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Google Search Console Updates: More Control Over Data & Email Notifications

Google has updated the Search Console with features that give site owners greater control over their account preferences.

Site owners now have the option to choose whether the performance data as they show the property’s Console in the search results.

Also, Google has expanded its email preference Search Console with more choice in which type of email to receive.

Here’s more about each of these updates.

Search Console in Search Results

Google can display the Search Console data about the property in search results when entering a query that ranks your site for.

This data is shown only to you when you look for when logging into your Google account.

Search Console data in search results is a feature that began to emerge in late 2018.

What is shown in the example above is called a summary card?

Previously, the site owner can not choose whether or not they see the cards in the results summary

This feature was launched without notice and rolled with no option to turn it off.

Now, if the site owner would prefer to search Google without Search Console data they stared back at them, they could do it.

You can show or hide summary cards for an individual Search Console property from the settings page.

If you manage multiple sites and do not want to see summary cards for any of them, you can easily disable this for all properties.

Email Preferences

Site owners now have greater control over which types of emails they receive.

In the enhanced email preferences page, you can enable or disable emails of specific types, or disable email notifications altogether.

email prefernces

If you unsubscribe from one or all the email you can still see the message in the message pane to your property.

So no need to worry about losing important emails.

With that said, perhaps the best way to manage which email is sent is to click the “unsubscribe” in the message that is irrelevant as you receive them.

But, if you are flooded with emails’ Console to the point where you need to take swift action, this enhanced preferences should do the job.

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