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Facebook Messenger launches WHO chatbot for Covid-19

After WhatsApp, Facebook has now launched a COVID-19 chatbot for Messenger in partnership with the World Health Organisation. The WHO chatbot on Messenger will provide updates on COVID-19, and it will debunk myths too. Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 billion monthly active users.

Called the WHO’s Health Alert interactive service, this can be accessed from the WHO’s official page on Facebook. Users can also simply tap on the Messenger icon available on the page. Here, users can tap on the “Send Message” button and the chatbot will open up on Messenger. At present, the WHO COVID-19 chatbot is available in English, Spanish and Arabic. It will be available in more languages soon.


Important Features To Incorporate Into Your Mobile App

Similar to how the work chatbot messages on WhatsApp, users will be presented with a series of options such as the latest number, Mythbusters, travel advice, and much more. Users should reply with the amount allocated to the query and receive updates on the same. The latest WHO chatbot messages are among a group of 19 chatbots COVID launched by government agencies and health. The WHO chatbot messages on WhatsApp has been used by over 12 million people, according to Facebook.

Facebook also launched a community hub coronavirus in Messenger that displays detailed information about COVID-19. It also has tips for users on how to make the most out of Messenger for COVID 19th pandemic. Facebook also said the partnership with government and health care institutions by offering free Messenger tool.

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