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Instagram Launches Initial Test of NFT Display Options, Which Are Also Coming to Facebook Soon

The air appears to be leaking out of the original NFT bubble, according to at least some recent data, which means that if Meta wants to join in on the tail end of the enthusiasm, it needs to unveil its NFT display features now.

As a result, it’s no surprise that Instagram’s long-in-development NFT display choices have now been released. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said that the company will begin testing its new NFT capabilities with a select group of creators in the United States. Integrations for Ethereum and Polygon will be available soon, with support for Flow and Solana to follow.

NFT owners will be able to authenticate their ownership by connecting their Rainbow, Trust Wallet, and MetaMask accounts.

NFTs will be visible on the main Instagram feed, within Stories, and in Direct Messages. In addition, participating accounts will get a new NFT tab with a tick in a hexagon indicating verified NFTs.
The hexagon tick indication will appear on NFT photos placed within your main post feed, as shown in this image.

Since June of last year, Instagram has been working on the feature, with early samples demonstrating how IG might not only promote your NFTs but also assist NFT sales, integrating into the larger digital products market.

Instagram Update: 90-second Reels live tests expand to more users

In this example, you can see how NFT bidding could be included in the process in the future, offering more full connectivity to the broader NFT economy.

The possibility of NFTs, as well as the enhanced role that digital commodities will play in the impending Metaverse shift, has been discussed by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, with the apparel that you adorn your digital avatars in potentially being minted as NFTs and related to your digital identity.
However, as previously said, NFT trading has been steadily declining since its first hype phase. According to The Wall Street Journal, NFT sales have dropped by 92 percent since September, while active wallets have dropped by 88 percent since November.

Because of the decreased demand, the value of some well-known NFTs has plummeted.

According to the WSJ:

“An NFT of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s first tweet sold for $2.9 million in March 2021 to Sina Estavi, the CEO of Malaysia-based blockchain business Bridge Oracle. Mr. Estavi auctioned off the NFT earlier this year. He didn’t accept any bids that were more than $14,000.”
Although NFT proponents have questioned these data points, claiming that they are cherry-picked examples, the wider trend, based on industry numbers and projects, does show that NFTs are cooling off, at least in their current form.

This is most likely the most crucial point. As Zuckerberg points out, the potential of NFTs goes much beyond the current slew of cartoonish avatar photos, with tens of thousands of ‘artists’ slapping together all kinds of odd images in the hopes of making a quick buck.

Although the popularity of PFP (profile picture) projects appears to be diminishing, there will eventually be ways to exploit the back-end process of NFTs to display ownership of a wide range of digital things.

While NFT, as we know it today, appears to be on its way out, the process it embodies could very well become a critical basis for the next stage.

This is probably why Meta is pressing forward, even though people seem to be sick of them – and with so many rug pulls and rip-offs, as well as so many shoddy ‘projects’ in the area, it’s no surprise that people are turning away.

However, there is still untapped potential, despite the fact that many people are already heavily invested in the existing NFT market.

In addition to today’s announcement, Zuckerberg says that NFT display options and augmented reality NFTs for Instagram Stories will be coming shortly to Facebook.

Will this lead to more widespread adoption of NFTs, or is it simply a way for Meta to cash in on the initial hoopla before it fades?

As NFTs become more extensively available throughout Meta’s apps, we’ll soon find out.

More information on Instagram’s NFT features:


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Instagram Update: 90-second Reels live tests expand to more users

With Instagram expanding its 90-second Reels test to more users, users will have more time to film their Reels videos.

Some users are now seeing the ability to make Reels up to a minute and a half long, as shown in this example submitted by Jonah Manzano (and shared by Matt Navarra), giving you an extra 30 seconds on top of the current 60-second maximum.

Live Testing of 90 Second Reels

Longer Reels were first tested in February, and various users have subsequently seen the option appear in the app. When we asked if this upgrade is being rolled out to all users, Instagram told us that it is currently under testing and that there is no official plan for a wider rollout at this time.

Instagram’s video products are now being re-aligned around the Reels format, with Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri stating back in December that:

“We’re going to focus even more on video and combine all of our video formats under Reels,” says the company.
When Instagram announced the larger unification of its video products in October, it discontinued the IGTV brand, and it makes sense for the platform to make Reels longer as well, in order to better blend its different video offers into a single content stream.

It’s also worth mentioning that, according to Meta’s most recent earnings call, Reels currently accounts for more than 20% of all time spent on Instagram, demonstrating the format’s appeal – despite the fact that it’s a straight duplicate of TikTok.

The next step will be to shorten all video uploads (users may still upload video clips up to an hour-long through the post composer), which will bring everything into better alignment and make the next stage of Instagram’s content shift easier to navigate.

Which will likely be this:

It’s also worth noting that Instagram removed its in-stream video ad placements option earlier this month, which fits in with the company’s broader push to compress video content and convert all of its content into a full-screen, immersive, TikTok-like feed, aligning with emerging habitual behaviors.

Instagram hasn’t revealed anything about the next stage, but it appears to be the obvious conclusion, which will be a significant change for the app, but one that makes sense.
Longer Reels is another step in this direction, and while it is not yet available to everyone, it will be gradually made available to more users over time.

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SEO vs. PPC – Which approach is best for your small business?

If you want customers to find your business easily, you have two options: you may invest some time, energy, and money in an organic approach, or you can spend money on a paid approach.
This is authentic whether you’re trying to get noticed on search engines like Google and Yahoo, social media, or maybe via traditional methods. In the former, your main focus is to generate business naturally through ways that do not involve spending money. This method can take time to show up in search results. In the second method, you basically spend money to make money. Paid advertising is used when you are financing a search ad, promoting a post on social media, or paying to sponsor a local football team.
These two methods are identified in the search engine world as SEO or Search Engine Optimization (organic) and PPC, or Pay-per-Click (paid).
In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between SEO and PPC so you can choose wisely for your business.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is about getting traffic on your website through organic methods. In simple words, it means the process of optimizing your site to increase its visibility when people search for services or products related to your business on Google and other search engines.

Top SEO Company in India

SEO Benefits and Drawbacks

• SEO is a long-term game. This is an advantage and disadvantage at the same time for SEO. For one, it is not a correct strategy if you are looking for instant results, like immediately increasing leads for your business. But if you are looking for long-term results, then SEO is the perfect strategy for your business.
• SEO costs less than PPC. SEO doesn’t require any monetary investment. However, this does not imply that it is fully free. To implement SEO properly, you’ll need time, talent, and expertise, – and these things don’t come without a cost.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

• SEO is a lot more technical. Many people ignore the fact that SEO requires not just a good understanding of content and copywriting, but also an understanding of UX signals, mobile-friendliness, page authority, internal linking, HTML components, analytics, accessibility, and voice search, to mention a few. And if it seems too complicated to you, then why not let us take care of your SEO for you?
• Updates released by search engines like Google, such as Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird, can affect your ranking. Because of their algorithm adjustments, all of these enhancements have the potential to eliminate your site from the SERPs. It can be discouraging to realize that all of your efforts have been in vain and that everything must be done from the beginning.

What is PPC?

PPC refers to Pay-Per-Click. PPC is an online marketing method in which advertisers pay a publisher each time one of their ads is clicked. It’s essentially a means of purchasing visitors to your website rather than trying to “earn” them organically.

Digital Marketing ServicesPPC Benefits and Drawbacks

• PPC is extremely fast. SEO takes a long time to produce results. Certain SEO outcomes can take months or even years to appear, whereas a well-run PPC campaign can yield results in days or weeks. This is especially true if you work in an industry where there isn’t much competition in the paid ad market.
• PPC is a fantastic tool for conducting tests. Are you considering launching a new service and want to see how the market reacts? Do you want to examine how a new headline compares to your present one? Are you worried that a keyword is a little too “narrow” for your target audience? Put some money behind them and see what happens. PPC campaign offers answers faster and more definitively than anything else.

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• Paid advertisements are extremely targeted. You’re paying for the advertisements, so it’s only fair that you have some control over who sees them, right? This is, without a doubt, one of the huge benefits of PPC over SEO. You may target your audience based on a variety of factors, including their geography and demographics, as well as their habits and interests.
• PPC isn’t as long-term as SEO. As we discussed in the SEO section, PPC only works if you are willing to spend money. Your results drop the moment you stop spending. Furthermore, PPC is very reliant on the market. PPC can be an effective prospecting strategy in times of low competition and high search volume, such as a weak economy. It doesn’t take much, though, for things to shift. As the economy improves, ad expenses rise, and competition levels rise as well. This alone may be enough to make your adverts prohibitively expensive. With that in mind, PPC can be a good way to develop your business during particular seasons, but it may not be the best long-term answer.
• Over time, advertisements lose their effectiveness. When you constantly show the same ad over and over again to people in your market, the chances of them clicking it do not increase, and it may even discourage them from visiting your business. Ad burnout is a genuine phenomenon, and it’s usually caused by failing to keep up with your ad strategy.

Conclusion: SEO vs. PPC

While it’s clear to understand how SEO and PPC might benefit your company, it’s difficult to imagine a fully integrated marketing strategy without one or the other. PPC may be perfect for getting your product or service off to a fast start, but you’ll need to improve your SEO in order to create a consistent and stable foundation for your long-term business. On the other hand, PPC may deliver quick and actionable insights that you can incorporate into your SEO strategy right now—insights that would have taken years to build using SEO alone.
In other words, the question should not be whether to use SEO or PPC, but rather how to combine the two to improve your business. Are you unsure of where to begin? IWD Technologies’s team of digital marketers is ready to assist you in better understanding and implementing a mix of organic and paid marketing techniques to help you expand your business in the most effective way possible. All you have to do is ask.

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Are you a Healthcare Startup? Set Your Healthcare Startup Apart From Your Competitors

Success is never easy for healthcare startups because there are already established players in the market with a big following.

However, since the advent of digital marketing, healthcare entrepreneurs have been able to turn the tables.
It has given them the confidence to take on the established companies, effectively promote their goods, connect with the correct target audience, and, most importantly, carve a niche for themselves in a competitive industry.

Is yours a healthcare business aiming to make a name for itself in a crowded field?

If that’s the case, IWD Technologies can give a hand with result-driven healthcare digital marketing solutions that can guide it down the proper route and help it establish a strong online presence.

What can IWD Technologies do for you?

IWD Technologies can assist your new healthcare company in a variety of ways by leveraging its vast digital marketing know-how and skills.

Among the most common methods are:

Strategy for Digital Marketing

Without a solid digital marketing plan, no healthcare startup can hope to succeed.
What makes it so important is that it may help you efficiently reach out to more individuals, who are now almost always online.

This is where IWD Technologies can assist you with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that will propel your healthcare startup forward. IWD Technologies offers a team of digital marketing strategists and analysts who can help you develop a digital marketing plan that will help your healthcare startup reach its full potential.
Its growing vibrations will be released, and its brand image will be established.

Partnering with IWD Technologies will assist healthcare entrepreneurs in efficiently completing their marketing objectives and ramping up.

SEO Techniques

An excellent SEO approach will assist startup healthcare in not only properly optimizing the website but also in achieving higher positions in search engine results pages (SERPs).
This will make it easier for individuals that matter to find your website.

IWD Technologies can help build an SEO strategy that considers relevant keywords and search terms that customers use to identify your type of healthcare startup and what it offers, thanks to its significant SEO expertise.

IWD technologies SEO approach will guarantee that your website is properly optimized and that optimized landing pages for each product/service listing are created, complete with high-quality image and video content and a strong call-to-action.

The emphasis will not only be on obtaining organic traffic, but also on making it simple for potential clients to learn more about your healthcare startup.
Similarly, your startup healthcare can gain audience trust and better understand their demands.

Email Marketing

Because everyone checks their email every day to see what messages they have received, it will be an excellent way to sell your products or services.
IWD Technologies understands the importance of email marketing and can write highly engaging email copy to keep your healthcare startup at the top of your prospects’ minds.

IWD Technologies email marketers are experts at creating and sending a series of highly engaging email campaigns to your prospects.
This will assist your healthcare company in guiding potential consumers through the sales funnel and influencing them to make a favorable purchasing choice, till they make a purchase and become paying customers.
You will be able to generate revenue swiftly while also conserving time and money.

Social Media Marketing

With more than 97 percent of digital customers utilizing social media, your healthcare firm needs to have a strong social media presence.
Furthermore, without a social media strategy, no digital marketing campaign can succeed nowadays.

Your healthcare startup will also be able to communicate directly with the proper audience thanks to social media marketing.
To be effective, the response to the audience’s questions should be prompt, or a social media contest could be held that engages the target audience and encourages them to participate and share it with their contacts.

IWD Technologies has demonstrated expertise in developing a solid social media marketing strategy and campaign, and we understand how each social media channel works and how they should be combined to drive website traffic, induce conversions, raise greater awareness about your healthcare startup, and ultimately expand its reach.

IWD Technologies can also assist you to figure out which social media platform is best for your healthcare startup, how to make social posts/ads, and how to maintain them.

Videos, photos, infographics, and other media can be used to promote your products or services.
This will not only establish a strong social media presence but will also produce online buzz, resulting in lively discussions that will help your startup become more well-known.

Content Marketing

Powerful content can give your healthcare startup a distinct voice and set it apart from others in its field.

IWD Technologies, a leading digital marketing agency for healthcare startups, is skilled at developing content marketing campaigns that extend beyond websites and blog posts to include social media campaigns, infographics, mini-sites, and more.

IWD Technologies has a team of content creators who understand what your target audience and search engines like and can create a content campaign that will appeal to both audiences and search engines.
This will put your healthcare startup in front of the right people, at the right time, through the appropriate channels.

IWD Technologies will handle the entire process from start to end, with creative execution and outreach that ensures it reaches your target demographic effectively enough to create a campaign that will be remembered for years to come.

Digital marketing technologies are more advanced than ever before.

Healthcare startups may use IWD Technologies to not only leverage it effectively but also to establish a strong basis for their digital marketing activities.

IWD Technologies has assisted a number of healthcare startups and established healthcare organizations in harnessing the potential of digital marketing while allowing them to focus on their primary business.
It can do the same for your healthcare startup, assisting it in developing a strong online profile, effectively reaching out to the proper target audience, and creating a brand with values that persist and survive the test of time.

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WhatsApp testing feature that adds contacts via QR codes

This is available in beta for iOS and Android. WhatsApp is testing a new feature that lets you add contacts by scanning their QR code, reported WABetaInfo. Currently only available in beta on both iOS and Android, this feature can be found in the application’s settings menu.

WhatsApp has the settings menu of your own choice to display the QR code and also the option to scan the other. A QR code can also be revoked if sharing with someone you do not want to have your number.

This feature is not a massive one, but it does take away the tedious process of having to manually add a contact. Right now, to message someone on WhatsApp, you will have to add that person to the phone’s address book first. It’s an extra step and it’s annoying when you just want to message someone on WhatsApp and from no other platform.

QR codes make it much easier for you to add a contact when you are with them in person, however, it’s not something very useful if you are using the web version of the app.

This feature is only available in beta right now and there is no knowing then it will see a wider rollout. If you really want to test this, you need to sign up for the beta program for Android here. The iOS beta us reportedly closed.
Not sure how, or need help from an online marketing expert? We, at IWD Technologies, will help you facilitate to online marketing for your business, with no loss of physical and/or monetary resources.

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Why Your Commercial Real Estate Brand Needs SEO

The Internet has given a commercial real estate business with an outstanding opportunity to grow its online presence. The majority of commercial real estate professionals have extensive familiarity with growth offline (flyers, brochures, face-to-face networking, phone calls, physical prospect/client meetings, etc.). While the “offline” marketing solutions still have their place, its effectiveness is reduced. These days online marketing and SEO are critical to successfully promote a brand of commercial real estate, transfer the force of the physical location of the property, and visibility for online presence.

SEO is a Science

SEO is a science where specialized techniques, strategies, and tactics are used to secure a high-ranking placement in the search results pages. SEO for commercial real estate has many attractive benefits that support its importance, making it an invaluable investment.

SEO is a cost-effective form of marketing

  • Helps win the trust of new, more qualified prospective tenants
  • Puts the brand in front of local prospects/tenants
  • Provides superior conversion rates and higher ROI
  • Provides exposure to a higher number of potential clients
  • Serves a crucial role in achieving and sustaining long-term commercial real estate sales goals

Local SEO

Gone are the days of flipping through the Yellow Pages to generate leads. Today, an impressive 97% of investors and potential tenants go online to search for commercial real estate space. In other words, this means that SEO is now king of the hill when it comes to getting exposure. Google, etc., can also provide businesses with a more focused search locally. Improve search engine ranking encourage a constant flow of quality traffic. The type of traffic the commercial real estate business needs to attract and convert prospective tenants and investors.

Why Your Commercial Real Estate Brand Needs SEO

It only makes sense for the commercial real estate business to take advantage of the location of the property, driving investors, and/or tenants for their properties through effective SEO. Why let control of the internet where potential clients spend their money?

Paid Social Media Advertising Strategy

The paid ad campaign on search engines, LinkedIn, and Facebook is another way to raise awareness and generate online. The platform offers laser-targeted strategies, allowing to choose who, where, and when ads appear.

Because of the commercial real estate business to compete for a limited amount of organic “real estate” is left in the SERP, the SEO industry has become highly competitive space. Today, it takes more than creating a website and publishing content. Now, if you want to rank for important, targeted keywords that generate qualified leads, you need to have a commercial real estate effective SEO strategy in place.

What to Consider in Your SEO Partner

The SEO industry is, crowded room to move fast. It is also filled with all kinds of “teacher” “ninja” and so-called experts. It’s important to understand your spouse’s tactics and overall philosophy, by selecting the wrong partner can lead to punishment or get your domain banned by Google.

Mixed Digital is ​​a “white hat” Store 100%, which means we only use safe, proven tactics that do not put at risk our clients. Some companies use the technique of gray or black-hat that can easily backfire with disastrous results. Having more than 20 years of SEO experience Collectively, we’ve “been there, done that” and see a lot of big changes in our time. You need a partner who has the expertise to navigate these waters, experience to quickly adapt to the industry (and continuous) change, and one that provides accountability and results.

Contact us to get a complimentary SEO audit and learn more about working with us.

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How to start a grocery delivery business with an on-demand app- everything you need to know!

Running a grocery business can be competitive or profitable depending on how you operate your business. Nowadays, people prefer shopping online instead of going himself and pick up the items desired. Grocery delivery business requires less capital investment and result in higher profits in return. You can start this business if you have a vehicle through which you can drive and deliver the items to various destinations, or you can hire a few drivers and coordinate with some other shipping wholesale stores. Before actually launching your business, you should do detailed research of the local market that analyzes the current situation of the market.

Let us have a look at the challenges people face while starting a new grocery delivery application:

Competitors: As the market experienced competitors already established as Grofers and Bigbasket, your business may not reach the heights in the very beginning, but in the long run, it will provide a higher profit. You can use their application and actually see what you can give to your customers to shine among your competitors.

Inventory management: Updating the inventory every day also is one of the challenges faced by new entrepreneurs. One must have complete stock before launching your business and implement marketing strategies.

Legal formalities: Stating a new grocery delivery business is no easy task. There are few legal formalities attached to it. You have to register your company and take government approval before starting your business.

Digital Presence: Every business has its own application that is important to reach out to new people easily. So, you should hire a team of developers who can create fully customized applications for your business. Once the application is made, then you can implement marketing strategies.

Target customers: The most difficult challenges one faces when starting a new business is how to reach people and advertise their business. One should start with small areas that have dense populations and try to create a strong customer base. A thorough study of the market can help to identify specific areas, to begin with.

The revenue model of a grocery delivery business:

Commission: When you start an online business and you have to coordinate with the nearest vendor to deliver a product, you will get a commission on the products sold. It is the best and the old methods of revenue generation.

Steps to follow while Creating a Mobile App

Shipping costs: This amount is charged by the customer on each shipment. When a customer selects a product from an online store, the shipping costs are calculated there and then and will be paid along with the bill.

Membership fee: This fee is also charged to customers but is not mandatory. If someone opts for membership, he/she will only have to pay a one-time fee and successful heavy discounts. This is the kind of marketing strategy implemented by the owners to reach more customers.

Importance of starting a grocery delivery business in the current situation

As we all know that the current situation of the world is worsening due to the virus outbreak and billions of people are locked down in their houses. No one knows, how much time it will take to control the situations. Starting a grocery delivery business at this time of the pandemic can be helpful to many people because they are not able to go out of their homes to buy necessary items. So, if you want to start a grocery delivery business and help people to fight against this disease, you need to start it now. You just need to build an application and try to deliver as many essential items to various houses as you can.

When you are building an application, you will get four different panels:

• Customer app
• Delivery agent app
• Admin panel

Now, let us have a quick look at what all features are in all the panels

For customer app:

• Easy sign-up and login
• Browse and select
• Add to cart
• Multiple payment options
• Order tracking
• Schedule delivery
• Offers and discounts

For delivery agent:

• Easy sign-up and login
• Real-time tracker
• Order notification
• Update availability
• Customer address
• Rate and review customers

Admin panel:

• Stores management
• Orders and product management
• Reports and analytics
• Add or remove vendors
• Transaction history
• Content management

These are some of the features which a grocery delivery application should possess. If you want to add any more features, or you have your own technology stack, you can discuss it with the development team who took up your project. The above-mentioned features are some basic and primary ones, without which, an application can’t work.

Reach us by filling the form for cost estimation of Grocery Delivery App

Summing up:

Overall, starting a grocery delivery business is beneficial nowadays when the whole world is facing a crisis. If you are sure to start a new business, you first need to study the whole market thoroughly and identify the area where people need commodities and adopt marketing strategies to run your business. You just need a feature-enriched application and a plan to create a strong base of customers. Overcome all the challenges one by one and no one can defeat you in any way.

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Cyber Security Concerns and How to Protect Your Smartphones

In 2019, there are about 4.6 billion mobile phone users. As we enter a new decade, mobile users will increase steadily as more applications, software, and even the introduction of 5G will make it more popular.
Everyone we know has a smartphone. This is because smartphones are easy to carry and more convenient than a laptop. Although PCs, desktops, and laptops offer different features for your cell phone, people still prefer the convenience of this technology.
Now that the world is more inclined to use this device, this threat is becoming more popular. Cyber ​​criminals seize the opportunity to hack into the device because people do not often protect their phones than with their computers.
Here we will educate users about the various types of cybersecurity or mobile attacks, how they can protect their mobile phones from these threats, and new trends regarding mobile security.

Cybersecurity concerns of different Smartphone

Phishing Email or Attack

It is easy to check emails and messages on your mobile device. After a notification appears on the screen, users can easily access them. This may seem but comfortable, mobile users often become victims of phishing attacks.
They often fall out of this trap because they constantly check their email and that they do not have time to be informed about the latest news regarding cyber threats. Also, when using a mobile device, it is difficult to check if an email is verified appearance or safe to click.


This software often steals information and internet usage data after the user has access to the device user. This malware can even destroy the device when it is not immediately recognized.
Typically, spyware installed in mobile applications by people who know the cell phone owner. This is to get the location and activity of internet users.

Weak password

Using a weak password can also be a reason why accounts are often hacked. It is also the habit of reusing or recycling the password which causes a person or company to hack again to the second or third time.
It is also common that people also use the same password on their work and personal accounts, and therefore when someone hacked, the other accounts disturbed as well.

Unsecured WI-FI Connection

In today’s era, people often look online. Therefore, wherever they go, they always stay connected on the internet. If they do not have personal access to one, they took advantage of the free WI-FI connection. Most free WI-FI can be easily accessed by hackers. Therefore, it is important not to use the free WI-FI when opening secret accounts such as email or online banking.


Hackers will try to make false WI-FI connection point for people to connect to. Here, they often ask users to login with their email and password. Once the user has provided their information, hackers can now have access to their email and other important accounts.

Data Leakage

This threat occurs accidentally, as is often seen in mobile applications request permission to access some of the data and allows the user unintentional. This app collects user sensitive data and sends it to a server or other hackers.

Insecure Use of Cryptography

This problem often lies in the Mobile application developer when creating an application. If a developer creates a weak encryption algorithm of the application, this could be a way for hackers to collect user passwords. Or if the developers have left some back door for hackers to get in, some data may be retrieved. Therefore, a mobile app developer should be very aware of when creating an application in order to avoid the incident.

Outdated Apps or Software

One way cybercriminals gain access to the phone application or software that is already outdated. This application will leave a gap for hackers to break into the system. Therefore, it is always important to update applications or software on your phone to avoid access to your important data.
Now you have an idea of ​​the threat that you can face with your mobile phone. This time let us know what are the ways that you can protect your smartphone from hackers.

SEO Services for your Inbound Marketing

How to Protect Your Smartphones

Stay Updated

As mentioned some time ago, applications obsolete way for hackers to break into your cell phone. That is why if there are new updates for your application is installed, it is important to update it. This update can bring a change in the application interface, but more than that. Developers have the patch area of ​​application is vulnerable to threats, and recommended to automatically update it.

Be Careful Where You Connect

WI-FI, Bluetooth, NFC, all this is a gateway for hackers to enter and retrieve critical data from your phone. Therefore, always make sure to not accept files sent to you by an unknown sender, interested when connecting to free WI-FI, and always turn off the connection you are not using. You can also turn off the auto-connect from your Wi-Fi network is available.

Secure Your Mobile with a Strong Passcode

It is important to lock your phone with a code that is hard to crack. Set the phone to some time password can only be signed. After that exceed the limit, your phone will automatically delete or block attempts to enter.
Securing your mobile device in this way will help you protect your personal information or messages when you lose your phone.

Do not click unknown Email

Email is often checked by mobile users. This imposes a risk for phishing scams as direct mobile users click on the message. For mobile users, it is best to avoid clicking on links sent to you via email or SMS. You must first verify the sender before taking any action.

Backup Your Mobile Phone Content

It is important to regularly backup the content of your phone in case your phone is lost or stolen. You can take important documents or data in this way.

Lock Your Apps

In case your phone does not have a lock screen, or someone steals your phone when it is open, lock your application will care. Even if the thief has access to your phone, they will not be able to open up an important application because it is protected by a password.

Be Careful with Apps You Download

It is tempting to download the application you are interested in. But, as much as you like it, it is very important to first check if it’s safe. You can use tools like Avast and McAfee security for your mobile phone. This will detect if you try to install the app that has malicious ware in it.
You also have to learn to distinguish the fake from the real application to avoid downloading one that can harm your data.

Log Out Your Accounts

Always remember to log out of the account involving financial transactions. Do not leave your account open. When the account is open, it will impose a risk for sensitive data to be stolen. Incidents such as a stolen phone will allow theft to gain access to your bank account.

App Permissions

Some applications when installed requesting permission to access data or information on your mobile phone. You can check your application individually to determine which part of your mobile app has access to, and you can remove permissions to access the data.

Installing Software Security for Your Phone

Install security software to your phone useful. It can tell you if an application has a warehouse dangerous, it also allows you to set a password for your application to double the security on your phone and can scan and back up data from your phone.
mobile security software comes in free and paid versions. The free version has great features but limited only. Meanwhile, a paid feature of the security software can bring maximum protection to your phone.
mobile device security deficiencies need to be compared with the desktop. It is not often that people put an effort to secure their phones as some may think it is not necessary or no design sophisticated software to completely protect their phones.


As technology advances, new trends emerge, and IoT becomes popular, so is the number of hackers. These advancements give cybercriminals the opportunity to retrieve important data. And, mobile devices become more at risk for this.
However, there are still ways to protect your mobile from being compromised. By following the steps mentioned above, this will guarantee that the users’ information can be safe from hackers.

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Dedicated hosting vs Cloud hosting: Which is better for your business

Almost all businesses around the world have a website. This website serves as a digital store for the company, to leap beyond the geographical constraints and grab the attention of online audiences and visitors. However, many customers received by a website depends on the web host. All available sites on the internet are hosted in some other place, which is called the server. This server is proficient with specific characteristics such as the speed of light-loading fast, reliable service, and affordable prices.
Choosing the right web host can have a serious effect on our business, especially if the second delay in page response to the company’s costs; 7% of customers. Therefore, the speed of the page is an important criterion to rank any website, where the long-term implications of slow-loading sites are enough to throw a negative impact on the brand. There are two main types of web hosting servers available, cloud hosting and dedicated servers. However, web hosts are selected depending on the relevance of the business, the budget, and the prospects for future expansion.

What is dedicated hosting?

A server hosting a special environment can only host one client on a physical server. It practically makes client-server owners where all resources, including the physical hardware, which is available to the client. Furthermore, these resources tailored to the needs of the client, including storage, RAM, bandwidth load, and the type of processor. such machines are perfect for businesses that require multiple processors, grouping all the servers together, then it is known as a private cloud. Dedicated server hosting consists of multiple lines, all contribute to a single virtual location, however, all of these resources in the virtual space is only available for a single client.

Dedicated servers have a lot of benefits over the cloud. These include:


Stable environment: The dedicated server hosting option gives a strong preference for large computing needs compared to clouds. For companies that need to maintain large databases and high-performance computing environments, dedicated servers offer a steady approach. Additionally, with a single server to a client concept; dedicated hosting offers a predictable and stable environment; with higher security.

Customized services: Dedicated server hosting offers a more customized solutions environment, unlike cloud hosting. In addition, with dedicated hosting, you are the administrator and controller of the server, which is not the case with cloud hosting.

Economical: For businesses are surprised by the ‘pay as you go’ nature of cloud hosting, at present, they may face problems with the sum of the costs in the future, which could go higher than that offered by dedicated hosting.

No shared resources: Tthe cloud as hosting, which can allow anyone to access a portion of the virtual machine, dedicated servers ensure that all the resources for your own business.

Transparency: When it comes to debugging problems, performance problems, and reliability issues, transparent feedback is always appreciated. Because the cloud is a shared platform, it suffers from a problem of hardware and network clearly a problem that can directly impact your workload. Changes made in the design and configuration options by anyone may result in a temporary outage and operational performance issues that have nothing to do with you. With dedicated server hosting, you can check the hardware and the exclusion of the issues faced by the cloud environment.


What is cloud hosting?

With a new paradigm shift in the business, preferring cloud hosting to build a website on a managed cloud plan with a pre-integrated platform; cloud hosting has become the choice to go for the developer. cloud solutions provide your business with scalability and a higher level of support of web traffic compared to the dedicated server. Therefore, an important aspect of maintaining a website and mobile applications are hosted online.
Cloud hosting has created a wave of transformation not only for the hosting industry but for all those small businesses that are looking for an affordable solution for web hosting. Although both cloud and dedicated hosting which is very different from one another, cloud hosting has major benefits over the former.

DevOps Development Process – a Game-Changer for Your Business

Affordability: Dedicated hosting service business need to spend a little more than cloud hosting, both for monetary bills and manpower necessary to handle the server. cloud solution offers a flexible approach as ‘pay as you go’ and ‘pay for what you use’ services, which are ideal for small contracts for medium-sized companies and expands depending on market demand. Because businesses do not need to indulge in a long-term contract, cloud hosting prospects seem easy and manageable.

Hardware requirements: Cloud hosting allows you to crunch large data and deploy infinite virtual machines without actually needing a lot of hardware components.

Scalability: Cloud solutions are scalable, meaning that they are formulated in such a manner that they can handle the upsurge on the website during peak season and little or no sale during other months. For example, you have a clothing retail brand which is hosting a season end sale. This means that the customers visiting the website will increase during this time. If your website is deployed on a cloud solution, it is also proofed to handle the increased number of visitors, but if not, then your site can go down due to increased visitors. Cloud has the power of automating your bandwidth requirements and auto sales, in a hassle-free manner.

Technology Trends: Cloud framework supports the latest technologies that can be easily implemented as well.

APIs: Cloud servers provide with robust API solution for virtual machines launch, resource monitoring, virtual machine output, generating performance reports without any traditional hardware, network management systems, and data centers.

Cloud or Dedicated: Which one has a better prospect for your business?

The hosting type you go for depends on the business entity and operational needs. For most of the small businesses, the web hosting requirements prefer scalability offered by cloud hosting solutions. As for cloud platforms, they use a single web server stack support that doesn’t entertain custom software requirements of web applications or databases. This is when dedicated servers can prove to be beneficial, as compared to the cloud hosting options.
Dedicated servers offer a better and more personalized experience to business with their base hardware resources, which can be used by developers to custom install along with the programming language extension, tools, utilities, and third-party framework required to run the complex and data-driven web and mobile applications.
If your business is all about the present, then cloud hosting plans can offer amazing services at affordable costs. However, if you want to put the future into consideration as well, then a dedicated server provides better security, performance, and scalability.

Practices that you must follow to move the dedicated servers to cloud

If you switch from a business dedicated to cloud hosting, the following are some of the good practices that will assist in carrying out the process smoothly.

This is the first step of your business migrating from dedicated to cloud hosting. This is the planning phase, where you need to conduct a thorough analysis of the dedicated server hosting the current environment. This step consists primarily of identifying what needs to be moved, so ignore obsolete applications and data are unnecessary and redundant.
Study Interdependence: This step involves mapping the dependency workload and their interdependencies. For example, some data and applications are interdependent for proper functioning. You need to know about these relationships prior to migration to ensure proper functionality.

Architecture Destination: this involves considering the desired level of scalability, flexibility, availability, security, and other features required in the destination cloud hosting environment.

First, make the test move: It will help you to overcome the problems associated with the performance and compatibility. A test step is an opportunity for you to solve all the problems of migration that may be encountered.

Automation needs: easy to implement automation in the migration process, in which case no updates or upgrades required. Also, it helps in cutting costs significantly migration. There is no concept such as the automation of 100%, but the majority can be evaluated in accordance with the needs of the organization; to ensure the migration efficient, technically sound and cost-effective server to the cloud using automation tools.

Upgrade and update before migration: There is a possibility that a dedicated server is now obsolete and you may need to update before migrating to a cloud environment. It is also advised to update your application before moving to the cloud, to prevent exposing critical information.

Go Dedicated or Cloud depending on your business needs

In case you have a small business and will like to indulge in simple hosting solutions, then dedicated servers are powerful and versatile solutions for you. An administrator can properly manage a dedicated server, thus providing greater performance than the cloud service options.
Many companies are opting for options that allow them to use the benefits of both dedicated and cloud servers. A hybrid cloud uses dedicated and cloud hosting solutions, allowing multiple variations and customizations to attract businesses having specific needs or budgetary constraints.

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Missing workplace during lockdown? Here’s an interactive website to give you those ‘office feels’

When you open the website, you will see a simple animation with a play button on the bottom left corner. Clicking on that will begin sounds that you usually hear in offices.

It has been weeks since most of us have been working from home. While getting up 5 minutes before the login time and staying in your casuals while working is what everyone loves, focusing on office work can actually be tougher. That’s because we are not just handling office work, we are also taking care of kids, daily household chores, food and much more. For some, it might get lonely as well. So, to give you those ‘office feels’ Kids Creative Agency has made a website called

Spotted by The Verge, the website is exactly how you think it is. When you open the website, you will see a simple animation with a play button on the bottom left corner. Clicking on that will begin sounds that you usually hear in offices such as people conversing at a distance, the sound of the printing machine, water dispenser, someone munching snacks, telephone rings and more.

Facebook adds Quiet Mode to help you take a break from the app

And since this is an interactive website, you can even tap on different items in that animation to activate different sounds manually. For instance, tap on the chair to get those funny noises when someone tries to sink down in it, or tap on the water dispenser to hear someone filling up a cup of water.

On the bottom right corner is the number of employees on the basis of which the sounds are being made. Although it is set to 5 by default, you can increase it to 10. This will also increase the human noises.

The only purpose of the website is to remind you of the environment, which indeed gives a sense of familiarity and possibly, help you work more comfortably.

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