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Why Your Commercial Real Estate Brand Needs SEO

The Internet has given a commercial real estate business with an outstanding opportunity to grow its online presence. The majority of commercial real estate professionals have extensive familiarity with growth offline (flyers, brochures, face-to-face networking, phone calls, physical prospect/client meetings, etc.). While the “offline” marketing solutions still have their place, its effectiveness is reduced. These days online marketing and SEO are critical to successfully promote a brand of commercial real estate, transfer the force of the physical location of the property, and visibility for online presence.

SEO is a Science

SEO is a science where specialized techniques, strategies, and tactics are used to secure a high-ranking placement in the search results pages. SEO for commercial real estate has many attractive benefits that support its importance, making it an invaluable investment.

SEO is a cost-effective form of marketing

  • Helps win the trust of new, more qualified prospective tenants
  • Puts the brand in front of local prospects/tenants
  • Provides superior conversion rates and higher ROI
  • Provides exposure to a higher number of potential clients
  • Serves a crucial role in achieving and sustaining long-term commercial real estate sales goals

Local SEO

Gone are the days of flipping through the Yellow Pages to generate leads. Today, an impressive 97% of investors and potential tenants go online to search for commercial real estate space. In other words, this means that SEO is now king of the hill when it comes to getting exposure. Google, etc., can also provide businesses with a more focused search locally. Improve search engine ranking encourage a constant flow of quality traffic. The type of traffic the commercial real estate business needs to attract and convert prospective tenants and investors.

Why Your Commercial Real Estate Brand Needs SEO

It only makes sense for the commercial real estate business to take advantage of the location of the property, driving investors, and/or tenants for their properties through effective SEO. Why let control of the internet where potential clients spend their money?

Paid Social Media Advertising Strategy

The paid ad campaign on search engines, LinkedIn, and Facebook is another way to raise awareness and generate online. The platform offers laser-targeted strategies, allowing to choose who, where, and when ads appear.

Because of the commercial real estate business to compete for a limited amount of organic “real estate” is left in the SERP, the SEO industry has become highly competitive space. Today, it takes more than creating a website and publishing content. Now, if you want to rank for important, targeted keywords that generate qualified leads, you need to have a commercial real estate effective SEO strategy in place.

What to Consider in Your SEO Partner

The SEO industry is, crowded room to move fast. It is also filled with all kinds of “teacher” “ninja” and so-called experts. It’s important to understand your spouse’s tactics and overall philosophy, by selecting the wrong partner can lead to punishment or get your domain banned by Google.

Mixed Digital is ​​a “white hat” Store 100%, which means we only use safe, proven tactics that do not put at risk our clients. Some companies use the technique of gray or black-hat that can easily backfire with disastrous results. Having more than 20 years of SEO experience Collectively, we’ve “been there, done that” and see a lot of big changes in our time. You need a partner who has the expertise to navigate these waters, experience to quickly adapt to the industry (and continuous) change, and one that provides accountability and results.

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