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Make the most of Mobile Apps during the Lockdown caused by the pandemic COVID-19

Mobile apps always easy to penetrate the personal spectrum of our daily lives. As communities around the world face a lockdown crisis, thanks to COVID 19th pandemic, many things have gone online than ever before. No doubt useful smartphone has become an indispensable device for most people in lockdown or quarantine zones. The telecommunications network has given a helping hand to get everyone connected.

Media reports have shown a tremendous increase in the use, download, and share of mobile apps. online shopping applications and many applications of video calling and also social media applications, has recorded very high usage recently. Notably, ZOOM is being increasingly downloaded. It’s even being used by schools for classes. Similar too is the case of House party app which showed a 16 times increase in users (now at 3,28,000 approx).

As everyone has more time on their hands, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, even games and entertainment applications are right behind in the race, with a remarkable surge in Monthly Active Users. Education and learning applications also add more users every day. Other gainers included online retailers and e-stores, finance & banking applications and payment applications have also seen unprecedented use and user sign-up recently. Even the government has a variety of mobile apps that help people outside the difficult times, such as Bhim or application Umang or even Aarogya Sethu Mobile App to track COVID-19 spread.

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No doubt, this is the time in which the custom mobile application solutions can take advantage of your organization, business, or service. If you have built one, you can increase or upgrade. But if you want to develop a new mobile application you have to put a developer at work. Evaluate the pros and cons involved, platform, the current situation in the industry or sector, and a decent budget, before you decide.

However, you do not need to have your own mobile application developers in the job to work on UI / UX and coding. You can outsource all your mobile application development companies relied on Technology Partner. Find the right skillsets of mobile app developers from IWD Technologies to work on your mobile app concept or project. Mobile app developers team from IWD Technologies are highly skilled in developing custom mobile apps for any specific purpose or business. Why wait? Please visit fill up the inquiry form. Our technical experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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