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Is it a Good Time to Redesign Your Website?

A website redesign should the data marketing actions and future goals for your business moving in the right direction. Hesitant about the website redesign services, the Mohali website redesign agency is here to help you.

A full website redesign is to completely change the presentation and code of a web site. To put it in layman, a house that torn and build new at the same place while the logistical things like the pipes, sewage, and electric hookups kept the same but the change done around. Most website redesigns renovate all the things enlisted below:

  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • SSL Certificates
  • Updated Servers
  • UX Design
  • Technology Adaptations
  • Branding Changes
  • Social Media Elements
  • Persona Targeting
  • Overhaul of Website Templates
  • New Products and Service

Regular updates are one of the foremost things that Google search engine considers for its ranking, so a frequently updated website has more success chances in the search engine process. The updated website attracts more users and keeps the visitor engage, so we recommend updating your website at least once a month. According to the website redesign services agency, the redesigning of a website needs 30-45 days from beginning to end. On the other hand, a simple website of 10-15 pages takes about 4-6 weeks.

5 Signs when to revamp the website

1. It Has a High Bounce Rate

If your website is experiencing a high bounce rate, then it times to hire a web designer and update it. The bounce rate is the percentage of users that only visit a single page on your website during their session. A high bounce rate is directly proportioned to poor user experience.

Follow these tips to reduce bounce rate and increase your conversions

  • Make Content readable
  • Avoid Popup
  • Create Compelling Call to action button
  • Give your brand value with compelling storytelling
  • Update unique and creative content regularly
  • Improve search performance with the use of high-value keywords
  • Make sure that content written according to the right targeted visitors
  • USE AI in the Meta descriptions
  • Target high volume keywords with many landing pages
  • Make website mobile friendly and Improve page load time

If the user doesn’t have a positive and smooth experience while navigation, he or she will leave the page and skip to others; this causes the bounce rate to increase.

2. It Doesn’t Have Fresh Content

Fresh content is the foremost feature that attracts and retains the visitor to your website. Fresh content increases the site exposure and improve the overall quality and make the user visit again.

Follow these tips to make website content fresh and updates

  • Perform Readability with the help of the Flesch Reading Ease score.
  • Avoid Duplicate Content by setting Canonical tag for URL’s
  • Constantly publish fresh and unique content via blog
  • Make News Section to your website
  • Use White papers to boost your web content
  • Put video section in your website and update it frequently
  • Update client testimonials

If you want to enjoy all these benefits, update your site with the help of the India website redesign services agency.

3. It’s Doesn’t Function Properly on Mobile Devices

Statistics revealed that three out of five users visit a website from a mobile device. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then the users may abandon it. You can update your website and make it compatible with mobile.

Follow these tips to improve mobile friendliness

  • Create a Responsive website
  • Avoid the use of Flash
  • Provide information to the user in an easy manner
  • Viewport Meta tag is necessary
  • Make Forms to use Autocorrect functionality
  • Optimize Button size
  • Make use of large font size
  • Image compression is necessary
  • Provide an easy functionality to switch desktop view
  • Mobile testing regularly performed

The Website redesign agency in the India features your website with responsive design to achieve a dynamic layout that adapts to the device automatically.

4. It’s Difficult to Navigate

Easy Navigation increases the website’s performance. If the user can find the specific content easily on your website, this will engage the user.

Follow these points to improve website navigation

  • Consistent navigation helps in ease to use the website which increases online visitor ability to discover relevant information quickly
  • Divide categories and subcategories clearly
  • Make all the navigation elements clickable so the user will easy to read the relevant information
  • Use generic keywords in the navigation titles
  • Use ALT text in every clickable image
  • Make sure that search feature work

So always keep the navigation easy so that users love to visit the site.

How User Experience Can Boost Your SEO Efforts

5. Not SEO-Friendly

To make your website SEO friendly, it must have a few thingstofollow, which include all the on-page rules and regulations –

  • Submit sitemap (HTML Sitemap, XML Sitemap)
  • Robots .txt
  • Leadingsearch engines
  • Unique content
  • Unique coding
  • W3c validations
  • Meta tags optimization
  • Making page speed load time less than 3 seconds
  • OG tags optimization
  • Schema optimization
  • UI/UX designs
  • Efficient navigation
  • Optimizedgraphics and image
  • Keywords within your content

Connect with IWD Technologies PVT LTD web and Graphic design team as it is time to redesign your SEO-friendly website. Thus, with redesigning a website, you can improve leads, sales, traffic and business brand visibility of your online business.

Benefits of the website redesign.

A website redesign is nothing but updating your company mission, vision, values and add up new services and products to gain potential visitors. It’s apositive and fruitful investment for your future Business.

Website redesign offers you with the following advantages

  • To stay updated with new technologies.
  • Boostup the search engine friendliness.
  • Reduces the cost.
  • Make communication better with your customers.
  • Make the website loading fast.
  • Make the website appealing and easy navigation system.
  • Increases the number of visitors and boost up the sales.
  • The website looks more appealing with the latest graphical technologies.
  • Make it compatible with the latest browsers like Firefox, Safari, IE and Google Chrome.
  • Better accessibility in all screen resolutions.

The website redesign usually has the same goals, including increased online reach, lessening user friction, better user experience, and generating a high number of leads, which in turn increase traffic, thus improved sales. The updated website offers more many benefits to make it worth the process and cost. Let’s talk with the Chandigarh website redesign services agency to feature your website with the advanced features, which helps you to boost up the business to increase Return of Investment, thus improved conversions, and sales.

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