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Types of Lead Generation Services and Why You Need Them

Generate new leads for your business is what makes your company grows. In the ever-competitive market, if you are not growing, then you will soon be extinct. That is why businesses are always looking for new strategies that can help them improve the flow of relevant leads that will convert into clients or customers. There are many different methods of lead generation and they all may not be fit for your products. To understand what kind of lead generation service that is right for you and how you can apply it, continue reading the following article.

Types of Lead Generation Services

There are several methods of lead generation that businesses implement to get more customers and increase their revenue. Here are some of them –

Cold calling

Cold calling is one of the oldest methods of lead generation. Because there is a telephone, cold calling has existed as a way to reach potential customers to directly pitch their products or services over the phone. Because it is a form of interruption marketing, today many businesses refrain from engaging in it, but this practice is all the worldwide leader in many sectors.

How is it done?

The first thing that is needed here is a database of potential customers. You can also buy this data from various data vendors or the source itself through the various online directories and data scrubbing tools. After that, you need a strong script that contains all the information and benefits of your product/service. It should also contain a counter to the objections customers may pose.

Who really are these for?

Cold calling works for any business where you have a product or service that you can easily explain over the phone. It works for products that are quite common and are in great demand in the market. It works for both B2B and B2C industries.

Email Marketing

Email marketing consists of sending a mass email to your potential customers to get them to visit your website or placing an order for immediate purchase via the mailer that is sent. It is a form of digital marketing so-called drip marketing as well. It is one of the most marketing and lead generations of the popular methods of the 21st century.

Who really are these for?

This tactic is very suitable for both B2B and B2C companies. If you are running any specials or discounts on your services, then create an email campaign around the best. It is also helpful in cases where you need to lead you to register for the event or webinar.

Inside Sales

Inside Sales is a method in which you have an expert team of lead generation using tools such as Linkedin and other online platforms to market your products directly to the relevant people from the companies concerned. This method is particularly suited for B2B companies are more concerned about the quality of leads over quantity.

How is it done?

You need a professional team in sales with the LinkedIn account. You may need a premium account sales Linkedin navigator to reach the right person. You need a clear list of the target sector or company and who the right person is from these companies. The executives then reach out and connect with people and continue to pitch them to a meeting with the sales manager.

Who really are these for?

This technique for B2B companies that want to sell their products or services to achieve the relevant executive or the target company. Since LinkedIn is a professional network, it is the perfect platform for this activity.

Search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing is part of the digital marketing consists of placing paid advertisements on search engine result pages of Google and Bing to reach customers searching for keywords relevant to your business. It is a form of marketing where you bring the audience dr relevant page of the website or landing, from which you can convert them into leads.

How is it done?

You must have a website or a landing page with a contact form and content that is relevant to what you offer. Then, you must create an account on Google or Bing ad platforms and set up a campaign that includes the keywords you are targeting as well as copies of ads to display. The ads are charged as per the pay-per-click model in which you get charged for each click on your ad, based on the amount you have bid for your keywords.

Who really are these for?

The lead generation method is suitable for companies that sell products there is an extensive demand for on the internet. You need to check the keyword search for your product category and if you have a lot of searches, then you should go for it.

Social media marketing

Every business wants to harness the power of social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn has millions and even billions of potential customers for some businesses. The company realizes that and has launched an advertising campaign on all platforms in order to increase their customer base and increase awareness about their brand.

How is it done?

Each social media platform has its own advertising manager. You need to create an account there and organize advertising campaigns. In social media, you can target demographic in a very wide or narrow depending on who your key audience is. You can target people based on gender, age, location, job profiles, educational background, and even their hobbies. Once you have a target audience is ready, then you just set up your ad copy with relevant text, image, or video.

Who really are these for?

Social media marketing is especially useful for B2C companies who want to advertise their products to end-users and get them to place direct orders. For B2B companies, LinkedIn is a social media platform that only you can advertise in order to generate relevant leads.


The above were some of the most popular lead generation methods that are used by businesses all over the world with great success. Now you know which would be best for you, you can go ahead and implement these methods to grow your customer base. You also hire a lead generation services company like IWD Technologies to help your business reach its lead generation goals through one or all of these methods.

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