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How to start a grocery delivery business with an on-demand app- everything you need to know!

Running a grocery business can be competitive or profitable depending on how you operate your business. Nowadays, people prefer shopping online instead of going himself and pick up the items desired. Grocery delivery business requires less capital investment and result in higher profits in return. You can start this business if you have a vehicle through which you can drive and deliver the items to various destinations, or you can hire a few drivers and coordinate with some other shipping wholesale stores. Before actually launching your business, you should do detailed research of the local market that analyzes the current situation of the market.

Let us have a look at the challenges people face while starting a new grocery delivery application:

Competitors: As the market experienced competitors already established as Grofers and Bigbasket, your business may not reach the heights in the very beginning, but in the long run, it will provide a higher profit. You can use their application and actually see what you can give to your customers to shine among your competitors.

Inventory management: Updating the inventory every day also is one of the challenges faced by new entrepreneurs. One must have complete stock before launching your business and implement marketing strategies.

Legal formalities: Stating a new grocery delivery business is no easy task. There are few legal formalities attached to it. You have to register your company and take government approval before starting your business.

Digital Presence: Every business has its own application that is important to reach out to new people easily. So, you should hire a team of developers who can create fully customized applications for your business. Once the application is made, then you can implement marketing strategies.

Target customers: The most difficult challenges one faces when starting a new business is how to reach people and advertise their business. One should start with small areas that have dense populations and try to create a strong customer base. A thorough study of the market can help to identify specific areas, to begin with.

The revenue model of a grocery delivery business:

Commission: When you start an online business and you have to coordinate with the nearest vendor to deliver a product, you will get a commission on the products sold. It is the best and the old methods of revenue generation.

Steps to follow while Creating a Mobile App

Shipping costs: This amount is charged by the customer on each shipment. When a customer selects a product from an online store, the shipping costs are calculated there and then and will be paid along with the bill.

Membership fee: This fee is also charged to customers but is not mandatory. If someone opts for membership, he/she will only have to pay a one-time fee and successful heavy discounts. This is the kind of marketing strategy implemented by the owners to reach more customers.

Importance of starting a grocery delivery business in the current situation

As we all know that the current situation of the world is worsening due to the virus outbreak and billions of people are locked down in their houses. No one knows, how much time it will take to control the situations. Starting a grocery delivery business at this time of the pandemic can be helpful to many people because they are not able to go out of their homes to buy necessary items. So, if you want to start a grocery delivery business and help people to fight against this disease, you need to start it now. You just need to build an application and try to deliver as many essential items to various houses as you can.

When you are building an application, you will get four different panels:

• Customer app
• Delivery agent app
• Admin panel

Now, let us have a quick look at what all features are in all the panels

For customer app:

• Easy sign-up and login
• Browse and select
• Add to cart
• Multiple payment options
• Order tracking
• Schedule delivery
• Offers and discounts

For delivery agent:

• Easy sign-up and login
• Real-time tracker
• Order notification
• Update availability
• Customer address
• Rate and review customers

Admin panel:

• Stores management
• Orders and product management
• Reports and analytics
• Add or remove vendors
• Transaction history
• Content management

These are some of the features which a grocery delivery application should possess. If you want to add any more features, or you have your own technology stack, you can discuss it with the development team who took up your project. The above-mentioned features are some basic and primary ones, without which, an application can’t work.

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Summing up:

Overall, starting a grocery delivery business is beneficial nowadays when the whole world is facing a crisis. If you are sure to start a new business, you first need to study the whole market thoroughly and identify the area where people need commodities and adopt marketing strategies to run your business. You just need a feature-enriched application and a plan to create a strong base of customers. Overcome all the challenges one by one and no one can defeat you in any way.

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