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How Web Development helps Businesses Grow

Do I need a website for my business? In simple words, YES! Your business needs a website whether it’s small or large. If your business is missing on a website then you are losing so many customers.

The research found that 46% of small firms do not have a website. On the contrary, 97% of individuals use the internet to discover a local business. so, if your company does not have a website, then 97% of people are unable to find you on the internet and won’t know about your business.

Technology is changing how the consumer interacts with business and if you can’t keep up then you are losing a huge part of revenue. Nobody will know about your small business that sells unique products until you shout it out to them! And having a website can do that.

So in this blog, we’ll discuss why your business needs a website and how website development can profit your business.

Importance of Web Development for Businesses


1. Your Business is on Global Level

Every small business can benefit from an online presence because there are 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide – 59.5% of the global population and increasing at a rapid rate. Going international can boost your brand value and earnings by exposing you to new markets, increasing profits, and exposing your company to diverse beliefs and cultures. But without a website, all of this is a pipe dream.

2. Web Development Builds Brand Image

Custom website development allows you to create a website that meets the needs of your customers. You may create a brand that caters to the needs of your customers. It aids in the development and protection of the brand’s identity. It assures consistency across all of your digital & physical media. From your website to your shop, it provides a seamless experience and smooth continuity in the consumer journey.

Remember that your website represents your company and serves as the first and last impression of your brand, assisting customers in deciding whether or not to buy a product. Custom website development allows you to leave a lasting impression on your customers, which can then be converted into a purchase, a non-profit donation, or any other company goal you specify. As a result, it helps you create your brand and engage with your clients on your website. As a result, your company will be recognized all over the world. If you want professional web development services then IWD Technologies is here for you.

3. Digital Marketing Strategy

If you want to leverage a digital marketing strategy to bring customers to your stores then you need a website.

Digital marketing helps you to reach your target market easily without wasting money on advertising to the wrong people. It allows you to reach a lot more people with less cost than traditional marketing. The best digital marketing drive organic traffic to your website.

Without a website, your digital marketing strategy is less effective and people are less likely to trust a business without a website.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

4. Build Connections with Customers

If you want your business to keep growing then you have to make strong connections with your loyal customers. A person who feels a connection with a company is more likely to buy from them and keep buying from them.

A website helps you to build trust and deep connections with your customers. A person who trusts business is more likely to buy from them and feel comfortable buying again.

A website is not only to build connections but also a good performing one. A website that is more user-friendly will help customers to respond positively to your business. The more positive customer feels, the stronger the connection they have with your business.

5. Make Customer Service Easier

Without a website customers have to call you for basic business information like hours of operation, service offered, product details, etc. But if you have a website then it is a lot easier for your customers to get basic business information and it makes them satisfied. 

6. Web Development Generates More Leads

The quantity of sales made determines the profit of any business. Creating a website and marketing a business can help a company attract more clients and increase sales. eCommerce operations surged by 21.3 percent last year, according to the research. This clearly demonstrates that users prefer to purchase things during internet sales. Nowadays businesses are offering online transactions. This is because they’ve discovered a fantastic way to profit from online sales. The increase in sales is proportional to the increase in the number of clients.

Top 7 Web Development Trends in 2022 – You Can’t Miss

You might also include promos in your strategy to attract more leads and enhance sales. You can generate much-needed fuzziness among users here. This results in an increase in leads and sales. Furthermore, this gives users the idea that your organization sells reasonably priced goods. As a result, whatever you do on the website can offer value to the company in some way.


To summarise, it’s evident that website creation is important for effective business promotion. It would be extremely difficult to compete and scale on a global level without it. So, make your life easier! Begin adapting, build a website, and prepare to reap the benefits of your success. As a result, investing in high-quality web development services might launch you to new heights in the corporate world.

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Important Essentials To Check Before Launching A WordPress Site

Do you have a plan to launch/relaunch your website back on WordPress? There are many websites that appear or launched on the web every day. Therefore, you need to make sure that your site stands and shines from the launch date itself.

On this blog, we have attached all the important checklists that you need to know before launching the WordPress website.


From the initial phase itself, you must choose the right web host for your business project.

It has been observed, that most people launch their site with basic WordPress hosting, while in many cases people go for managed WordPress hosting.

To manage with the best WordPress hosting, it’s always good if you hire WordPress developers from established IT agencies.

Install a backup solution for WordPress

You must always consider setting a WordPress backup solution on your site.

The backup solution is the same as having an insurance policy. This will restore and lower your website when it’s wrong.

At present, there are many free and paid WordPress backup plugins that you can use on your site. It can be installed easily in a short time.

You can also set up automatic scheduled backups on cloud storage services such as Amazon S3, Google Drive, Backupbuddy, or Dropbox.

Secure your WordPress site from hackers

Because WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) in the world, has become the most popular platform for targeted. Therefore, build secure websites and prevent your business from hacking.

Check your WordPress site for 404 errors

If you are a new brand website, 404 errors can offer a bad user experience.

You must ensure that all pages on your site load correctly and properly, and there should be no missing link.

Note: – You can add your website to Google Webmaster Tools. It will update you with a crawl report with 404 pages of error.

As a new website, it’s more unlikely you have not added your website to Google Webmaster Tools or Search console. In this case, you must manually browser your website and make sure everything goes as expected.

If your website has a lot of content, then you have to concentrate on all important pages such as contact pages, around the page, login or registration page, etc.

You can notify yourself with the email alerts for 404 errors. By doing this, you can easily fix and monitor them.

Hire Skilled Developers for Offshore Web Development Services

Setup an email

Failure to receive or send an email from the WordPress site is one of the common one-face mistakes. Some email notifications can be sent, some may not.

The main reason is that most mail servers can consider email spoofing. This occurs when the sending email address does not match the server or domain originating.

Keep Check all forms

After you are done with an email setting, the next thing you have to do is ensure that all forms on your website function properly. Make sure you check the Comment Forms, Contact Form, Subscription Form, etc.

You also have to make sure that email and your email list work well and sent to the right email list.

If you are running a multi-user WordPress or multi-author website, then you should check the registration and login forms. Try to log in from different user’s roles so that you can check and remove unnecessary items from the admin area.

E-commerce site

As a business owner, you have to think of a user perspective and trace your product.

If you want to sell items digitally, then make sure it is delivered immediately. In terms of physical items, make sure to smooth the order.

Other things you need to check are invoices, receipts, taxes, calculations, shipping costs, etc.

Check videos, images, and sliders

Videos and images make modern websites more interactive. Therefore, make sure all images and videos are loaded properly. Try to play your videos on different browsers and devices.

Note:- If you have incorporated WordPress slider plugin, then ensure that the slider is working properly on all devices and browsers.

Social Media Integration Test

Social media plays an important role to launch any product successfully. Therefore, make sure you don’t miss small details.

Make sure that users can easily find your business on social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You must also ensure that social sharing plugins on your site function properly.

Note: – Always good that you activate Facebook open the meta-data graph, social monitoring tool, and Twitter card on your WordPress site.

Test the Performances

The problem associated with performance is the main problem that occurs during the development phase. Therefore, before launching your website, it is always good to test your site for the last time.

Also, make sure you check the website speed using tools such as the Google PageSpeed ​​Tool and Pingdom. The speed is not only important in terms of user experience but is also important from the aspect of SEO.

Note: – The best way to speed up the WordPress site is installing a caching plugin such as WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache, and installing CDN like Max CDN.

The most managed WordPress hosting company like WPENGINE has emerged with the built-in cache and also includes reserves and CDNs.

Install Google Analytics.

You cannot improve yourself unless you know how your users interact with your site.

The easiest way to track reader interactions is to install Google Analytics. This gives you information from where your visitors come from, what do they explore, when they go and how is the situation of your website?

Before being launched by your site, it’s important to install Google Analytics.

Check SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the top sources for consistent traffic for each website. If you optimize your website for search engines, it will help increase traffic firmly after launch.

Check the robots.txt file.

You must have a robots.txt file so that the search engine can easily crawl to your website.

Final note.

In conclusion, the implementation of the practices mentioned above will definitely bring success. However, it is always good to hire WordPress developers from an established IT agent. They will have a good experience working on invariant project, so it will be able to send a unique website with unique ideas.

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What’s the Difference? Brand vs. Brand Identity vs. Logo

When it comes to rebranding, terminology can be very confusing and make you feel frustrated. Where did you start? Should you make a new logo first? We think that understanding these terms will explain the value and rebranding process.


The brand is a consumer’s emotional response to the company. This is also the way consumers communicate about companies. It feels like you get when you interact with service. Good or bad. (Like how you feel about Apple, Starbucks, or DMV …) Your brand is established by clear and consistent interactions with customers, the public, other businesses, etc. Outside visual, this includes a brand name, voice, and messaging among others. In the end, your brand is not what you think – this is about what other people say when you are not in the room.


E-commerce Trends 2021 – Prepare your Business Online!

Brand identity is a real element united by designers or businesses intended to influence the perception of a brand. It can include logos, fonts, colors, photography styles, icons, and other supporting assets to help communicate brand messages. Everything from a business card to signage all must be very consistent using this guide.


brand diagram


And in the brand, and his identity is the foundation of the visual design element: logo. Usually the first interaction with your brand. Many weights and significance are placed on the logo, and not without reason. The simplest thing for the general public to show as a brand refining, and we really like to design it, but it’s still only one of the many elements.

So, you just want a logo huh?

Focusing on only logos, although important, can be very limiting when you want to build something that takes place. People rarely remember companies with their logo. What they will remember is the experience or collection of experiences they have from time to time. That’s why you have to build consistent awareness of brands that will have a much wider impact.

The whole process of building awareness and thinking about a greater picture is what we, as designers and creatives are here to help. We are strategic troubleshooters who are experienced in determining and developing logos, typography, image styles, graphic elements, messaging, and anything that can shape your consumer’s experience with your brand. This ensures consistency on various platforms, which is the key to building the brand memory and culture that surrounded it.

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How to Secure Your WordPress Website In 2021

One of the most vital parts of running a good website is security. Just as you want to secure every big asset you have, you want to keep your website safe and secure from hackers, and anyone who is hiding to do damage or steal important information. Because you will not leave your car, your home or office unlocked and can be accessed by anyone, you will not be too negligent to secure your WordPress website, but strive to secure it with the highest level of security.

However, there are several WordPress site owners who do not understand their security importance because they assume no one would hack their business websites because it is too small, hackers think only related to large business companies, which is a very wrong mindset that can cause them to lose a lot. Not until your WordPress site is attacked that you start paying the security attention needed. Damage may have been done before any solution can be offered.

Below are security tips that allow you to secure your WordPress from hackers and malware.

1. Take advantage of good WordPress hosting

Utilizing good WordPress hosting is an important security tip that you must follow to protect your site. Good WordPress hosting has an important role to play in keeping your site safe and safe. It provides and helps monitor your website against hacks and malware attacks. One of the beginner’s errors makes them buy a cheap WordPress host. Do not know that cheap hosting often does not provide good security for their sites that lead to poor performance and susceptibility to attacks. Before buying any web host, make sure you do a background check about their performances and service. If it has been confirmed by you or to you by reputable people that they provide good service, you can then go for it.

2. Keep WordPress Up To Date

Do not keep all your WordPress versions, themes, and plugins up to date are exposing your site to risks. Updating your WordPress to the latest version is good practice that can make your site safe. When your WordPress is updated, there will be increased security and bug fixes. It’s easy to update the WordPress version and can be done from your WordPress admin dashboard.

Go to the WordPress dashboard, then to update. From this point, you will see what update is needed to be done.

3. Make Use of a Secured password

Utilizing complex secure keywords for your password on your website can remain safe. Some users use an easy password like “12345” or other simple passwords that can easily guess directly as passwords of their website, this is an unprofessional action that can be charged your site. It is important to take advantage of complex keyword combinations that have no meaning for anyone except you. Make use of keywords that don’t make sense to anyone. Combine the use of uppercase, symbols, lowercase letters, and characters to develop a safe password. No need you worry about forgetting a complex password, the next step is one that will help you with the complex password you made

4. Use LastPass Password Vault

LastPass Password Vault is an online password guardian that can be used to store important logs in the details you use from time to time.
Simply register on the LastPass site and install it on the Firefox extension or Chrome plugin available in your browser. You can also download and install on your mobile Android version of this password manager. This ensures that the Details of log-in to each website that is visited on your PC or Android phone are stored on request. There will be no need to start racking your brain to remember any password anytime you would like to log in. You can make use of this app to save your complex login details.

5. Install an SSL

For websites that deal with the color of user data and monetary transactions, there is a need to install SSL to secure sites like that. Earlier this year, Google, realized important things from the SSL certificate on the website and had stopped giving any form of support to the site that did not have it.

Among the 200 ranking criteria used by Google on the ranking page, the SSL remains an important factor. There is a need to have your website page on HTTPS because no one feels safe to be warned that the website they visit is not safe and safe.

6. Add limits to login efforts

Other security tips for WordPress add limits to login attempts. Users by default are allowed to enter many times they want. So, users can enter the system without any restrictions. B Brute force attack is a method used by hackers to encrypted data such as passwords. Adding a limit to your login on your website will reduce the unlimited attempts to log in, and once the login retry limit is reached, it automatically restricts the use of the login function.

7. Disable the file editing

By default, WordPress allows users to edit their plugins and themes, which can be accessed through the appearance feature. You must deactivate this feature because it can be used by a hacker to access your WordPress admin panel. From there, they can introduce malicious, subtle code to your plugin and theme. The injected codes many times will not be noticed until it’s too late to eject from the system.


Security is one of the most vital things to your website. If the right attention is not given to secure your WordPress, it will be hacked and you might lose the site forever. Securing your WordPress is very simple, just follow the steps listed above, it will help you. You can reach out to a professional web development team that can assist you in handling the security issues of your WordPress site if you can’t handle them.

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