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9 Niche Businesses to Invest During the Crisis

Do you think that there will be a time when the coronavirus in the rearview mirror? For some people, life will never be the same. For most people, there will be some small changes in their lives. Whether it is losing jobs, worries about the cleanliness of public places, or how to be prepared for the next crisis, things will never take their course as it was before.

We can assure you that there is an opportunity to benefit in times of crazy. But to really make them work you need to understand what the hell happened.

While many struggles to operate during the volatility of travel, others take advantage of the health crisis by providing much-needed medical solutions. Some of the founders of London even launched a completely new startup this year to help employees track and visitor contact through check-in and analysis of the calendar.

However, in some cases, replace the sophisticated consumerism has already identified opportunities for forward-thinking investors.

Here is a shortlist of niche businesses that may actually be interesting in the long run – after an outbreak COVID-19 ends.

Online education and skill-sharing platforms.

This one is really hot right now. Once the recession hits, many of them will lose their jobs and they will need it even more. The main reason to develop one such platform is shown in the recent researches, how-to videos turned out to be the most popular. Around 86% of people all over the world search for videos demonstrating some skills and then try using new knowledge in real life. After the quarantine will end there will be intense competition in getting a good job those who understand it tries to upgrade their skills right now.

Dating and live chats.

Since many people are locked down without a possibility to go out and meet people. You might think now that pandemic is upon us and one can’t go out on a date that people use them less. The usage of dating apps has increased. A Bumble representative announced that globally there has been a rise in the number of messages by 23% and in-app video calls by 31% since mid-March. You can try your luck here, but remember to stay focused on the online angle.

E-commerce platforms and Resale marketplaces.

Creating a marketplace is hardly a new idea nowadays but yet this niche still has huge growth potential. People will keep buying and then reselling their stuff. And the only convenient way to do this is to register on a popular marketplace and organize your profile.

Software for communication.

As most of the world is stuck in their shelter and many people work from home they need apps to communicate with each other.

Remote services.

Coronavirus makes people scared, and they don’t like it. So what should be sold right now is anything that gives the opportunity to stay at a safe home and get doctor’s consultation, psychological advice on how to cope with stress and panic, etc.

Live Streaming.

Real-Time Live Stream is a forward-looking industry that can bring a huge income to the business that considers building its broadcasting platform. One of the main advantages of live streaming is that you can find your audience that will like the content you are sharing. It is possible to broadcast everything.


We might all stay at home, but we still need entertainment. Especially in these hard times. Many games are fun to play, educative to explore, and even allow for socializing. This is why we offer focused on gaming are seeing huge spikes.

Smart robots.

Robots can’t get sick. This makes them ideal for performing jobs in hospitals and connecting those locked down in isolation.

Artificial Intelligence.

Governments and healthcare systems across the world are starting to realize the important role which reliable, real-time data and AI analytics will play as we confront COVID-19 and similar challenges.

There are many more niches for investing during the crisis. If you think that time of crisis provides many tremendous opportunities we are going the same way. By the way, IWD Technologies provide up to a high discount on all rates of development! This is a good chance to bring your business idea to life, save costs on the development, and use quarantine for your benefit. Stay safe and let us worry about your business!

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