YouTube Updates: Mid-Roll Ads Editor and Notification Analytics

YouTube recently launched several new features that give creators access to more data, as well as more control over ads.

Some of these launched months ago, but they flew under the radar for many creators.

YouTube’s own Creator Insider channel just uploaded a video today to remind people about these updates.

Here’s a recap of what’s new, in case you’ve been missing out on any of the new features.

Notice Analytics

All YouTube creators now have access to a set of new data that can help ensure a bell notification is being sent without error.

With the analysis of the notification, the creator can see how many subscribers they receive notification bell and how many clicked on it. The data will show how many video views received as a direct result of the notification bell.

Youtube Bell Notificaion

If bell notifications were not sent out to 100% of subscribers, YouTube will provide some possible explanations. For example, a user may have opted-in to notifications from a channel, but disallowed notifications from the YouTube app itself.

Mid-Roll Ad Editor

The newest version of YouTube Creator Studio contains a mid-roll ad editor that lets creators manually place ads in their videos.

With the mid-roll ad editor, creators can customize where ads are shown using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Youtube Update


Alternatively, creators have the option to let YouTube automatically place mid-roll ads at its own discretion. YouTube tries to place ads where they feel natural to the viewer, such as a pause in the video.

Old YouTube Studio Going Away Soon

Creators are reminded that the classic version of YouTube Studio is being removed for all users in the coming weeks. It has already gone away for 10% of creators, and soon it will be 100%.

Those who are still using the old version are missing out on these new features. Creators are advised to get used to using the new interface sooner than later.

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