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Android 10: Top Things You Should Know About Android 10

The purpose of the launch of Android 10 is focused on making everyday life easier by new technologies such as 5G and foldable.

The aim is to make life easier with features supported by on-device machine learning. Android 10 provides greater protection, control over the data, and transparency with more than 50 changes related to privacy and security.

On top of our ongoing commitment, we provide industry-leading privacy protection and security in the Android build. So, today we will discuss new things about Android 10 that should be known to all android lovers.

One more good news is that some of the new tools are also built that empower people of all abilities and help them to find the right balance with the technology.

Let’s Have A Look On Top 10 Things, Digital Wellbeing, Centered On Innovation And Security & Privacy

1. Now Smart Reply Suggest Actions

This means that when someone sends a message to the address, the user can open and navigate in Google Maps – no copying and pasting necessary. The good thing is that Smart Reply now works on all your favorite messaging application.

2. The Dark Themes

This is where the dark side with a dark theme, which means users now allow dark theme for the whole phone or some specially selected applications. The main benefit of the dark mode on your phone’s battery as well as on the human eye as well.

3. Gesture All New Navigation

With new gesture navigation, taking advantage of the larger screen edge-to-edge. Swipe option helps to go backward, move seamlessly between tasks and attractive home screen. Once you graduate you will not want to go back to the button is visible.

4. Live Caption

Using a single tap, the live caption will auto caption video, audio, and podcast message in any application and the things that you have recorded yourself. By this fall, Life caption will be available starting with the pixel.

android 105. New Privacy & Security

Now, when using a map or anything related to the location, you can choose to share location data with the application. Users will also receive reminders when they are not actively using the app to access location. This means that the user can decide either to share your location or not.

6. Security Features

Under the privacy settings in the new section, users will find important controls such as App activity, web activity and ad settings in one place.

7. Privacy Features

Google play system updates, and the key privacy and security features that can be used on your phone from Google Play, in the same way as for application updates. So, as soon as they get a repair manual available even without having to wait for a full OS update.

8. The Right Balance

The greater control over where and when the notification should remind you. Appropriate option, users will be notified whenever the user wants to be. This way the user can adjust the balance between.

9. A balance between Technology and Family

The all-new family links are part of all devices running Android 10, can find right in the settings under Digital welfare. Parents can now use this tool to set the ground rules of such digital devices daily sleep and screen timeout in certain applications.

10. Focus Mode

Now, Digital welfare takes the user on the Focus Mode and uses the focus mode can select which applications such as email and news intrusive and can be easily silenced by them until you’re out for the focus mode.

Including the new enterprise features, there are more things in Android 10 that allows you to use the keyboard for different categories such as the job profile, personal profile, application timer for a specific website.

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