design, hosting and all other technical requirements in making a website. You only need to register with Shopify and customize your shop to suit your needs. You can add your products along with pictures, descriptions and other details.

Inventory management is also easy through the dashboard Shopify. A dashboard that helps you to manage your sales and orders, offer discounts, etc. But yes, take the help of an expert Shopify development company that allows you to have an online shop run smoothly and successfully.

2. Credible, Reliable and Secure:

While managing an online store, you are dealing with sensitive and personal information about your customers and yourself and the company. This important data which includes bank details, credit/debit card details must be guarded against cyber attacks or hacking to improve the reliability of your business. For a successful business, your website should be safe, secure, and available at any time. Shopify provides strong security and a reliable web host for your website. Therefore you can concentrate on your business without having to worry about this problem.

3. Attractive and Attractive Interfaces:

Interesting sites play an important role in creating the impression and the curiosity of your customers. The attractive interface may force your customers to revisit the store often. Shopify takes care of these important requirements and offers an extensive collection of different themes and layouts to cater to different types of stores. If you have little knowledge of web development, you can customize your store better to create a professional website and visually appealing.

4. Mobile Compatible:

Because most people browsing on the go, it is important to have your online store mobile. They should be responsive and optimized suit different mobile phones. Web 2.0 has made it possible to create better websites that are mobile-ready. Shopify offers a good theme that is responsive to the phone and continues to update the code according to the latest requirements in the market. It also provides the loading time of the website is excellent. Also, there is a free app for iPhone and Android phones through which you can manage your online store with ease.

5. Payment Gateway options Width:

As a seller, you want a secure payment gateway and reliable to use. Also, you should be able to offer different payment options for your customers. To cater to your needs, make sure Shopify offer around 100 payment gateway options. It can be integrated perfectly with almost any payment gateway is a widely popular Bitcoin to PayPal to iDEAL that allows safe and secure transactions without any problem.

6. Support Best SEO Practices:

In addition to building your store, it is equally important to ensure that people can contact you easily. This is where the need to optimize your store for different search engines. Shopify ensures that people who are looking for similar products to offer you could easily get to your store by offering unparalleled SEO friendly features.

If used properly, the SEO features of Shopify can help you climb the search engine result rankings soon. But yes, make the best SEO services provider torchbearers will definitely make a difference. Please note some of the best Shopify SEO Tools and Apps that you can use in your business:

  • Plugin SEO
  • SEO manager
  • SEO Doctor

7. Handling Purchase incomplete:

Many times, customers add products to their cart but did not continue to buy them. It has been observed that about. 2/3 customers show this behavior. To handle these abandoned baskets, the recovery feature provided by Shopify. It tracks the purchase is not complete and remind customers to go ahead and complete the purchase. This can increase your sales and revenue since some customers, if not all, tend to complete their purchase.

8. Excellent Customer Support:

Shopify offers excellent customer support 24 * 7 to its customers. You can contact the support team via email, phone, and chat to get your questions answered quickly. Also, there is a community forum where you can discuss issues and concerns. They also provide a large number of documents and videos that can help you solve the problem on your own.

9. Marketing Tools:

As a complete solution to the needs of your website, Shopify offers a variety of marketing tools to advertise your business. In addition to SEO features, it also offers advanced eCommerce analysis. You can also use the spread of marketing tools such as gift cards and discount coupons in your store. Statistical store data and email marketing can also help you to reach potential customers.

10. Affordability

When you are a startup, the cost of getting you set up online stores through eCommerce website development company can appear great to you. Every businessman wants to maximize their profits and reduce costs. Shopify pocket-friendly, especially for startups and offers a variety of affordable plans to address your needs. It is based on a subscription where you need to pay a monthly fee. Therefore more budget-friendly compared to other options.

The best thing about Shopify is its simplicity, easy usage, and affordable pricing. It is also a great choice for sellers who wish to sell just a handful of products or just one product. You need to pick a theme with advanced Shopify homepage sections that let you sell your products from the homepage itself. Also, in case you are not making desired profits from your online store, you can anytime cancel your subscription and close down your store. With this flexibility, you can test different business models and ideas, if you wish to.

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Serving Our Customers During COVID-19

Dear Clients & Associates:

With the rapidly changing landscape caused by COVID-19 Pandemic, Team IWD wants to ensure that we remain in full operation in terms of running our business at IWD Technologies.

It is our top priority to ensure that your website, e-mail, social media, e-news, and marketing campaign is all up and running smoothly and effectively communicate with your clients and prospects. Our team members continue to work remotely on their normal day to day role of serving our customers.

Currently, Team IWD is working on web design projects of new projects existing clients, as well as manage and support our client base. We provide timely updates including, graphic designing work, web development, and Digital Marketing for clients that communicate their world change for their customers.

Operationally, our team continues to communicate through our helpdesk, e-mail, and telephone with the client and prospect meetings through web conferencing technology. We are available to provide online/phone training & website reviews for clients upon request. Team IWD is dedicated and determined to be fully available to help you as best we can during this very difficult period.

On a personal note, Team IWD would like to share my thoughts, prayers, and hope for all of our clients, their families and their friends. We stand with you during this storm and we will continue to stand with you when the storm is over.

If you want help getting started, drop us a line via email or just reply in the comments section of this post.

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