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Top Benefits of using Shopify for eCommerce

Are you an entrepreneur who is not tech-savvy and does not want to sell online? Do you want to open your online store but did not understand web design and other technical details? If your answer is yes, Shopify could be a perfect alternative for you.

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform that lets you create online stores with minimum technical configuration. It helps you to organize, customize and manage your online store where you can sell your products in places such as through websites, social media, mobile, etc. Shopify is a popular choice of both startups and established businesses. Also, Shopify is the third top e-commerce platform with a market share of 20% and thus, find a website design company that offers a solution Shopify eCommerce is not a big problem.

Apart from the simple and easy setup, Shopify notable for offering many other benefits. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Fast and Easy to use:

Through Shopify, you can set the interface of your online shop without any knowledge of web development and deployment. It takes care of your design, hosting and all other technical requirements in making a website. You only need to register with Shopify and customize your shop to suit your needs. You can add your products along with pictures, descriptions and other details.

Inventory management is also easy through the dashboard Shopify. A dashboard that helps you to manage your sales and orders, offer discounts, etc. But yes, take the help of an expert Shopify development company that allows you to have an online shop run smoothly and successfully.

2. Credible, Reliable and Secure:

While managing an online store, you are dealing with sensitive and personal information about your customers and yourself and the company. This important data which includes bank details, credit/debit card details must be guarded against cyber attacks or hacking to improve the reliability of your business. For a successful business, your website should be safe, secure, and available at any time. Shopify provides strong security and a reliable web host for your website. Therefore you can concentrate on your business without having to worry about this problem.

3. Attractive and Attractive Interfaces:

Interesting sites play an important role in creating the impression and the curiosity of your customers. The attractive interface may force your customers to revisit the store often. Shopify takes care of these important requirements and offers an extensive collection of different themes and layouts to cater to different types of stores. If you have little knowledge of web development, you can customize your store better to create a professional website and visually appealing.

4. Mobile Compatible:

Because most people browsing on the go, it is important to have your online store mobile. They should be responsive and optimized suit different mobile phones. Web 2.0 has made it possible to create better websites that are mobile-ready. Shopify offers a good theme that is responsive to the phone and continues to update the code according to the latest requirements in the market. It also provides the loading time of the website is excellent. Also, there is a free app for iPhone and Android phones through which you can manage your online store with ease.

5. Payment Gateway options Width:

As a seller, you want a secure payment gateway and reliable to use. Also, you should be able to offer different payment options for your customers. To cater to your needs, make sure Shopify offer around 100 payment gateway options. It can be integrated perfectly with almost any payment gateway is a widely popular Bitcoin to PayPal to iDEAL that allows safe and secure transactions without any problem.

6. Support Best SEO Practices:

In addition to building your store, it is equally important to ensure that people can contact you easily. This is where the need to optimize your store for different search engines. Shopify ensures that people who are looking for similar products to offer you could easily get to your store by offering unparalleled SEO friendly features.

If used properly, the SEO features of Shopify can help you climb the search engine result rankings soon. But yes, make the best SEO services provider torchbearers will definitely make a difference. Please note some of the best Shopify SEO Tools and Apps that you can use in your business:

  • Plugin SEO
  • SEO manager
  • SEO Doctor

7. Handling Purchase incomplete:

Many times, customers add products to their cart but did not continue to buy them. It has been observed that about. 2/3 customers show this behavior. To handle these abandoned baskets, the recovery feature provided by Shopify. It tracks the purchase is not complete and remind customers to go ahead and complete the purchase. This can increase your sales and revenue since some customers, if not all, tend to complete their purchase.

8. Excellent Customer Support:

Shopify offers excellent customer support 24 * 7 to its customers. You can contact the support team via email, phone, and chat to get your questions answered quickly. Also, there is a community forum where you can discuss issues and concerns. They also provide a large number of documents and videos that can help you solve the problem on your own.

9. Marketing Tools:

As a complete solution to the needs of your website, Shopify offers a variety of marketing tools to advertise your business. In addition to SEO features, it also offers advanced eCommerce analysis. You can also use the spread of marketing tools such as gift cards and discount coupons in your store. Statistical store data and email marketing can also help you to reach potential customers.

10. Affordability

When you are a startup, the cost of getting you set up online stores through eCommerce website development company can appear great to you. Every businessman wants to maximize their profits and reduce costs. Shopify pocket-friendly, especially for startups and offers a variety of affordable plans to address your needs. It is based on a subscription where you need to pay a monthly fee. Therefore more budget-friendly compared to other options.

The best thing about Shopify is its simplicity, easy usage, and affordable pricing. It is also a great choice for sellers who wish to sell just a handful of products or just one product. You need to pick a theme with advanced Shopify homepage sections that let you sell your products from the homepage itself. Also, in case you are not making desired profits from your online store, you can anytime cancel your subscription and close down your store. With this flexibility, you can test different business models and ideas, if you wish to.

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