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Tips For Shopping Cart Websites To Get More Sales

For any shopping cart website (e-commerce website), the #1 sales killing factor is high order abandonment rate.

What’s order abandonment rate?

All things considered, the order abandonment rate can be inferred by dividing an absolute number of added carts by a number of incomplete orders.

For example, if your site had 2000 added carts and just 1000 clients finished their orders successfully. It means that 1000 users never bought from you. In this case, order abandonment rate will be 1000/2000*100=50%

By what method can this abandonment rate be decreased with the goal that a shopping cart site can get more deals?

This is a very common question that most of the e-commerce business owners have been searching for.

In this blog entry, I have shared 5 best practices to reduce high request abandonment rate and get more deals from your e-commerce website.

#1 Use “Add To Cart” Instead Of “Buy Now”

Specifically, I feel confused when I visit any shopping cart website that shows me “Buy Now” catch with every product instead of “Add to Cart”.

This conduct makes me feel 2 things:

A. The site is attempting to sell me without thinking enough about my interest to find out about the products.

B. The website doesn’t need me to peruse more products.

In this way, if you also maintain an e-commerce business, do ensure that your web developer has shown “Add to Cart” buttons instead of “Buy Now”, for all the products.

This little change could help you to increase your e-commerce sales by more than 20%. So, it’s worth trying.

#2 Include More Payment Options

Studies have shown that when the users don’t find their favored payment method on any e-commerce store, they tend to abandon their order.

No matter how much they liked the item and what amount interested they are to buy them, if they don’t find their preferred payment method, they won’t place their orders.

How to succeed in this challenge.

You can essentially ask that your web developer do some research and discover the most commonly used payment methods in your targeted area(s).

Increase your e-commerce sales by simply including maximum payment methods like PayPal, Cash On Delivery, etc.

#3 Design Of Checkout Page

Regardless of the excellence of any shopping cart website, if its checkout page is cluttered, too confusing or out of design, this site will have higher-order abandonment rate.

The checkout page of any e-commerce store is essential to its success. Partially, a checkout page is a gateway to getting sales, from any shopping cart website.

Here are but some of the check-points to optimize the checkout page of any website:

  • Keep the design simple.
  • Minimize the steps to checkout.
  • If at all, it’s required to collect too much information from the customers, the checkout page can be split into multiple steps.
  • All the necessary buttons like “Pay Now” or “Proceed” must be shown prominently.

Have a user-friendly checkout page will definitely help you to get more sales from your shopping cart website.

#4 Show “Continue Shopping” Button

There could be a few situations when the customers are not done at this point. They want to buy more but due to the lack of a “continue shopping” button, the buyers decide to checkout and pay for the added items only.

It’s a minor, yet significant change to do on your shopping cart website if you intend to get higher order values.

#5 Intuitive Messages

Have you been to any e-commerce website where you don’t see noticeable messages or notifications when you perform any activity like adding the products to your shopping cart or modify the order? I am sure your answer will be “Yes”.

Due to the lack of intuitive messages upon specific activities performed by the users on a shopping cart website, the users consistently wonder whether their desired activity has been delivered successfully or not.

Likewise, it’s important for the site to show the users indication when the items are being added to their shopping cart, along with an option to “view cart” or “continue shopping”.

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